(Photo courtesy of Anil Melwani)

The NY Fight Exchange held its first event at the beautiful Amazura Concert Hall in Jamaica Queens, New York on Fridaysa, and the event was a smashing success.  The huge arena was packed as NY fight fans roared with appreciation at the MMA skills being displayed inside the cage.  I am honored to have been chosen to MC this event, and like everyone in the audience, I was wowed by the action.

Promoters Tom Sconzo and Mike Washington pulled out all the stops in putting on this show.  There was plenty of press in attendance, as well as many VIPs, including 22nd District Assembly Member Micaelle Solages's Chief of Staff Craig G. Forbes.  Forbes is a fan of mixed martial arts and is doing his best to make professional MMA legal in the state of New York.

As for the fights themselves, well, it was obvious to the crowd in attendance why two UFC champions, Chris Weidman and Jon Jones are from NY.  New York has some of the most talented fighters and some of the best camps, in the world, and it was great being able to see the fighters do their thing in the cage in their home state.

Two NYFE champions were crowned on Friday.  Jerome Mickle, who remains undefeated at 9-0 became the NYFE's 170 pound champion in a short and brutal fight with the tough and talented Aaron Sifflet.  Sifflet came out strong and began opening up on Mickle, but then Mickle turned the tables and ended the fight with a huge knockout that stunned the crowned, and showed why Mickle is the number one welterweight in NY.  It was a very fitting end to an explosive night of action, and hopefully it is a sign of big things to come for the New York Fight Exchange. In the co-main event, Felipe Carlos and Uniah Banks battled it out for three tough, exciting rounds.  Both fighters had their moments, but Carlos landed the crisper strikes and walked away with a unanimous decision and the NYFE 145 pound belt.

Be sure to check out the NYFE website at NYFEMMA.com and their Facebook page for more pics of the event and info on upcoming shows.

Here are the results of the evenings fights, courtesy of Mike Caulo's Life of a Fighter website.

The Winners are in BOLD

Jerome Mickle 8-0-0, 170 lbs from MMA University, Bronx  vs. Aaron Sifflet, 8-1-0, 170 lbs, Renzo Gracie Fight Team, Brooklyn


Felipe Carlos, 145 lbs, 7-1, East West MMA, Selden, vs. Uniah Banks,145 lbs, 5-1, American Finest MMA, Elizabeth, NJ

Luis Dejesus, 245 lbs, 2–0-0, Americans Finest MMA, Elizabeth, NJ vs. Dami Ojo Powerson, 240 lbs, 2-0-0 Renzo Gracie Fight Team, Brooklyn

Jonathan Badoya 245 lbs 3-0 Golden MMA, Brooklyn vs. Ken Sweeney 245 lbs, 3-1 Renzo Gracie Fight Team, Brooklyn, NY

Wade Werosta 215 lbs 3-1, GPG Egg Harbor Township, NJ vs. Eric Bloodaxe Olson 215 lbs 2-1, Precision Muay Thai, Long Island

Fadi Madani 220 lbs 1-0 Elite Plus MMA, NY, NY vs. Kevin Wall 220 lbs, 2-1, Eastside Training, NY, NY

Tyler Morrison, 155 lbs GPG, NJ vs. Joseph Massaro 155 lbs, LIMMA, Farmingdale

Robert Scotti, 155 lbs LIMMA, Farmingdale vs. Carlos Oquendo MCMAP, Staten Island

Jonathan Rivera, 184, Renzo Gracie Fight Team, vs. Giorgi Smaumgui, Russia, PRIDE MMA

Elija Punzone 135, East West MMA, Selden vs. Desmond Nelson, MMA Univ, Bronx

William Joya, 135, Campbells Kick Boxing, Amityville vs. Eric D’Arce, 135, D’Arce Martial Arts, Brentwood, NY

Prince Hitman Uchegbu, 155, Kayo Boxing, Garden City vs. Adam Miller, 155, Alpha Omega, NY Baldwin

Ratta Matinthaarungsun 170, Adreocci MMA, Queens vs. Sam Walford, 170, Americas Finest MMA, Elizabeth, NJ



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