World Class Kickboxing Champions is back with WCKC 4 on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, New Jersey. This card is going to be historic. It's being billed as Tiger Schulmann's vs. The World and will feature some of the absolute best kickfighters in the world going at it.

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Dead Serious MMA returns with their first show of the fall. Dead Serious MMA 16 takes place on October 10, 2015 at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, New Jersey. For ticket info, visit

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Lou Neglia and Dead Serious MMA Promotions present Ring of Combat XXI, which will take place on Saturday, September 12, 2015 at Schuetzen Park in North Bergen, New Jersey. For ticket info, go to or call 201-538-4843



Tonight's the night for Fight Club Champion's 5th outing. The Battle at the Ballroom takes place tonight, August 28, 2015 at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, New Jersey. Fight Club Champion is a fast rising MMA promotion that boasts great matchmaking and a prime venue. Easily accessible to NY and NJ residents, there is no reason to miss this show.

Check out Fight Club Champion's Facebook page for ticket info or call 201-528-5292


Throughout the ages, it has always been the heavyweights with the most longevity in combat sports. With boxing in particular we see the heavier fighters hit their primes later and maintain their presence for a lot longer. When the game isn't as reliant on speed and movement, those split seconds of reflexes you lose as the body ages don't really matter. The "old man strength" can get you by, especially when your opponents will - as a general rule - not be known for lightning-fast hand speed.

This has carried over into mixed martial arts for many of the same reasons. Though getting slugged in the head by 250lb fighters doesn't lend itself that well to a long career, if you can avoid the masses of head trauma as much as possible then you can still compete as the body wears on by using different attributes. Randy Couture took the UFC heavyweight title when he had passed 40 and is the only man to do so in the promotion's history across any division.


CC by Gage Skidmore

We've some legends of the sport recently admit the toll it's taken, Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira for example who calls it a day at 39 and with sixteen years as a professional. Nogueira has had a punishing career at the highest level for over a decade and even he managed to touch the big 4-0. It's rare you see any lighter fighters make it that far without anywhere near as many miles on the clock.

This brings us to two heavyweight division stalwarts - two men who have been close to hanging up the gloves for good, but are now back in form and on the road to facing each other in a clash that could have some title implications with the right performance.

Frank Mir and Andrei Arlovski are both former UFC heavyweight champions. Arlovski had his title reign ten years ago now, and here he is with a five-fight win streak and a 3-0 slate since returning to the Octagon. He's just had Performance of the Night and Fight of the Night bonuses back-to-back. He comes with the edge if the UFC betting lines are to be believed.

Mir has the most fights in UFC heavyweight history - as well as the most wins - and first won the UFC belt 11 years ago. He then regained it seven years ago (the interim title at least) and had his last crack of the whip in 2012. Since his loss to Junior dos Santos he went on a a career-worst losing streak of four fights. However, he now has consecutives knockouts against tough opposition that puts him right back in the mix.

It's a crazy time. Mir has 27 fights over a 16 year career and Arlovski has 35 fights, also over a 16 year career. They've both been champions, albeit many years ago, and they've both been destined for the knackeryard if you listen to the fickle MMA fans. Now though, both are in great positions in the UFC with a streak of solid wins behind them.

They'll meet on September 5th to show that there's life in these old dogs yet, and realistically an emphatic win for either man could put them amongst the championship picture. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but if you keep him hungry he'll still have plenty of fight in him.


(Photo by Manny Fernandes)

Trinity Kickboxing Championship IV took place on August 15, 2015 at Game Changer World in Howell, New Jersey. TKC is a fast rising promotion that has gained a reputation for putting on great amateur and professional bouts. Their fourth outing was their biggest yet.  Here are the official results of all the night's bouts.


Trinity Kickboxing Championship is back with its fouth big show on August 15, 2015 at Game Changer World in Howell, New Jersey. TKC is run by former kickboxing champion John Narleski. As a fighter himself, John knows how to put together amazing match ups and how to keep the fans coming back for more. Check it out for yourself on August 15. For more info and to buy tickets, check out TKC's Facebook page.


Unless you've been hidden under a significantly sized rock for the last few weeks, there's no way you haven't seen, heard and talked about Ronda Rousey at some point as a fan of combat sports. "Rowdy" Ronda was the icing on the cake for a successful spell, as she headlined UFC 190 against Brazilian Bethe Correia. Crossover appeal registered on the Richter scale with McGregor-fever, and then the return of the dominant bantamweight champion catapulted off the back of it while more eyeballs were on the promotion. Gone are the days of "vale tudo" being as obscure as chess boxing or some other bizarre fight sport. Now, with Reebok in tow, it's big business and front of house of major channels.


CC by  Disney | ABC Television Group

Not only has Rousey helped to legitimise the women's divisions in a testosterone-fuelled sport that has often derided them, but she elevated the sport to new levels in mainstream consciousness. There have been certain lulls in the everyday appeal over the past few years - the decision of Brock Lesnar to retire was a blow, the indefinite hiatus of GSP didn't help, and some lacklustre Ultimate Fighter seasons see it struggling. However, looking good, saying the right things and then performing flawlessly has seen Ronda become a beacon of light, alongside the aforementioned Irishman.

Social media was awash with excitement before the title fight this weekend, from areas you'd never normally see it make an impact. People with no interest in the sport of mixed martial arts or the UFC were intrigued by the Olympian turned cage fighter that was on top of the world and smashing her way through everybody in her way. All it needed was another emphatic victory, and it came.

She started out as a pure grappler but now Rousey has four knockouts in her last five fights. She's showing the beauty of adaptation in a sport that relies on it. She can tear you limb from limb or send you face first to the canvas. Granted Correia was probably inflated as an opponent because there are very few viable challengers left, but Rousey did exactly what she needed to do in terms of performance.

To top it off, it wasn't just left at "Rousey wins in under a minute", a new narrative has been formed. Well, an old, consistent narrative has been given more fuel, to be accurate. Dana White has again put his backing behind a fight against Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino, and it appears that it's the only logical step, with all parties interested under the right circumstances. Those circumstances are Cyborg making 135lbs to challenge the UFC champion, and with Dana predicting the "biggest MMA PPV ever", it would line everybody's pockets.

It has huge interest and would almost certainly be a colossal smash, should Cyborg manage to make the weight and build a profile in the Octagon first. There's been no shortage of back and forth over the years and now both have the performances to back it up, with Rousey bringing more attention than ever. So, about those 10lbs...



(Photo by Chastity Cortijo, Fight Night Pics)

Warriors Cup XXIII took place on July 25, 2015 at Game Changer World in Howell, New Jersey. Warriors Cup is New Jersey's premier Muay Thai promotion and as expected the fights delivered. Here are the official results from all the night's bouts.

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