The Asylum Fight League is back!  Get ready to get crazy, as the Asylum returns to the beautiful Golden Nugget Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 16th.  The Asylum is a staple in New Jersey, and it is one of the top amateur fight promotions in the country.  On June 16th, you'll see some amazing action.  Tickets always sell out fast, so jump on them now.  Visit for ticket info, or click the pic above.

As always, I will be in the cage hosting the show, so this is a can't miss event. See you at the Golden Nugget!



The Knick's chances against the Miami Heat took a big hit after Amare Stoudemire assaulted a fire extinguisher and cut his hand.  The Knicks, who are already down two games to nothing, will be without Stoudemire for game three tomorrow night.  It remains to be seen if he'll return at all this season.

Here's a heads up for all the Knick players: You guys aren't MMA fighters.  The only thing you should be using your fists for is pumping them after you score a bucket.  Get with the program!

And now for some video footage of the incident in question.

Get your tickets now for May 19th's big EFC event in Nutely, New Jersey.  EFC has been selling out their venues, and the fights have all been spectacular.  I am very much looking forward to hosting this show, which takes place at Nutley High School.  The Darwish brothers put on a great show, and the fighters all come to fight.  Tickets are going fast for this show, so click on the poster above, or check out for ticket info.  See you in Nutley!

Press release:

(Howell, NJ) We are very proud to announce the formation of the New Jersey State Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  New Jersey has had a boxing hall of fame since the 1960′s and, in a similar sense, we hope to recognize and honor those involved in combat martial arts such as MMA and Muay Thai. New Jersey is building a rich tradition in non-boxing martial arts and our goal is to recognize these individuals and entities.

We are extremely excited to announce the inaugural awards dinner celebration. This gala event will take place on December 7, 2012 at the beautiful Crowne Plaza Meadowlands hotel complex.

Tickets to the awards dinner can be purchased by calling 201-538-4843 or online at NJ MMA Awards Tickets. Discount hotel room rates can be obtained by calling 877-227-6963 and mentioning Dead Serious allotted rooms.

Currently, our voting committee is working on selecting the MMA fighter of the year, Thai fighter of the year, trainer of the year, knockout, school of the year, lifetime achievement award, legend award, and many others.

Our goal is to honor those involved with New Jersey martial arts and to celebrate with them, at an evening with family and friends. Our focus is on those directly involved in New Jersey martial arts.

Stay tuned as our next announcement will disclose the identities of our awards winners who will be presented with their award at our inaugural dinner. This truly is a historical moment in our State’s combat sports history as our intent is to have the New Jersey State Martial Arts Hall of Fame continue for many years and serve as a record for those outstanding individuals involved in martial arts in our State.

We hope you will join us on December 7, 2012. So save the date! Mark your calendars now and purchase your tickets early so you can be sure to be a part of New Jersey martial arts history.



Krush Promotions is a new promotion in New Jersey, and they are putting on a big amateur MMA show this June 1st at Jackson Liberty High School in Jackson.  I am honored to be the ring announcer for this event, and from the looks of things, this show is going to be amazing.  Promoter David Franciosi is looking to make a splash in the MMA world, and he's putting together more than just a fight card--this is going to be an event.

Stay tuned to this site for more details as we move close to the date.  Also, check out the Krush Promotion website for ticket information.  See you in Jackson!


Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat XL is in the books, and both the HW and LHW title pictures just got much clearer. At heavyweight, Marvin Eastman, an MMA veteran who has fought just many big names, looked great in his unanimous decision victory over Dmitry Zablotny.  Eastman showed great takedown defense, good wrestling, and excellent hands in the fight, and he was able to dictate where the match went.  Eastman will now likely fight for the HW strap vacated by Tom DeBlass.

In the Light Heavyweight division, Carlos Brooks put everyone on notice with a stunning 51 second KO over tough Danny Babcock.  The ROC LHW crown was also owned by DeBlass, who moved up to the UFC.  Brooks will be fighting for this title in the near future.

The rest of the card delivered the goods as well.  You can catch the replays on GoFightLive.  Here are the official results.

Another great Ring on Combat card has been put together by Lou Neglia, and it takes place tonight at the Tropicana Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The ROC is a staple of MMA, and it's one of the longest running promotions outside of the UFC.  Over 70 ROC fighters have gone on to the UFC, including the latest, Tom DeBlass, who made his UFC debut earlier this month.  To do so, Tom gave up the ROC LHW and HW titles, which are now up for grabs.

As a result, tonight's card has some title implications.  Marvin Eastman, a very well known name in MMA, and a man who has fought a veritable who's who in the sport, will take on Dmitry Zablotny in a HW title elimination fight.  In another title elimination bout, this one in the Light Heavy division, Carlos Brooks takes on Danny Babcock.  Both fights are evidence of great matchmaking, but it doesn't stop there.

There are many very interesting and exciting bouts on the card.  I'm getting ready to head down to AC right now in fact, to commentate the fights on the GoFightLive broadcast. If you can't make the show itself, watching on GFL is the next big thing, so definitely check that out.

Here are the official bouts and weights from last night's weigh ins.  See you at the Trop!

It's a busy week for Lou Neglia and his Ring of Combat.  They just held their ROC AM XIII show last Saturday, and tomorrow ROC XL takes place at the Tropicana down in Atlantic City.  For the Roman Numerically-impaired, XL is 40.  So this is a big deal, and the card is stacked as usual, with LHW and HW title implications.

I'll have more on the ROC XL tomorrow.  For now, check out these official results from last Saturday's card.  Crazy Eddie Lenoci, out of the Serra Longo camp on Long Island, looked great as he captured the ROC AM 175 pound crown. Overall, it was a great night of fights, and a great appetizer before tomorrow's feast.

Here are the official results:

Alistair Overeem had his hearing with the NSAC yesterday, and he is now suspended for 9 months as penalty for failing a drug test.  His expected fight for the UFC HW title against Junior Dos Santos is obviously not going to happen now, which is a huge blow to that card.  In his place, Frank Mir will step up to face JDS.  Mir was originally slated to fight Cain Velasquez, who will now take on Antonio Big Foot Silva.

Actually, a nine month suspension is not really all that harsh a punishment.  It basically means forfeiting one fight--albeit a title fight--but it allows for the possibility that Overeem could fight on a UFC year end card.

Overeem's excuse for the high testosterone levels was that his doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication for a rib injury, and unbeknownst to Alistair the med contained testosterone.  That story did not really go over that well with the NSAC, and it does sound a bit far fetched.

Either way, it scuttles one of the most anticipated fights in years.  The UFC suffers as a result, and so do the fans.  But the biggest loser in all this is Alistair Overeem.  He loses a big payday, and all his past wins are now tainted.

PEDs are a big problem for the UFC, and things only seem to be getting worse.  There are no easy solutions, but the commissions and the UFC need to work together to keep illegal drugs out of the bodies of fighters.  Drugs may help athletes perform better, but until they are legalized they are making the sport quite sick.




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