Nate "The Great" Marquardt was scratched from his main event fight in the UFC after failing his medicals last week, and was subsequently fired from the organization.   Due to Pennsylvania privacy laws, the commission could not reveal the nature of Nate's medical condition, but that didn't stop Dana White from firing Marquardt on the spot.

Today, Nate was a guest on the MMA News Hour and revealed the reason that he failed the test.  It turns out that Nate is on TRT, a testosterone replacement therapy.  This in and of itself is not a reason to disallow a fighter to fight, because Low-T is a valid medical condition.  However, when under a doctor's care for Low-T, a fighter must still maintain testosterone levels that are within the guidelines.  This is where things went bad for Nate, as his levels were too high.  Apparently he and his doctor misjudged the dosage resulting in Nate coming in over the limit--a situation that was entirely preventable.  That's why Dana was so pissed.  Because now Nate (and the UFC) will now have to endure more steroid accusations.

Nate is pretty bummed out about the whole thing and actually broke down in tears today.  People are already speculating on how a physical specimen like him could have Low-T, which is to be expected of course.  It remains to be seen if winning fights in smaller orgs will help Nate once again fight in the big show, as Dana seemed pretty adamant that he was gone for good.

Here's hoping Nate Marquardt can somehow get his MMA career back on track.



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