Asylum Fight League is back with its 39th big show on September 22 at the beautiful Golden Nugget Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The Asylum Fight League is one of the top amatuer MMA promotions in the country, and many of its alumni have gone on to have great professional careers.  Promoter Carl Mascarenhas has an eye for talent, and his matchmaking always results in amazing fights.

I've been the voice of the Asylum for years now, and I am always pumped for these shows.  I'll be down at the Golden Nugget doing my thing from inside the cage, so do not miss this event! Check out the Asylum Fight League website for tickets.  See you at the Golden Nugget!












The American Mixed Martial Arts Fight League, noted for its commitment to fighters and fans, returns on Saturday, November 3, with Fight Night 5.  As always, the show takes place at the Newtown Athletic Club, located at 120 Pheasant Run, Newtown, PA, and will feature amateur and professional mixed martial arts.

The AMMAFL has been growing rapidly and is now one of the top promotions in Pennsylvania.

Promoter Jim McCann explains:  "We started off as a relatively small show, just so we could establish ourselves as truly a professional organization, not only for the fans but for the fighters.  And I believe absolutely we've done that.  Every time out, the show gets bigger and better and we've had nothing but positive feedback from the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission to the fighters to the managers to the fans, from the venue to the show, from the vendors--it's been great, a great experience."

The experience will continue and Jim and co-promoter Patrick Byrne look to take the AMMAFL to the next level.

"Coming forward into next year, we are looking to move into some bigger venues, perhaps some and some other areas that we're currently negotiating with," Jim said.  "We've been in discussions with some pretty big names, some past stars of the UFC and Pride that have expressed interest in fighting for us.  We certainly will have some nice surprises coming in 2013."

Right now, however, both men are focused on Fight Night 5.

"We're going to bring back some of the fighters that have fought in our shows in the past," Jim explained.  "Couple of guys have put on some great performances.  We've also been speaking with some of the top camps in the greater Philadelphia-New Jersey area and we're going to be bringing forth some of their up and coming stars.  We expect to have a great show from soup to nuts."

Women fighters will also be featured on the card. The AMMAFL has been ahead of the curve in putting on women's MMA bouts.

"Now everyone around us is also trying to put on a women's bout," Patrick observed.  "Just like we did in our last show.  Even the UFC is looking into it and Bellator is too.  I think the women are going to make it big and bring in the MMA world into a whole new level."

Women face unique challenges in the MMA world, not the least of which is finding training partners.

"There's not that many women in the gym--but I think you're going to see that grow—and with that said most of your women fighters actually have to spar with the guys," Patrick said.  "So they have to learn the techniques better and faster than the guys just to keep up and spar with the guys."

For Fight Night 5, Patrick and Jim plan on doing more of what they've been doing:  making fighters feel like stars.  Jim McCann is a former fighter himself, so he knows how difficult a road that is.

"I did fight," Jim said.  "I know what it's like to show up at an event and not have my opponent show up.  Or they switch someone out on you.  Or the accommodations were [terrible].   I came from that perspective.  And I wanted to try and make our show fighter friendly, so they wanted to fight for us and pursue us and say, hey, I just enjoy that show and I like fighting for those guys, they treat me well, my opponent was exactly who they said it was, they gave me all the right information, they made sure my paperwork was processed, there were no surprises for me.  And that's what I want the guys to say and they sure do appreciate it."

"I think also what the fighters like," Patrick added, "is that we have the biggest cage around.  We have a 30-foot cage.  The fighters can use the sauna rooms, the weight rooms, the day before the fight or the day of the fight if they still have to cut some weight in the morning or anything else.  Not really any other organization does what we do."

It is not only what Jim and Patrick do, it's where they do it.

"We hold it at the Newtown Athletic Club," Jim said.  "It is actually the fifth largest athletic club in the United States.  It's a great place.  It is approximately a 150,000 square foot facility with over ten thousand members.  It's simply gigantic.  It's very fan friendly, a state of the art facility.  So it's really a great place for us to put on shows.  There's not a bad seat in the house!"

Still, it takes more than a great venue and commitment to the fighters to make a great show.  Jim and Patrick have worked hard to get where they are.

"It's been a heck of a learning curve," Jim and Patrick explained.  "There's no Promoting a Show for Dummies book that's out there.  It had taken some time to learn all the ins and outs and develop relationships with all the people in the industry.   What we like to pride ourselves on is our professionalism.  We get back to people immediately when they call us.  We're upfront and honest with them on every aspect of what we do.  I have fighters out there fighting in different shows--it's a very tough business to be in and not everyone is so professional, not everyone gets back to you, and not everyone is truthful.  We try to do that.  And quite honestly, the feedback has been great because the fighters and the managers appreciate having us be straightforward with them.  And we actually probably do that to our own fault, quite honestly.   But we are proud of that and want to continue to do that and not pull any surprises on anybody when something is coming up."

The card for Fight Night 5 is in the preliminary stages, but it's already coming along nicely.

