Hitman Dan Diaz, founder of Hitman Fight Gear has filed a lawsuit against TapouT clothing in the Superior Court of California in Orange County.  Diaz alleges a whole slew of wrongdoing from TapouT and specifically Dan Caldwell aka Punkass of the TapouT crew.  The official complaint is very long and written in legalize, and you can read it here:  Dan Diaz Official Complaint.

To sum up (thanks to Rob Maysey for putting it in simple terms), the gist of the lawsuit is this:

TapOut execs artificially reduced the true sales price of TapOut by taking disguised payments to themselves personally that weren't included in the purchase price for TapOut;

TapOut artificially increased the costs of goods sold--for 2 reasons:

1. To reduce the amount of royalties payable to third party licensees (i.e. fighters); and

2. To obtain "kickback" payments from vendors to themselves personally, in the form of expensive gifts, cash payments, and the like.

This would serve the purpose of showing TapOut on the "books" as much less profitable than it actually was, since a select few were diverting TapOut revenues to themselves, personally.

The UFC principles, Dana, Lorenzo and Frank--had/have an ownership interest in Tapout--allegedly at least 11%.

The UFC principles were instrumental in TapOut obtaining a TV show.

Interestingly, this lawsuit has gotten almost no attention from the MMA media, probably because of the possible ownership of the TapouT by the UFC.  But if these allegations are true, the bottom line is that TapouT basically stole money from fighters, because those fighters did not get all the money they'd earned due to machinations by TapouT.  That's pretty pathetic, and the story deserves far more attention that it has received.

I'll be keeping on eye on this developing story and will keep you all updated.


Rampage Jackson has never been one to mince words. He has not been happy with his recent opponents in the UFC because he feels all the guys he is given to fight are wrestlers who want to "hump" him. Which is why he feels that UFC matchmaker Joe Silva "needs to be slapped in the face."

This bold statement from the colorful MMA legend came during a phone conversation with HDNet's Bas Rutten. You can really feel Rampage's frustration during the call, which I have for you after the jump. Rampage likes to bang, and he likes opponents that feel the same way, but the fact is that wrestlers are dominating the UFC, which sometimes makes for less than exciting fights. The Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis "grapplefuck" is a good example.

In the conversation with Bas, Rampage also talks openly and honestly about his use of testosterone. He'd made a statement previously that he was on TRT, but Dana White later said that Rampage had backed off the statement. In the Bas interview, Rampage says that he is not backing off, and is on TRT.

Very wide ranging and interesting interview with one of the sports most exciting fighters. Check it out.

I am thrilled to have been selected as the ring announcer for MMA Melee's Mass 2 event, which takes place on Saturday, March 24th at the Kingston Armory in Kingston, PA.  The card is shaping up to be great, and I am definitely looking forward to all the action.  Click on the poster above for ticket info, or check out their website at WorldClassMass.com.  See you at the fights!

Kevin Wuchter is quickly becoming one of the premier combat sports photographers on the East Coast.  His work is always amazing, as these pics of the Warrior's Cup XIV will show.  This event took place on March 3, and it was another outstanding event put on by Weapons Nine.  I am already looking forward to the next Warrior's Cup, but for now will be content with reliving the day with these spectacular photos.  I have for you here just a very small sample of pics, but you can check out the complete set of photos from this Warrior's Cup, and also see more of Kevin Wuchter's work on his website: Final Round Photography.  Enjoy!

After his loss to Ryan Bader in Japan, Rampage Jackson is contemplating his future.  He already has some movie credits, and now he can add rapper to his already impressive resume.  Here's a video of Rampage laying down the rhymes in Tokyo.


Asylum Fight League had one of its best cards ever last night.  The dozen fights on the card were all amazing, and there were some quick and brutal finishes, as well as closely fought decisions.  The fights took place at the Golden Nugget arena, which is a beautiful venue.  The standing room only crowd was boisterous and loud and they egged on the fighters to great heights in the cage.  It was an awesome experience.

I will have more on this event in a day or two, including some great photos by Kevin Wuchter of Final Round Photography. You can also check out the Asylum Fight League website for more info on the event and the promotion.  Were these fights insane?  They sure the hell were!

Here are the official results:

Asylum ASYLUM Fight League Partners with Golden Nugget in Atlantic City to present the Best in Mixed Martial Arts. Asylum Fight League presented by Carl Mascarenhas has been dubbed the BEST MMA show in the Tri-State area. The next MMA event will be March 10, 2012 at the Golden Nugget Casino. There will be nonstop action from bell to bell. This event will showcase the Best of the Best MMA Fighters and Teams in the area. Asylum has provided MMA action for 37 shows and has the crown for the Most EXCITING action Packed Event in Atlantic City. Shows have sold out so don't miss this one, get your tickets NOW!!! Before it's too LATE. The Golden Nugget Hotel Casino is more than just the Home for ASYLUM Fight League it hosts nonstop entertainment, head to the nearly 80,000 square foot casino. From the thrills and chills of a baccarat or blackjack tournament to the fun and excitement of the craps pit, the table games at the Golden Nugget have the hottest action in town. GET THE PPV NOW.

This is a PPV event.  Regular annual/monthly packages will not grant access to this event.

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Thirty two fighters fought last night in Las Vegas for a chance to enter the TUF House on this season's The Ultimate Fighter.  In a format depature, the fighters only had a single five minute round to make the statement that they deserved inclusion on the show.  Al Iaquinta, from Wantagh, Long Island, a talented up and coming fighter who we've profiled here in the past, shined in his bout against Jon Tuck, winning by unanimous decision and moving into the Sweet Sixteen.

There are a lot of very talented fighters on this season's show, but I think that Iaquinta, out of the Serra-Longo camp, has a very good shot at winning it all.  We'll track his progress right here as he advances throughout the season.

After his win, Iaquinta said:

"I worked really hard to get here and I'm happy and relieved to get the victory."

Here are the complete results of the fights last night.

Ryan LaFlare is a UFC champion waiting to happen.  He is currently under contract to fight for the UFC-owned Strikeforce organization, and I guarantee you, you will know his name well in the near future.  I've been following Ryan's career for awhile now, throughout his first pro fight at Ring of Combat back in 2008, which he won by submission in the first round.  Since then, LaFlare has rattled off five more wins, all by KO or submission, and he's ready to get it on at Strikeforce.

As LaFlare's record shows, he is just as dangerous on the ground as he is on his feet.  He's a well rounded fighter with exceptional talent, and I expect big things from him at Strikeforce and eventually the UFC.

Here's a video interview (along with a bit of training footage) that I did with Ryan last week at Long Island MMA, where he trains.


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