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Today I was on a conference call with Jon Jones's co-managers Ryan Ciotoli and Gary Marino.  We discussed the Matt Hamill fight and the stoppage.  They plan to appeal the ruling that gave Jones a DQ loss and will attempt to have the loss changed to a no-contest.  Hey guys, thanks for the call.  First off, I just want to say that Jones looked great in there against Hamill.  Amazing performance.

Ryan Ciotoli:  Oh yeah.  He did the things he wanted to do.  I talked to Jon and he’s not disappointed by the performance, just the result.  After the fight he said he accepted the ruling.  But now after reviewing the tapes, you feel he has a case for a no-contest?

Ryan Ciotoli: He doesn’t want to embarrass anyone but he feels that the fair ruling would be a no contest.   After the fight we watched the tapes again and there were a few things that stuck out in our minds that the ref did wrong. We'd  like to see the loss removed. What should the ref have done differently?

Gary Marino: The ref said to Matt Hamill, "Are you done?" but Matt didn’t answer and he called the fight.   If he would have stood Matt up, cleaned the blood out of his eyes, and brought in his interpretor, he would have found out right there that Matt could not continue due to the shoulder injury.  The commissioner  said at the press conference that if an illegal blow is the cause of the end of the fight, then it has to be ruled a DQ.  But in reality, the illegal elbows did not end the fight, it was the shoulder injury.  If the ref had communicated better, he would have seen it was the shoulder not the nose.

Ryan Ciotoli: I also think that Matt felt he'd lost the fight and didn’t see Mazzagatti standing over him.   Mazzagatti should have cleaned off  Matt’s face and brought in the doctor to evaluate him.   Brazilians have translators;  Matt does as well.  But his interpretor was not used by the ref.  Jones did throw some questionable elbows.  Jon was looking for a different angle and it wasn’t intentional.  And if you look at the slow motion replay, it doesn’t look like 12 to 6, there was a curve to it.  Maybe 12 to 7 or 12 to 8.  Plus there was no warnings from the ref prior to the stoppage.


The Strikeforce organization has just made another power-play by acquiring multi-divisional Pride champion and UFC contender Dan Henderson, according to Loretta Hunt on Sherdog.

Henderson is another perfect choice for Strikeforce, as he joins other premiere fighters who are strong enough to anchor a single division but have the capability to fight in several, such as Nick Diaz, Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal, and Jake Shields.  Henderson already has his sights set on Jake Shields (middleweight champ), Gegard Mousasi (light-heavyweight champ) and Fedor Emelianenko (heavyweight champ), and since he would be a legitimate challenger to each of those titles, I'd say he aptly describes a "good bang for the buck" opportunity for Strikeforce.

Hendo is speculated to make his Strikeforce debut in April, and could face Shields for his first fight.  Henderson's manager, Aaron Crecy, mentioned that money was not the sole criteria for Dan's decision to sign, and also provided the following comments:

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Jones Slams Hamill



The was tipped off that the young Shine Fights promotion is continuing to thrive and show promise by reeling in impressive acquisitions to their growing roster.

The latest signing is Luta-Livre wizard and Renovacao Fight Team member Luciano Azevedo, who is best known for being the only man to beat (and finish) Jose Aldo, who is the newly crowned WEC champion and #1 featherweight fighter in the world.  Azevedo also agreed to venture up a weight class for the opportunity to face Hayato "Mach" Sakurai in Pride.  In addition to Aldo, Azevedo holds wins over Rodrigo Damm, Din Thomas, and he just triangled Jean Silva in the first round at WFE 5.

The has been supporting Luciano Azevedo in his quest to cross the pond and make a splash in the American MMA scene.  Anyone who has ever seen an Azevedo fight can attest to the insane pace he holds throughout, his tenacious and well-rounded striking onslaught, and the Luta-Livre based ground game that allows him to thoroughly devour opponents on the mat.  He is one of the most exciting fighters in the game today.

Shine Fights has also picked up former Chute Boxe striker and Luta Livre black belt Daniel Acacio, who is riding a three-fight win streak after falling to the talented Mamed Khalidov, who just KO'd top middleweight Jorge Santiago in Sengoku.  Acacio had an exciting and memorable run in Pride FC:  he showed the best way to handle guard-pullers by annihilating Daiju Takase with soccer kicks, edged the crafty Kazuo Misaki on the score cards, and lost to Akihiro Gono in Bushido 9's Gran Prix.  Check out Acacio's highlight reel here.

The final pick-up for Shine Fights is a hot prospect, mostly unknown in the states, named Amilcar Alves.  Alves is a rising star out of the stacked Nova Uniao team with a 10-1 record who is currently enjoying an impressive seven-fight stretch in the "W" column.  Alves has the sound grappling pedigree one would expect from a member of the prestigious Nova Uniao camp, but also boasts a deadly striking repertoire to lock him in as a very formidable and well-rounded adversary. 

Another key move for Shine Fights was inking a deal with colorful boxer Ricardo Mayorga, and they have already held two events with surprisingly enticing match-ups that feature well-renowned names in MMA, such as Yves Edwards, Roan Carneiro, Luiz "Buscape" Firmino, Jorge "Macaco" Patino, and Micah Miller.  Please join us in supporting Shine Fights in their strides to establish themselves as an ascending promotion to take notice of.




These photographs were taken by Nick Komic over the course of last weekend's Strikeforce event, and are featured in full on M-1 Global's website.  Thanks to TSGIGOR for another lead on unique Fedor material.

There are many more shots after the jump.  Enjoy!













This is great news and another exclusive.  Sources close to the fight advise me that Mike Massenzio, who has been healing up some injuries, will be taking on Tim Creduer at UFN 20 on January 11.  Mike almost choked out CB Dollaway in his last fight at UFC 92 last December.  Mike was injured going into that fight, and now he's had a year to heal up.  When he's 100 percent, the UFC 185 pound division better watch out! Check all the MMA newsblog over the next few days for updates on this story.  Usually they are only a week or so behind this one.


Ran into King Mo out in Tulsa during the Strikeforce show. He was blinged out in gold. Super cool dude. Check it out:
Caught up with Frankie "The Answer" Edgar at AMA Fight Club in NJ. Frankie is fresh off a win over Sean Sherk and was working with Dan and Jim Miller as they prepared for their fights. Dan has since been scratched due to an infection, but Jim will be fighting on September 19th at the UFC.

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