While the pros were battling it out at UFC 91 on Saturday night, amateurs showed their stuff in the cage at Battle at the Abyss.  I was doing the ring announcing for the show and I can tell you that the crowd was rocking. Some of the fights were between Team Tiger Shulman and Team Carmine Zocchi and all the fighters fought their hearts out.  There were plenty of KOs and submissions and everyone had a great time. I will be doing more AFL shows in December, including one that's being held for our men and women in uniform at Fort Dix.  So stay tuned for that. And check out the Asylum Fight League website.  AsylumFightLeague.com You can see complete results from Battle at the Abyss after the jump. 132.4 George Siderius win guillotine 0:34 round one over 133.6 Chris Paulo Referee Donnie Carolei 148 Andy Main win KO punch 0:10 round one over 145 Robert Flores ***Robert Flores suspended 30 days*** Referee Donnie Carolei 130.6 Billy Magliane win armbar 0:41 round two over 130.4 Mike Serrano Referee Keith Peterson 146.2 Ray Brady win TKO 3:00 round one over 148.2 Ronnie Torres Referee Keith Peterson 186.8 Manny Cuevas win VonFlue choke 1:12 round two over 181.4 Justin Hoffmaster ***Justin Hoffmaster suspended 30 days*** Referee Donnie Carolei 144.6 Claudio Ledesma win rear naked choke 0:49 round three over 149.2 Mike Hanuschik Referee Donnie Carolei 165.8 Jason Lee win unanimous decision three rounds 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 over 159 Mike Clayton Referee Keith Peterson 158.8 Piotr Andrejko win unanimous decision three rounds 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 over 154 Andrew Fernandez Referee Donnie Carolei 139.2 Julio Arce win rear naked choke 1:45 round two over 138.8 Doug Miller Referee Keith Peterson 147.8 Craig Alexander win triangle 2:13 round one 149.2 Ian Morgan Referee Keith Peterson 158 Homer Uzquiano win armbar 1:45 round two over 159 Mike Stripling Referee Keith Peterson 188.6 Anthony Arroyo majority draw three rounds 28-28, 28-28, 30-26 Speece with 185.8 Marc Speece Referee Donnie Carolei 228 Lewis Rumsey win armbar 1:01 round one over 240.4 Sevdai Ahmeti Referee Donnie Carolei 206.2 Allen Homan win KO punch at 0:14 round one over 204.6 Andrew Espling Referee Donnie Carolei 190 Tajuddin Abdul Hakim win unanimous decision three round 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 over 184 Kyle Wright Referee Donnie Carolei 174.6 Adam Rosello win kneebar 2:14 round one over 173.6 Dennis Martinez Referee Donnie Carolei 152.2 Mervyn Rodriguez win unanimous decision three rounds 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 over 154 Danny Carbonel Referee Keith Peterson Ringside Physicians Dr. Michael Kelly and Dr. Ed Eaton Referees Donnie Carolei and Keith Peterson Judges Tom Velasquez, Jordan Bass and Rick Farmer Timekeeper Julius Proenza Scorekeeper Ellen Rubin Inspectors Wayne Spinlola, Michael Rutch and David Braslow
Attention New Jersey fight fans. The Asylum Fight League presents Battle at the Abyss tomorrow. It's an amateur event and features some great up and coming fighters. It's being held at Club Abyss in Sayreville, NJ. And yes, TheGARV will be doing the ring announcing. So come on out. You can check out AsylumFightLeague.com for details. Complete card after the jump.
Chris Paulo Bloomsburg MMA 0-0 Lightweight (130-134.9 lbs.) 0-0 George Siderius TSMMA
2 Andy Main AMA Mike Constantino 0-1 Welterweight (140-146.9 lbs.) 0-0 Robert Flores Legacy Martial Arts Sam Stern
3 Billy Magliane Bloomsburg MMA 0-0 Super Featherweight (126-129.9 lbs.) 0-0 Mike Serran Dragon Theory MMA
4 Ronnie Torres Dungeon Fight Club Andre Soares Pawel Wolak Steve Carrol 1-1 Welterweight (140-146.9 lbs.) 1-0 Ray Brady TSMMA
5 Manny Cuevas Team Carmine Zocchi 3-0 Cruiserweight (183-189.9 lbs.) 0-0 Justin Hoffmaster Drago MMA
6 Matt Barth Bloomsburg MMA 0-1 Cruiserweight (183-189.9 lbs.) 0-0 Bruce Drago Drago MMA
7 Doug Miller Team Carmine Zocchi 3-0 Super Lightweight (135-139.9 lbs.) 3-0 Julio Arce TSMMA
8 Chris "Drama' Devine Rhino Fight Team 1-0 Middleweight (154-159.9 lbs.) 0-0 Andrew Fernandez Elite MMA Chris Brough
9 Dennis Martinez Team Carmine Zocchi 1-1 Light Heavyweight (167-174.9 lbs.) 1-1 Adam Rosello TSMMA
10 Mike Hanuschik Viper Wrestling 0-0 Super Welterweight (147-153.9 lbs.) 0-0 Claudio Ledesma Renzo Gracie Denville
11 Ian Moran Team Carmine Zocchi 0-0 Welterweight (140-146.9 lbs.) 5-0 Craig Alexander TSMMA
12 Homer Uzquiano Team Carmine Zocchi 2-1 Middleweight (154-159.9 lbs.) Mike Stripling Dragon Theory MMA
13 Anthony Arroyo Viper Wrestling 0-1 Cruiserweight (183-189.9 lbs.) 0-0 Marc Speece Drago MMA
14 Shane Dever Team Carmine Zocchi 1-2 Super Heavyweight (210-249.9 lbs.) 1-0 Sevdai Ahmeti TSMMA
15 Andrew Espling Jersey Shore MMA/Rhino Fight Team 0-0 Welterweight (140-146.9 lbs.) 0-1 Allen Homan Drago MMA
16 Trever Banley NY Miletich 0-0 Super Welterweight (147-153.9 lbs.) 0-0 Piotr Andrejko Renzo Gracie Denville
17 Andrew Widdersheim Team Vicious 0-0 Light Heavyweight (167-174.9 lbs.) 0-0 Christian Dehaas BJJ/Judo Roberto Artista
18 Tajuddin Hakim Team Carmine Zocchi 2-0 Cruiserweight (183-189.9 lbs.) 0-0 Kyle Moore Team Vicious
19 Jason Lee Team Carmine Zocchi 3-0 Super Middleweight (160-166.9 lbs.) 0-0 Mike Clayton Dragon Theory MMA
