Here's Tito Ortiz from UFC Brazil in 1998.  He talks about fighting in the UFC for free so he could maintain his amatuer wrestling status.

Great insider's article about Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat show last week written by Mike Constantino of AMA Fight Club, home of the UFC's Miller brothers.  I also did a quick video interview with the man himself, former world kickboxing champion Lou Neglia.  Check out the vid, then the article.

From AMA Fight Club:

Mike Medrano making his debut fighting for AMA Fight Club fought a great fight in an absolute slugfest that saw both fighters trading huge blows. Medrano took an illegal knee to the face and his opponent Jose Viera was deducted a point for the illegal blow. This only fueled “Muscle Mike” as he came out in the third round and continued the slugfest then shot in and took Viera down. After a scramble, Mike snatched up a guillotine to win by submission in what earlier was a slugfest. Congratulations to Mike Medrano on a great victory!



This is old school goodness right here.  A UFC promo clip from 2002, one of Zuffa's earliest promos.  Lots of famous faces in this video.

M-1 Global insider Igor Karaev has confirmed that Fedor Emelianenko will still be fighting Fabricio Werdum, but the scheduled date has been altered from April to May.

Confusion has encircled the Russian fighter's immediate future after teammate Gegard Mousasi made a departure from M-1 Global, and a definitive plan for Emelianenko's next Strikeforce opponent had not been announced.

Here is part 2 of the epic Bombsquad MMA documentary by Mac's MMA.  This episode features 2 wild and crazy guys who also happen to be cousins and great fighters.  John Franchi and Pat "Awesomely Awesome" Audinwood.   This is a great insider's look at how they train up at Bombsquad with their head trainer Ryan Ciotoli.

If you missed Part 1, you can check it out here: Episode 1: This is Life

Carmine Zocchi is a good friend of mine and a great BJJ instructor and he's a fixture at pro and amatuer shows in New Jersey where his fighters do very well.  He'll be at Evolution AMMA on March 6 cornering the very talented Taj Abdul-Hakim.  You can train with Carmine at his school on the Brooklyn-Queens border.  Check out their website for details.

Caught up with Frankie "The Answer" Edgar at Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat show last Friday night.  We talked about his upcoming title fight at UFC 112 with BJ Penn.

We're a little over a month away from UFC 111 in Newark, NJ, and the tension is beginning to build.  Here's a fanstastic video about the great Georges St-Pierre.



In this wide ranging interview, legendary fighter Renzo Gracie talks about the difference between the old no hold barred days and today's rules.  Surprisingly, he thinks the sport was safer back then and explains why.  He also talks about his upcoming fight with Matt Hughes and avenging Royce Gracie's loss.  Plus a whole lot more good stuff.

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