Getting ready to head down to AC for Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat XXVIII tonight. Another great card featuring some of the area's top talent. Lou's shows have paved the way for many UFC stars, including former UFC champion Matt "The Terror" Serra, who recently crushed Frank Trigg with an amazing first round KO.

I'll be recapping the event in the next couple of days, so stay tuned. Complete card after the jump.



Wow, what a night of fights!  You never could have guessed that the fighters at AFL 24 last night were amateurs.  These guys fought their hearts out and left everything in cage.  In fact one fighter, James Funaro from Long Island, left so much in the cage that it took ten minutes for the staff to clean up the blood.

James was in an absolute war with Iron Mike Fischetti.  Iron Mike apparently broke Funaro's nose in the first round.  Funaro was not fazed, however, and continue battling but the blood was too much and referee Tom Velaquez stopped the bout. Fischetti has been dominant in his amateur career and he was absolutely beastly last night.  He's a kid who is going places.

In the two title fights, both Noah Faunce and Julio Arce showed why they are true champions.

Faunce fought the very tough and talented Pistol Pete Burdge for the vacant AFL 170 pound title.   Burdge held his own, but it appeared that Faunce was just a little too big and strong for him and won the decision.  Not surprising since Noah also holds the AFL 205 and 185 titles as well.

I am about to head down to Edison, NJ now where I will be ring announcing the Asylum Fight League's 24th show.  Tonight there are two titles on the line and foru undefeated fighters looking to retain or become champion.

In the 167 pound division, two undefeated fighters are clashing for the strap.  Current title holder Noah Faunce out of Long Island will look to remain champion against New Jersey's Pete Burdge who trains with the Pelligrino camp.  That fight alone is worth the price of admission.

In the 140 pound division, two more undefeated prospects will battle for the belt.  Julio Arce and Chris Wright will be mixing it up to see who leaves the cage with the title.

I am very excited about this card and can't wait for the action to begin.  Check out AsylumFightLeague.com for ticket info.

If you can't make the show live, it might be airing live on GoFightLive.tv.  It will be free, so check it out.  The broadcast depends on whether they can get a signal at the venue.

After the jump, check out the full card

I am preparing to head over to Club Abyss in Sayerville, NJ for tonights 22nd Asylum Fight League show.  The doors open at 4pm and the show starts at five.   I believe we are broadcasting live from the venue, so if you can't make the show, make sure to check out the FREE Internet broadcast at GoFightLive.tv. Check it out!



