Nate "The Great" Marquardt is training hard for his June 26 fight against Rick "Horror" Story, who replaced the injured Anthony "Rumble" Johnson for the UFC Live show. The fight will be Marquardt's first as a welterweight, as he moves down from the 185 pound middleweight, a move that is surprising given how big he is at middleweight.  But he feels that the weight cut won't be a problem and won't even bother with a practice cut.  On today's conference call, Nate talked about the weight cut, his game plan and what a win over Rick Story would mean.

On the weight cut:


My weight right now is really good.  I’m really not worried about the weight cut.  It’s something I’ve done in the past and this time I actually have a dietitian helping me out.  I’m really not worried, I’m just focused on the fight.  The weight cut’s nothing serious for me.


Game plan for Rick Story:


There’s a lot of differences between [Rick Story] and Anthony Johnson, obviously.  My game plan against Johnson was very basic and my game plan against story is also very basic.  So it’s not a huge change for me.  A last minute change like that, it can be tough if it’s a huge difference in game plans, but for me it’s not.


What a win would mean for his career:


I guess it will put me at the top [of the welterweight division].  Rick’s a very tough guy.  He just beat Alves, who is a former world title contender.  I’m just excited for the opportunity.




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