There is only one thing worse than being put in the "friend zone" by a hot chick, and that's being put in the friend zone in a very public way.  Which is exactly what happened to a drunk Dana White last night.  Dana was apparently drowning his sorrows over the main event of UFC 146 falling apart, and he wanted the world to know how wasted he was. He posted this rather pathetic pic of himself (above) clinging to Olivia Munn's bosom, and said that he's "dr#*¥ and don't give a Fu@# :)"

So far so good, right?  Well, here's where it gets really sad.  After seeing the pic, Olivia commented on it via her own Twitter.  She said:  "dude, this pic makes it look like I'm breast-feeding you. Its misleading, I admit... Ur my big brother & I love you."

Ouch! That's gotta hurt.

Two things are troubling about this incident, the public humiliation of being friend-zoned by a hottie notwithstanding. One is that Dana is married with children, and it's pretty disrespectful of him to be proudly posting a pic of him burying his drunken red face into Munn's chest.  The other is that White is supposed to be a recovering alcoholic.  In an ESPN article, since removed from the Internet but archived by MMAPayout, Dana's penchant for booze and food was addressed:

"A few months ago, Rolling Stone sent a reporter to spend time with White, and got the full Dana-White-in- Vegas treatment. He’s been very candid about his alcohol troubles and going sober 15 years ago, but he’s also been candid about flopping off the wagon now and then. And Rolling Stone caught him in the midst of a four-month bender of drinking and over-eating.

“'I was a real slob,” White says.'"

Dana, here's a newsflash for you: You still are a real slob. Get help.



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