Professional fighter Andrew Montanez was down at the Asylum Fight League last week and did a very nice write up of the show. We'll be back at the Asylum today at 5pm in Sayerville NJ, so check out the show! After losing their bid at a World Championship to Yankees days prior, Philadelphia fans were looking for something to cheer about and Asylum Fight League provided just that. This past weekend Asylum Fight League hosted AFL 21 at The Arena in Philadelphia which was a Pro/Am card featuring eight Mixed Martial Arts bouts. The venue, The Arena, is a popular venue that has a ton of history. The Arena is the original venue for the ECW, a professional wrestling organization that was famous for using ladders and breaking tables and just being totally crazy. Another fun fact that I found out by talking to some of the security guards, was that they taped scenes for the movie "The Wrestler" with Mickey Rourke at The Arena which is pretty cool. As for the fights there were some great fights and the packed crowd defiintly helped. The night started off with four amateur bouts that were all three-two minute rounds, and these fights went quick. Was kinda weird to see two minute rounds, reminded me of a high school wrestling match with punches and kicks. Three of these amateur fights went the decision and in each of the fights, the person who got the takedown in the round, won the round. One fighter that impressed me in the first half of the show was Allen Cozze, a fighter out of TSK who used good strikes to set up his takedowns and cruised to a unanimous decision over Jamal McKeller. The second half of the night started after a short intermission and featured a bout that I thought would be "Fight of the Night" but ended up being the fastest submission of the night. This fight was between Steve McCabe of Philadelphia Fight Factory and Mervin Rodriguez of Rhino Fight Team. A little background on these fighters, Steve McCabe is a super tough fighter out of Philly, who had a meeker record of (1-8) but if you talk to anyone that has fought him or anyone that has seen him fight, they will say he is "the best (1-8) fighter in the world." I fought Steve four years ago in Ring of Combat and for the a round or so and was able to pull out a rear-naked choke. But I have seen other fighters get beat up by Steve and come back and pull out a submission. His opponent, Mervin Rodriguez was coming into this fight with a (2-3) record and coming off five fights with losses to tough opponents like Al Iaquinta and Kenny Foster. The two fighters came out looking in great shape, and as soon as the two touched gloves Mervin was able to smother McCabe against the cage immediately and began rotating around McCabe's back while still standing. I knew immediately that the fight I thought would be the best one of the night was about to the be the quickest. Mervin than got McCabe to the ground and dropped the RNC in and was able to choke his opponent unconscious at a little under a minue of the first round. The next fight of the night was a catch weight of 160lbs and featured two skilled opponents. James Garzillo a fighter from TSK making his pro debut and Marcos Rodrigues(6-10-1) a 33 year old veteran from The Gold Team hailing from Brazil. This fight was extremely loud, for anyone that has not been to a fight that features TSK fighters, usually the TSK fans make the place extremely loud and have chants of "TSK!" and in this case chanted "James Garzillo!" repeatedly. This fight started and immediately there was a mismatch seen. Rodrigues had about an eight inch height difference from Garzillo and it seemed to be a problem as soon as they touched gloves. Every time Rodrigues would try to throw punches he would almost have to jump up to Garzillo's head and all Garzillo would have to do was stand straight up and stick and move with punches. Surprisingly Rodrigues never made a takedown attempt and that seems to have been his problem, he was losing on all the exchanges, and Garzillo was able to catch him and stun him with a combo that sent him down to his butt. Garzillo jumped on his man and finished him quickly with hammer punches and was able to get the first round TKO. Good fight. The next fight of evening was probably the most entertaining to watch as for action and excitement. This bout was a 140lb battle between TSK fighter Larry Byrnes making his pro debut against Claudio Ledesma who was also making his pro debut. But what was interesting about this fight was that this was not the first time they have fought eachother. Back in June the two fought for the AFL amateur belt with Byrnes winning a three round decision and the title. The two decided to make their professional debut against eachother in this immediate rematch that had the crowd going crazy. The two came out like balls of energy in this fight and seemed that both had a lot to prove. The fight started with chants of "Claudio, Claudio, Claudio!", followed by chants of "TSK, TSK, TSK!", and was pretty exciting to watch and be part of. First round was fairly even, both exchanging strikes and trying to punish eachother. Ledesma seemed to really try to push the action in the first round and was constantly looking for the finish, Byrnes was able to get the fight to the ground but the round ended and was a pretty even round. The second round the two threw strikes for a while but Ledesma was able to get the fight to the ground himself and got Byrnes to turn over and applied the choke and was able to get the RNC victory and an undefeated professional record. The last fight of the night was a Light heavyweight bout between TSK fighter Carlos Brooks(1-0) and Mike Johnson(2-2) of Philadelphia Fight Factory. This fight was defiintly fun to watch as the two fighters stood for three rounds and tried to knock eachother out. Carlos Brooks is a very big guy and seems to be an extremely hard hitting dude. The two stood for three rounds, with not one takedown attempt by either. The first two rounds Carlos Brooks was able to pick apart Mike Johnson and seemed that he was going to cruise to a decision. He was landing punches and lot of leg kicks. The third round Johnson showed some urgency as he was began the round landing some strikes and some huge leg kicks, but he seemed to run out of energy with about two minutes left in the round. As many fighters do, once they know they are ahead on the cards and in the third round, they go to into safety mode, not this fighter. Brooks noticed the fatigue on Johnson's face and started to pick up the pace and was able to back Johnson up and start hurting him. Than all of a sudden it was over, Brooks landed one of the nicest spinning back kicks to the liver of Johnson and sent him crumbling to the mat and keeping himself undefeated. After another successful night of fights Asylum Fight League proves to be one of the top promotions in the Northeast and are making big moves. They are putting on shows a few times a month and they have one this weekend featuring over 15 bouts at Club Abyss in Sayreville, New Jersey. Come on out and support them. Check out their website for more information: www.asylumfightleague.com Winner Loser Method Round Time Ammy 1 John Michael Holland Mike Serrano Decision 3rd Ammy 2 Nah-Shon Burrell Jason Harmon TKO/RSC 1st 0:26 Ammy 3 Dave Rose James Dewar Decision 3rd Ammy 4 Allen Cozze Jamal McKellar Decision 3rd Pro 1 Mervin Rodriguez Steve McCabe Submission 1st 0:59 Pro 2 James Garzillo Marcos Rodrigues TKO/RSC 1st 3:35 Pro 3 Claudio Ledesma Larry Byrnes Submission 2nd 1:51 Pro 4 Carlos Brooks Mike Johnson TKO/RSC 3rd 4:27


