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Yes, I know that the future of privacy has nothing to do with MMA, unless you count those times when a fighter is trying to make weight and has to strip down to his or her birthday suit.  But there is more to life than MMA--just a little more, anyway. And this is one of those things.

I have written a short story about the future of privacy--or lack thereof-- in America, which has been published by  It's a fun story, and was written tongue in cheek.  I hope you'll check it out. And aslo browse InfectiveINK for some other great stories as well.

Here's the link: Privacy Night.


The Knick's chances against the Miami Heat took a big hit after Amare Stoudemire assaulted a fire extinguisher and cut his hand.  The Knicks, who are already down two games to nothing, will be without Stoudemire for game three tomorrow night.  It remains to be seen if he'll return at all this season.

Here's a heads up for all the Knick players: You guys aren't MMA fighters.  The only thing you should be using your fists for is pumping them after you score a bucket.  Get with the program!

And now for some video footage of the incident in question.


Ok, this is off topic but it's important.  The Jets are playing the Giants today and it's a must win game for both teams.  As many of you know, I'm a Jets fan, while TheGARV Jr. leans towards the Giants.  This video shows me persuading him to be a Jets fans, and also reveals the startling truth about NY Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.  J.E.T.S. Jets Jets Jets!


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