20 Mervin Rodriguez Rhino Fight Team 4-2 Super Welterweight (147-153.9 lbs.) 3-1 Danny Carbonel Team End Game
That's Ring of Combat 22 on November 21st, for those of you who've forgotten your Roman numerals.   And it's quite an accomplishment for Lou Neglia, who continues to deliver quality MMA fight cards, year after year, event after event. Ring of Combat started out in 2002.  The first show took place in Connecticut, but every show since then has been in New Jersey.  The event has become a staple at the Tropicana Casino Hotel in Atlantic City: ROC XXII will be its 20th appearance at the venue. But even before 2002, Lou Neglia was blazing MMA trails in New Jersey.  Back in 2000, he and Ray Longo convinced then-NJACB commissioner Larry Hazzard to sanction an exhibition mixed martial arts bout on the undercard of a full contact Karate show at the Tropicana--a watershed moment in the history of MMA. Still going strong after all these years, Lou has seen other MMA promotions come and go.  How has he succeeded in the fight game when so many others have failed? For one thing, he's a fighter himself.  A former 3-time world kickboxing champion, Lou knows what it takes to succeed in the ring.  He also knows how brutal the sport can be, which is why he does his best to take care of the fighters he employs. Like he told The Press of Atlantic City:
"Those other (MMA) promoters are like used-car salesmen just looking to make a quick buck. I'm doing this for the love of the sport."
And it shows. Take ROC XXII for example. Three titles are on the line, two ROC titles and a USKBA title, and the whole card is just stacked with talent, most of it from the East Coast. Names like Chris Ligouri, Dante Rivera, Igor Gracie, Tim Troxell, Constantino Phillpou, Dom Stanco, Rob Guarino, the list goes on and on. Lou Neglia knows how to deliver.  He should; he's been doing it long enough...and loving every minute of it. You can check out the complete card after the jump.  See you at the ROC!
Cory Mahon FCBJJ
Chris Liguori Ricardo Almeida
Dante Rivera Ricardo Almeida
Paul Bradley Lionheart MMA
Tim Troxell AMA Fight Club/Renzo Gracie
Dave Sachs Pittsburgh Fight Club
Light Heavyweight
Constantino Phillipou Team Serra Longo
John Doyle Blackman MMA
238 lbs
Joe Abouata Alex Wilkie's MA Academy
Paul White Rhino Fight Team
Igor Gracie Team Renzo Gracie
Troy Maxwell Extreme Performance MMA
145 lbs
Jimmie Rivera TSMMA
Jim Hettes Lionheart MMA
fighter stats n/a
John Salgado Team Ross Zocchi
Jay Isip Team Kurt Pellegrino
Chris Presta Bellmore Kickboxing
Mike Stewart Jungle Gym
fighter stats n/a
Biff Walizer Lionheart MMA
Dom Stanco Bellmore Kickboxing
Sean Foreman Rhino Fight Team
Greg Soto Team Kurt Pellegrino
135 lbs
Nick Pace TSMMA
Sean Santella AMA Fight Club/Renzo Gracie
160 lbs
Jay McLean Advanced Martial Arts
Anthony Budion Serra Longo
235 lbs
Pat Collins AMA Fight Club/ Renzo Gracie
Jim Boudourakis Redboy BJJ
Rob Guarino Rhino Fight Team
Doug Sonier Freestyle
Lou Neglia has been putting on Ring of Combat shows since 2002. He's up to number 22 and there is no end in sight. Lou's shows continue to be a staple of the East Coast fight scene and this card is awesome. It includes TUF 7 veterans Paul Bradley and Dante Rivera fighting for the ROC middleweight title and features Chris Liguori vs Cory Mahon for the ROC lightweight title. Also on the card are some of my good buds, including Tom Gallicchio, Tim Troxell, Rob Guarino, Joe Abouata, Paul White and Constantino Phillipou. As usual I plan on being down there covering the fights and hanging out with the Jersey boys. For the complete card, check out Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat website.
As usual Lou Neglia put on a great show. The card was stacked with local talent and the fights delivered. The fight I was most interested in seeing was the one between Brutal Brendan Barrett and Costantinos Phillippou. Unfortunately, Barrett suffered a cut over his eye early in the first round and the doctor stopped the fight before the round was over. Phillippou was awarded a TKO victory but it was not a satisfying conclusion. The fight was shaping up nicely before the premature stoppage. Phillippou landed a big right hand on Barrett very early in the fight, but Barrett didn't even blink and then took Costa down. Brendan had side control for a bit, tried a few subs from bottom and looked to be pretty much in control on the ground. On the feet, Coast, a former boxer, had the edge. He's a bomber, but his ground game is coming along too. How can it not with the great Matt Serra in his corner? Congrats to Costa and Team Serra Longo. Tough break for Brendan and the Rhino Fight Team. I'd love to see a rematch. Lou, make it happen! The rest of the card was excellent. My good friend John Moody covered the event with me and has full results on his site TriStateFighter.com. Also, I snagged exclusive interviews last night with Pete Drago Sell and the man himself Matt Serra. Matt is one of the funniest guys in MMA and he was cracking everybody up last night. I'll post those later.
Hey fight fans, I will be heading down to beautiful Atlantic City today to check out ROC 21 at the Tropicana.  Lou Neglia always puts on a great card, and this one should be fireworks.  If you see me down there, come on up and say: Here's some money, Garv!
By TheGARV.com Staff