The Asylum Fight League crazy train keeps on rolling and pulls into South Philly tonight for a night of pro and amateur MMA.  Headlining the card is my main man Marvelous Mervin Rodriquez vs. Steve McCabe.  Also many great up and coming fighters from the around the East Coast.  Don't miss it! Ed Talmo and I will be calling the action LIVE on the Net tonight.   You can check it out here: See you at the fights!
Wow! At the Asylum Fight League show last Saturday night there was some amazing action, including a couple of spectacular knockouts! You can check out the action at AsylumFightLeague.com, check under the events tab, the fights should all be up soon. Or you can check them out at GoFightLive.tv. It was another great night in Atlantic City. It's always like a homecoming down there and I saw lots of my great MMA friends. Looking forward to the next event on November 7th. We'll be heading down to Philly once again for this one. It will also be broadcast LIVE on GoFightLife.tv so if you can't make the show, you can still check out all the action as it happens. Here's a pic from AFL XX, me pretending to be a rock star instead of a ring announcer: 7435_1245179895321_1404093261_30707412_4531832_n


Carl Mascarenhas and the Asylum Fight League are on a roll. We just got done with a show last week down in Philly, now this Saturday we're in AC. And that's just the beginning. The AFL is having one or two shows a week in November. Carl puts together some great fights. The action is always intense.  And I am always the ring announcer and commentator (along with the legendary Ed Talmo) on the Internet broadcast by GoFightLive.com. Last week's event lived up to its billing and this Saturday's show should also be off the hook.  After the jump you can check out the complete card.  There are always pro fighters and other VIPs at these events, so be sure to come on down. I'll have more on this week's show tomorrow.  For now, you can check out AsylumFightLeague.com for more info. Check out the complete card after the jump.  See you in Atlantic City! Robbie Flores 1-1 134.9 0-0 Naquaan Range Tiger Schulmann's Ademir Olivera Dashawn Northam 0-0 134.9 0-1 Andrew Aguilar Rhino NJ LA Boxing Cherry Hill George Siderias 2-1 134.9 2-3 Ronnie Torres Tiger Schlumann's Gigueto BJJ Chris Mermer 0-0 134.9 1-0 Shane Burgos LA Boxing Cherry Hill Tiger Schulmann's Bryan Tapper 1-0 139.9 1-0 Fabiano Fregonezi Tiger Schulmann's Ademir Olivera James Hoffman 1-0 146.9 1-0 Ryan Cafaro Team Vendetta LA Boxing Cherry Hill Rich Van Houten 1-0 153.9 2-0 Mike Riley LA Boxing Taurus MMA Jesse Guerrero 0-0 153.9 0-0 Matt Dosk Senquiz MMA Rhino NJ Darren Goodell 0-0 166.9 1-0 Robert Fabrizi Training Grounds/Bergen PAO Team Vendetta Mike Fischetti 2-0 180 1-1 Anthony Cruz Tiger Schulmann's MMA ITC Jeff Ake 0-0 174.9 0-0 Mike Katz Zocchi Codella MMA Jay Baxley 0-2 182.9 0-0 Kareem Mathieu AMAI Zocchi Joe Peteroy 0-1 189.9 0-0 Eddie Willis Codella MMA LA Boxing Hoboken Nick Scianna 0-0 189.9 0-1 Jimmy Finck Codella MMA Rhino NJ Rich Bianchi 1-2 209.9 1-1 John Xavier Bedoya Bianchi Camp Fighternation MMA ITC Levar Curry 0-0 250+ 1-0 Ben Ortiz NJ National Guard ATT Conn Sean McCullin 0-1 209.9 0-0 Raymond Williams AMAI FillyFit Gym


All right! Another Asylum Fight League card happening, this time in South Philly, PA. It's got amateur and pro bouts, including my main man Brutal Brendan Barrett! This will be another off the hook card brought to you as always by Carl Mascarenhas. Check out the action at the South Philly arena. I think it is being broadcasted at GoFightLive.tv so check me and the fighters out!


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