Team Bombsquad up in Cortland, NY, led by head trainer Ryan Ciotolio, is stacked with talent.  These guys have a lot of trouble getting fights because they just don't lose.  Here's a sweet little promo video about the team.  You can also check out thier website at

Props to TSIGOR and tmr from the UG for this translation of an interview with Fedor Emelianenko thas was posted in Russian here:
(c)Reznichenko Dmitrii, pics Sergei Vovk

In Russian there’s two expressions (the ones I use here are the closest translation I can come up with) that are commonly used one for “no holds barred” (literal translation is “fights without rules”) and one’s “mix fights” (mma equivalent). Most of the people use them as interchangeably, the first question is clarifying just that.

Q: “fights without rules” (nhb), is it really what the expression means – anything goes? Because in reality, there’s quite a few rules. What do you think – are they “soft” or “hard”?

A: In “mixfights” you are not allowed to hit below the belt, you cannot hit the back of the head or the spine. Any  action against the eyes is also forbidden, as well as biting etc. You also cannot hit the back. In reality – there’s quite a few rules. But more importantly are the referees; they are specialists in the ring that are ready to interfere at any moment.

Personally, I’m happy with all of that. The rules are a lot softer than in our sambo. In mixfighting you cannot head butt or hit the groin – which is allowed in combat sambo.

New Wand training video featuring Mayhem Miller, Werdum, King Mo and Babalu.  Good stuff!





How many questions can you answer?  No cheating!



Old School Bonus Question:

1.  Who did Tank Abbot try to throw out of the Octagon?


Wand shows a highschooler the Brazilian way of picking up Arianny Celeste. Funny stuff.




The unexpected news rippled through the news channels yesterday with Sherdog at the epicenter of the reports: Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi has decided to cease his business relationship with the Russian-based promotional machine, M-1 Global.

After careful consideration, I have decided that it is in my best interest to part ways with M-1 Global.

Mousasi's fight career was being managed by Apy Echteld (employed by M-1 Global), and the Armenian fighter has also stated that "someone close" to him will now be handling that task instead of Echteld.  A column by MMAJunkie divulges an offer of "lifetime security" for Mousasi that was vetoed by an unnamed M-1 executive, which may have propagated Mousasi's departure.

Lou Neglia not only runs the longest running MMA show outside of the UFC with his  Ring of Combat promotion in NJ, he also runs kickboxing/Muay Thai shows in Manhattan.  There's another one tonight and the card is sweet.  Check it out if you can.


A feud is brewing between Paul "Semtex" Daley and Josh Koscheck.  They've been battling in a Twitter war of words and now Semtex has made a post on the UG asking for people to photoshop Josh's hair.

He wrote this:


For my Supporters, we are also running a competition to help Josh....we can all see he is in desperate need of some advice about what to do with his Blonde 'Fro.....So PHOTOSHOP PEOPLE, Wining hair style will be handed to Josh at the pre fight press conference.....

Here are some of the best of them so far:

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