"We're working on the card right now," Jim and Patrick said.  "Contacting everybody on our gigantic checklist and making sure we don't drop the ball.  Now we're just making sure that we have everything so that this show can be the absolute best show that we've put on.  I'm absolutely convinced we're on the path for it to be a completely successful show. "

As fans of any AMMAFL Fight Night can tell you, they are treated like royalty at the show.

"For Fight Night 5, our VIP section will include, all food and beverages are included and we're even going to have servers come around and take your order and bring it to you, We feel if you are in the VIP section than you should be treated like a VIP," Patrick said.  "You don't have to get up and leave your seat."

Chances are, however, you will leave your seat as you cheer on your favorite fighters with standing ovations.

If any fighter would like to try to get on this card or a future card please contact Jim McCann or Patrick Byrne

For ticket information, please visit the AMMAFL website at

About American Mixed Martial Arts Fight League:

The AMMAFL’s professionalism and dedication to putting on the most exciting action packed MMA Events is second to none!  We will absolutely deliver the kind of extraordinary show you will soon come to expect with top notch competitors, celebrity guests including former UFC & Boxing Champions, Philadelphia Sports Stars, vendor booths, frees giveaway’s and much much more.  Contact:  Jim McCann: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Patrick Byrne: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




The Warrior's Cup returns on September 29, 2012, at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, New Jersey!  Fans have been waiting for this event, and as always, it promises to be an explosive night of Muay Thai action.  New Jersey is the only place on the East Coast to see WBC-sanctioned professional Muay Thai, so don't miss your chance to see some of the best Muay Thai available in the United States.

Muay Thai is one of the premier striking arts in the world, and it is studied extensively by mixed martial artists. Knees, elbows, feet and fists are all in play in a Muay Thai fight, which makes it one of the most exciting combat sports in the world.

I am thrilled to be a part of this show and will be hosting the event from inside the ring.  Come join me at the Rahway Rec Center on September 29 for a full night of professional and amateur Muay Thai.  For ticket info, visit the Warrior's Cup website.  This is Muay Thai!!



The New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame is extremely proud to announce the inaugural class of inductees to the New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

This class will be honored at the Induction dinner gala to be held at the beautiful Crowne Plaza Meadowlands on December 7, 2012.

Tickets to the awards dinner can be purchased by calling 201-538-4843 or online at www.

Discount hotel room rates at the Crowne Plaza can be also obtained by calling 877-227-6963 and mentioning the Hall of Fame dinner.

New Jersey has always been on the forefront of combat sports, and some of the biggest bouts in MMA, kickboxing and muay Thai history have taken place at various venues around the state.

We are very proud to announce the formation of the New Jersey State Martial Arts Hall of Fame. New Jersey has had a boxing hall of fame since the 1960′s and, in a similar sense, we hope to recognize and honor those involved in combat martial arts such as MMA and Muay Thai. New Jersey is building a rich tradition in non-boxing martial arts and our goal is to recognize these individuals and entities.

Our goal is to honor those involved with New Jersey martial arts and to celebrate with them, at an evening with family and friends. Our focus is on those directly involved in New Jersey martial arts.

This truly is a historical moment in our State’s combat sports history as our intent is to have the New Jersey State Martial Arts Hall of Fame continue for many years and serve as a record for those outstanding individuals involved in martial arts in our State.

We hope you will join us on December 7, 2012. Mark your calendars now and purchase your tickets early so you can be sure to be a part of New Jersey martial arts history. Call 201-538-4843 or visit www.njmmaawards.comand get your ticket and join us in a historic night for New Jersey and for martial arts.

It is certain to be a terrific night with friends, fun, and music.

Here is the list of winners:

Dana White may have been disappointed with the main event at the UFC on FX 4 show in Atlantic City last week, but he gave a glowing review of the NJSACB, the organization that oversees MMA in the state of New Jersey.  In a video interview, White said:

"I love this commission here.  I think it's the best commission in the country."

Although the UFC holds most of their shows in Las Vegas, Dana has been very critical of the NSAC's handling of fights.  Among other complaints, he feels that Las Vegas referees let fighters "lay and pray" and are not quick enough in standing them back up, something that is not an issue when the fights take place in New Jersey.  Speaking of the NJ referees at this most recent event, Dana said, "they stood guys up when they needed to be."

It's great to see the NJSACB get respect from the president of the UFC.  I've been touting Nick Lembo and company for years on this website, because as a NJ MMA ring announcer--and NJ Martial Arts Hall of Famer--I get to see first hand how exceptionally they oversee MMA in the state.  From the reffing to the judging, to all the behind the scenes aspects of the sport, the NJSACB is clearly the best commission in the country.

It's no wonder that MMA is thriving in the state.  Last year the NJSACB host 34 Mixed Martial Arts events, which consisted of 199 professional matches and 151 amateur matches.  Under Lembo's leadership, the NJSACB has helped grow the sport not only in New Jersey, but in the rest of the United States as well.  New Jersey was the first state to sanction MMA, and they've been leading the way ever since.  Kudos to them and to Dana White for showing them the respect they deserve.

Here's the video interview:




Universal Combat Championship returns with UCC 5 on Thursday, June 28, at the Teaneck Armory located at 1799 Teaneck Road, in Teaneck, New Jersey.