At this past Asylum Fight League show on July 26, we saw our fair share of wars, knockouts and submissions. Throughout the night the top Amateur MMA fighters of the Northeast squared off at the Philadelphia Flyers minor league practice center. With a decent crowd in attendance the fighters pleased the excited fight fans giving them what they want, that being knockouts and tons of heart.

The team that really proved to be a class above the rest are those fighters that hailed from Long Island, representing 4-Time World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Emerson Souza's talented squad.

In the first bout of the night featured 27 year old Emerson Souza blue belt Ivan Gomez. But we never got a chance to see the blue belt pull out any flashy submissions, or takedowns. Instead we saw Mr. Gomez come out into the middle of the ring, throwing a "2-3-2" combination leaving his opponent out cold at just 19 seconds of the first round, before coaches could even get a work out. With this very impressive win Ivan Gomez brings his record to a clean two wins and no losses.

Up next for the Long Island BJJ squad was flyweight phenom Jared Picariello. Picariello came into this fight undefeated, winning his last two MMA fights in under two minutes, not to mention competing in the prestigious New York Daily News Golden Gloves where he earned a first round TKO, and lost a close decision to go into the quarterfinals.

Jared's original opponent who had a record of 1-1, had to pull out of the fight hours prior to the fights, scrambling together Jared received a new opponent this time he got a fight against an Undefeated MMA fighter who also hailed from New York and held a 4-0 record in boxing. Without hesitation Jared came out and boxed with his opponent, landing jabs and body shots at will. After landing some successful body shots, Jared tenaciously went after his opponents neck, going for the guillotine choke. After two failed attempts at a takedown, his opponent caught himself in one of the tightest guillotine/front chokes I've seen. Wrenching his opponents neck without an arm in, and in full guard, Picariello end his opponent's night. One and a half minutes into the fight, and less the two minutes of work, Emerson Souza BJJ went 2-0 for the night.

Next up for these "jits" guys is a standup test, this time in the form of Muay Thai. They will both be competing this month along with 185 pound teammate Kevin Murphy at the Inagural New York Fight Club, August 28th at the Freeport Recreation Center. No bad for a bunch of Jiu-Jitsu guys. Go to NYfightClub.net for more information on the fights and EmersonSouzaBJJ.com to learn more about these fighters and other up and comers. Expect some big waves from these two in the Northeast fight scene.

Note: TheGARV will be at the August show in Freeport doing the Ring Announcing. So if you want to me me or beat the living crap out of me, here's your chance. Come on down to Freeport Long Island on August 28.


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