(New UFC Spokesman Vince Black)

A Rear Naked Joke Exclusive:

After all the dramatic twists and turns of the Nick Diaz vs. GSP missed press conference drama that resulted in Carlos Condit fighting GSP instead of Diaz and Diaz fighting BJ Penn instead of Condit, Josh Gross of ESPN made a Twitter post that said the events reminded him of a WWE type storyline. He said:

"UFC needs to tread carefully and go nowhere near pro wrestling scripted storylines. The entire Diaz episode feels manufactured."

This prompted UFC president to Tweet that "Gross is such a moron," a statement which neither affirms nor deny's what Gross said, but nonetheless was direct and to the point and certainly not unexpected.

It's hard to say if this "feeling" that Gross has, and his expression of it, will result in his UFC credentials being yanked again, after they were only recently reinstated.  Also unknown is the impact, if any, of the Tweet on Gross's co-starring role with Dana White in the new version of Married With Children on the Fox Network that is development.

Last night, in a move that is sure to further tittilate fans, the UFC ssued a press release stating that they have a new spokesman who would be addressing Gross's Twitter comment today. His name is Vince Black and this morning, as promised, he held his first press conference.  The hot topic, of course, was Josh Gross's Tweet.

"I read it," said Black.  "And it sucks. Period."

When asked if the UFC plans on taking any action against the ESPN reporter, Vince Black replied:  "Oh yes, definitely."  Then he looked into the camera and said, "And Josh…Josh, now you know. There is no price, I will not pay. There is no depth, that I will not stoop, to make your life on Earth, Josh, a total, complete, living hell!  Nobody says that about the UFC.  Nobody! Not you, not them or anyone! Nobody says that about the UFC! Nobody!"

Mr.Black went on to other topics and finished up by announcing that the UFC is, "the lord, the master and god, of all sports entertainment! I mean sports!"

Rear Naked Joke will keep you posted on further developments of this storyline--we mean situation.



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