Dan Simmler is a great BJJ artist and he's just earned his black belt from Matt and Nicky Serra yesterday.  The ceremony took place at their Huntington LI acadamy.  Congrats to Dan!!



This UFC TapouT 2 trailer rocks.  It's from 2002 and features a host of great UFC fighters.  See how many you recognize.

Pete "Drago" Sell was down in AC at Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat show a couple of weeks ago and I talked to him about Matt Serra's big win over Frank Trigg and about his thoughts on some upcoming fights, including UFC 111.  Always a good time when Pete's in the house.


If you're a fan of the UFC's dynamic 170-pound stable of fighters, then you're not going to want to miss UFC 111 on March 27.

Six of the ten allotted matches on the card will feature welterweight fighters.  The event's centerpiece will serve as the hinge for the future of the division as comfortably nestled champion Georges St. Pierre will defend his belt against top challenger Dan Hardy, the fiery brawler with a left-hook that registers on the Richter Scale.  The clearcut number one and two contenders in the category, Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves, will collide in a highly anticipated rematch that will establish who is next in line for a crack at the title.  These two fights alone absolutely stack the card, as these are the four best welterweights in the world.

If that's not enough, the division will also be welcoming some talented new members to it's ranks:  fan-favorite Nate Diaz will climb a weight class and make his first UFC welterweight appearance versus the trigger-happy Rory Markham, and battle-hardened submissionist Ricardo Almeida will drop down after a storied middleweight career to make his divisional debut against one of the most under-rated and under-appreciated scrappers in the business, Matt "The Immortal" Brown, while undefeated Greg Soto will enter the octagon for the first time against former TUF-standout Matt Riddle.


Amateur MMA in North Jersey is being well represented by a new promotion called Evolution AMMA, run by Steve Katz, Jose Suarez and Francisco Arcibal. Their first event was a big success and now they're holding their second show, this time in Rahway, NJ, at the Union County Performing Arts Center.

The card is chock full of talent.  These are the guys who will be the future stars in the big promotions and I am excited to once again be hosting the show from inside the cage.

Make sure to check out the Evolution AMMA website and pick up tickets for the show!


It's time for another Asylum Fight League show!  On February 27th at the Trump Marina in Atlantic City, NJ, Asylum Fight League 26 will be taking place.  I will be in the cage as always, proudly ring announcing tomorrow's MMA stars as they fight their way into the pro ranks.

It's always great to watch these up and coming amatuers in action.  Asylum's promoter, Carl Mascarenhas always puts on a great show and makes some amazing matches.  I'll have more on this event later in the week.  For now, check out out the Asylum Fight League website.  These fights are insane!



Here's Tito Ortiz from UFC Brazil in 1998.  He talks about fighting in the UFC for free so he could maintain his amatuer wrestling status.

Great insider's article about Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat show last week written by Mike Constantino of AMA Fight Club, home of the UFC's Miller brothers.  I also did a quick video interview with the man himself, former world kickboxing champion Lou Neglia.  Check out the vid, then the article.

From AMA Fight Club:

Mike Medrano making his debut fighting for AMA Fight Club fought a great fight in an absolute slugfest that saw both fighters trading huge blows. Medrano took an illegal knee to the face and his opponent Jose Viera was deducted a point for the illegal blow. This only fueled “Muscle Mike” as he came out in the third round and continued the slugfest then shot in and took Viera down. After a scramble, Mike snatched up a guillotine to win by submission in what earlier was a slugfest. Congratulations to Mike Medrano on a great victory!


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