UCC's last event, UCC 45, took place back in April of 2011, and fans have been inundating promoter Chris Sblendorio with requests for another show.   UCC 4 was a standing room only affair, and treated fans to some of the finest professional MMA available on the East Coast.

Sblendorio has been busy running live music events, which was the cause for the delay in bringing back MMA, but he knew the time was right for a return.

"After hearing from a lot of people, we felt that it's time to get refocused on the UCC and start bringing it back," he explained.

And it's back with a vengeance.  Like the first four UCC events, this card is stacked with top MMA talent.

"We have Kenny Foster and Rene Nazare from Bellator," Chris said.  "They're both Bellator semi-finalists at 145 and 155.  We're very excited to have both of them fighting on this show.  And their opponents are pretty tough too.   Kenny is fighting Maratbek Kalabekov, from Greg Jackson's camp.   He's 14-2 in Russia, I believe, and this is his first fight in the U.S.  We also have Mike Stewart from the Ultimate Fighter."

In addition, there is a lot of local talent on the card that is sure to bring in the fans, as advanced tickets show.  Not only that, there are a few musical surprises in store for fans, which is also creating a buzz.

"Ticket sales are going great," Chris said.  "In addition to booking a fight card, I also booked DJ Yonny and  David S. from 92.3 Now.   They'll both be DJing at the event.   That's actually helped out ticket sales a lot because the event gets promoted on 92.3."

Sblendorio's idea to combine music and MMA is a unique and successful formula.  He tends to think outside the box, or in this case, the cage.  Even his choice of date is unique.  Most promoters limit their events to Fridays or Saturdays, but Chris picked a Thursday date for this show.

"I have a very different business model than other promoters," he explained. "I'm totally comfortable with doing a fight on a Thursday.   I've actually kicked the idea around before.  With the mix that we have set up, it's a great situation.   Obviously, the key MMA demographic is 18-35 male and female.  If you ask most nightclubs or even bars for that matter, they do better on Thursday nights than they do on Fridays or Saturdays. "

The Teaneck Armory venue is also an interesting choice, one that offers New York fans an easy commute.

"This is a new location for us," Chris said. "It's easy to get to from New York.  It's right along two major highways, 80 and 4, and on top of that there's a ton of parking at the venue."

With his new focus on the UCC, Sblendorio sees big things for the promotion's future, including an expansion overseas.

"Part of the reason I put the event on a Thursday is that we're actually working towards something long term like a television deal possibly," he said.  "I'd like to get to television within the next year with our format.  The format we're going to start using is going to include music and fighting, whether it be DJ's or live performance rock bands or something along those lines.  We're also very close to coordinating a deal in Germany.  We're looking at doing a possible fight in Germany in November.   That's kind of what our plans are for the future, just keep expanding.  We're looking at doing a show in Philadelphia probably in the late fall, and we're looking at a couple of European dates as well."

Spendorio's unique approach to MMA and his stacked cards are sure to keep MMA fans happy all over the world.  For ticket information and the complete card, visit   Doors open at 7:30PM at the Teaneck Armory, June 28, 2012.


Nick Catone is back after an achilles tendon injury, and he fights on June 22 on the UFC on Fuel 4 card, which takes place in Nick's home state of New Jersey.  His last fight was a victory over Costa Philippou, back in March of 2011, and he's been chomping at the bit to get back inside the Octagon ever since.

I saw Nick the other day at the Ring of Combat show, and I talked to him about his upcoming fight with Chris Camozzi.  It's a tough fight, but Nick is 100 percent healthy, so expect to see fireworks.  A healthy Nick Catone is going to be a very tough fight for any UFC MW, and I look forward to seeing Nick working over his opponents in the cage.

In addition to being a UFC contender, Nick runs his own MMA school in NJ, and he trains a large group of up and coming fighters.  He's at just about every show in NJ, cornering his fighters, and is truly one of the good guys of the sport. 

Here's the video interview:



Asylum Fight League's tagline is "These fights are insane" and for some crazy reason each and every show lives up to that billing.  Last Saturday night's Asylum Fight League 38 event was no exception as all 10 fights had the crown out of its mind with excitement. The evening was topped off by a great main event that crowned a new Asylum 154 pound champion.

The Asylum shows take place at the Golden Nugget Casino Hotel.  This venue is really nice, and the acoustics are outstanding.  It's one of my favorite places to ring announce because my booming voice can be heard clearly in all corners of the place.  Plus, it's just a beautiful site to hold fights.

Perhaps that's why the fighters dig so deep in their fights, and leave everything in the cage.  Promoter Carl Mascarenhas always puts on competitive fights and is an excellent matchmaker.  Saturday's card had it all, with knockouts, subs and close decisions ruling the day.

In the main event, Mike Reilly out of Devideius Taurousvicous's camp, blew out very tough Julio Gaspar to win the crown.  Mike's performance was, well, insane, and the crowd was on its feet from the opening bell.  Reilly is definitely a guy to keep your eye on, and I can't wait until he defends his belt. I'm already looking forward to the next Asylum.

If you missed the show live, check out the replays on

Here are the official results from all the fights.

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