I asked some some top UFC and WEC fighters at the ROC show last night about the Nogueira vs. Velasquez fight. Here are their takes:

Jim Miller: I think Cain's gonna have the control to beat him up.  I"ve always been a big
fan of Nogueira's but he's not the same fighter he used to be.

Renzo Gracie: I can't wait to watch.  It's going to be unbelievable. This kid Cain Velasquez is a very tough guy so Minotauro's gonna have his hands full.  But I like Minotauro a lot. He's been in some epic battles. I had a chance to be ringside looking at him perform in Japan back in Pride and then in the UFC against guys like Tim Sylvia. He's able to pull off victories when everybody thought everything was lost. So I'll be rooting for him. And I wish all the best to Cain valesquez, he's a very tough opponent.

Lou Neglia delivered yet another spectacular show last night.  We were treated to a some great subs, brutal knockouts and closely fought decisions.  There was also a who's who of the MMA world in attendance, including UFC stars Matt Serra, Frankie Edgar, Jim Miller, Pete Sell and Renzo Gracie.  The WEC was also well represented by Miguel Torres, Donald Cerone, Leonard Garcia and Cub Swanson.  Even Bellator was in the mix with their undefeated star Lymond Good.

Ring of Combat has produced 32 fighters who have gone on to the UFC.  That's something of which promoter Lou Neglia is quite proud.  The main event featured a fighter who both Lou and I think will be another UFC star in the future, Gian Villante.  Gian, out of the Bellmore Kickboxing Academy, took just 40 seconds to choke out Mike Cook.  Mike was a last minute replacement for the very tough Bret Kohan, who suffered a concussion in a car crash.  Bret will be back, possibly in April at ROC XXVIV.

Ryan LaFlare, also of Bellmore Kickboxing, won the 170 pound title with a KO of  Justin Haskins.  Ryan is another rising star in MMA and he's going places.

You can check out the complete results after the jump.  I'll have more on this show in a few days.

Getting ready to head down to AC for Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat XXVIII tonight. Another great card featuring some of the area's top talent. Lou's shows have paved the way for many UFC stars, including former UFC champion Matt "The Terror" Serra, who recently crushed Frank Trigg with an amazing first round KO.

I'll be recapping the event in the next couple of days, so stay tuned. Complete card after the jump.

Oh no he didn't!  Oh yes he did.


Shane Carwin is training hard for his fight with Frank Mir for the interim heavyweight title at UFC 111 in Newark, NJ on March 27.  Shane hasn't fought since last March and last night I asked him about the long layoff and about Mir's penchant for trash talk.  He didn't seem phased by either.  In fact he believes the layoff is helfpul in some ways, saying, "For a guy like me who is limited on ring time and experience it has been a good thing.  Anytime I can train and spar at a high level and advance my skills while taking little to no long term damage I feel I get better. Don't get me wrong I go home with black eyes, sore jaw, but I do feel like I am getting better."

Since Shane's style is similiar in some ways  to Brock Lesnar's, both men being masters of the "ground and pound," I asked him if there was anything he learned about Mir from watching Frank's last fight with Lesnar.  Shane  replied that there were "a few things that we will look for but Frank is a smart guy and I suspect he will have transitioned some since that fight.  I think I have what it takes to win the fight standing or through ground and pound.  He is going to be looking for mistakes and openings for his submissions. It will be a true honor to test myself against Frank."

Antonio Big Nog Nogueira is ready for his fight this weekend at UFC 110 against Cain Velasquez.  A win here could put him in line for a title shot against Brock Lesnar. Check out the video interviews after the jump.


The Junkie reports that Bellator FC champion and top Dream lightweight Eddie Alvarez will be matched with feisty scrappy Josh Neer in a Bellator event that will take place sometime in May.  The bout is set for a catchweight of 160 pounds.

As the Bellator FC promotion gears up for another year of events featuring the tournament format, they plan to pit their current champions against worthy, name opponents both under and outside the Bellator banner.  After tearing through the organization's lightweight tournament last year with three consecutive submission victories, Alvarez was shipped back across the pond with the blessing of Bellator to fight soaring DEEP lightweight champion Katsunori Kikuno at DREAM 12, which was the Japanese stronghold's first trial application of a cage instead of a ring.

Jose Conseco is desperately seeking a fight with Herschal Walker and he's training with Nick Diaz to prepare should it happen. Here's Nick teaching Jose some tricks of the trade.



Lots of interesting questions about this fight:  Will Bisping make the same mistakes he made against Hendo?  Does Wanderlei Silva have enough left to put on the pressure and take Bisping out?  Will Bisping outbox and/or take Wand down?  We're going to find out in just a few days at UFC 110.  Here's a preview clip:


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