Wow, what a blast last Saturday night. I was hosting the Asylum Fight League show at Fort Dix and it was a huge success. The place was packed.  It was standing room only for well over a thousand troops as two hardcore bands rocked the house before the fights began.  And once the bell rang,  the action was, as Crazy Eddie would say, insane! n1438144617_6933Carl Mascarenhas (left),  promoter and head inmate at the Asylum, really knows how to put on a show.  He gets the job done time and time again.  And what always strikes me the most is how much he cares for the fighters.  Carl knows that the fighters of the Asylum today are the future stars of the UFC tomorrow.  These are the feeder shows from which the UFC gets its talent, and Carl sees to it the fighters are well matched and brought along carefully. And since the shows all take place in the state of New Jersey--Nick Lembo territory--a safe and happy time is guaranteed for all. Here are some notes on the event. Complete results after the jump. It was a cool feeling being back on base, passing through military check points.  It's been a lot of years since my stint in the Air Force and it's always a trip down memory lane when I'm on a military installation among people in uniform. I got a little lost trying to find the venue on base, and happened to be driving behind a military police officer. For some reason he pulled over, so I decided to pull over and ask directions.  We both got out of our vehicles and I walked up to him and said:  It's almost like I just pulled you over. The officer threw up his hands and said: Hey, I didn't do it. I swear! He did that so convincingly that for a split second I thought I should  either arrest him or rough him up a bit and let him go with a warning.  Then I remembered that I wasn't really a cop and he was.  So I politely asked for the directions and headed over to the rec center. It sure didn't seem like a rec center inside. The place was tricked out. The cage loomed in the center of the room, surrounded by a sea of  chairs. Then the vast enclosure started filling up and the electricity grew and pretty soon the bands were rocking the house. After that it was time for the  fighters to rock each other, which they did to great effect, wowing the crowd in the process. Even though there were a lot of fights, the crowd was totally into it and stayed there until the end.   I started losing my voice towards the very end but made it through.  The good news was that 0ne of the physicians at ring side, Dr. Sherry Wulkan, gave me a large bottle of water for resuscitative purposes on the long drive home.  The bad news was that I spaced the water and left it inside the venue, not realizing my mistake until I was already miles away.  Parched, I kicked myself in the ass all the way home. Oh and I almost forgot about my inside the cage faux pas.  I was introducing the very hard working Noah Spitalnick, the Asylum event coordinator, and I mispronounced his last name.  When he brought it to my attention, I told him that I'd correct it. Then I went back into the cage and called him Nick instead of Noah.  But at least I got the Spitalnick part right.  Don't worry, Noah, at the next show it will all come together, I promise! The next Asylum Fight League event is March 14. I'll have lots more on that show later on.  And now here are the complete results for the Battle at Fort Dix. 170.5 Max Bereznyak vs. 172 Mike Marco Bereznyak win via tap due to armbar at 1:03 of round one Referee Peterson 134 Claudio Ledesma vs. 138.75 Patrick Paulo All three 29-28 unanimous decision 3 rounds for Paulo Referee Peterson 169.25 Pete Burdge vs. 172.5 Samuel Bowman All three judges unanimous decision 3 rounds 30-27 for Burdge Referee Peterson 142 Mike Serrano vs. 144.5 Raymond Brady All three Judges 30-27 unanimous decision three rounds for Brady Referee Peterson 128 Josh Aarons vs. 126 Travis Gause Referee Carolei All three judges 30-27 unanimous decision three rounds for Aarons 146.5 Dennis Toral vs. 144 Travis Wynn Wynn win at 0:27 of round two via referee stoppage TKO due to punches Referee Peterson 178 Wesley Carvalho vs. 179 Joe Perry All three judges 30-27 unanimous decision three rounds for Perry Referee Carolei Carvalho needs neurolgical clearance prior to next bout 170 Chris Traskey vs. 168 Mark Martinez Martinez via rear naked choke at 2:23 of round two Referee Peterson 202.25 Rafal Niewardowski vs 204.5 Sergio Guiterrez Guiterrez win via armbar at 1:22 of round one Referee Carolei 179 Jay Baxley vs 176 Gilbert Castillo Castillo wins via TKO referee stoppage due to kick at 2:24 of round 3 Referee Carolei 166.5 Thad Campbell vs. 163.25 Frank Marshall All three judges 29-28 unanimous decision three rounds for Marshall Referee Carolei 159.5 Piotr Andrejko vs. 160 Tom English English win unanimous decision three rounds, Krawiec 30-27, Rodriguez and Oliver 29-28 Referee Carolei 148 Craig Alexander vs 146 Nate Hasara Hasara win three rounds unanimous decision, Rodriguez and Oliver 30-27 and Krawiec 29-28 Referee Peterson 198 Chris Irving vs 191 Stelian Rizea Rizea win via rear naked choke at 2:34 of round two Referee Carolei 266 Kevin Pifko vs 270 Sean McCullin Referee Carolei Pifko win via rear naked choke at 1:09 of round two 160 James Garzillo vs 153.5 Scott Gregg Garzillo win via KO punch at 0:57 of round one Referee Peterson 208 Jason Moore vs 206 Erik Purcell Referee Peterson All three judges score 30-27 unanimous decision three rounds for Purcell 189 Tajuddin Abdul Hakim vs 190 Noah Fuance All three judges score 30-27 three rounds unanimous decision for Fuance Referee Peterson 137.5 Jose Villanueva vs 137 Donald Koch All three judges 30-27 three rounds unanimous decision for Villanueva Referee Peterson
Last night's ROC was a great night of action and I hoped whoever bought the broadcast enjoyed the show. I had a great time on the mic and had fun hanging out with Dino and everyone. But there's no time to reflect, because MMA waits for no one. And tonight, it's time for amatuer action at Fort Dix as the Asylum Fight League presents The Battle at Fort Dix. As always, I will be on hand taking care of the ring announcing duties, in fact revolutionizing MMA ring announcing with my dynamic and eclectic style. So come on out to Fort Dix and check out the show! 0221

Good news for East Coast fight fans and MMA fans in general. Tonight's Ring of Combat show in AC can be viewed live on the Internet. Click the link below and it will take you to GoFightLive.tv, who is is broadcasting the show. It's just $4.99 to watch and you can view it at any time. Great value for some great fights. And the best news is that I will be doing some of the commentary from the show. So listen in and enjoy!

Here's the link for the broadcast:

Watch Ring of Combat XXIII

The Asylum Fight League card for this Saturday night at Fort Dix is just about complete. There are some very interesting title fights and I'm sure it's going to be a great night of action. Here's the bout sheet: (click to enlarge) 1121boutsheet
The Asylum Fight League is headed back to Fort Dix. On Saturday February 21st, I will be doing the honors of introducing the fighters at The Battle of Fort Dix, an amateur event featuring the top up and comers on the East Coast MMA scene. The last event at Fort Dix was amazing, and this one promises to live up to its predecessor. Carl Mascarenhas knows how to put on a great show, and the fans always leave satisfied. And did I mention I'll be the ring announcer? Yeah, I did. Twice. So don't miss the show! Check out the Asylum Fight League website for more info. Asylum Fight League: These Fights are Insane! 0221
The Asylum Fight League's Carl Mascarenhas sure knows how to put on a show. He put two of them on back to back last Friday and Saturday nights, and both were wildly successful. Friday's show was at Fort Dix, and as ring announcer I had the pleasure of introducing base commander Lt. Colonel William Ayers to the crowd as well as all the talented and determined amateur fighters. Then I Saturday we moved to the Raritan Expo Center, where the venue was huge but still filled with fight fans. As with all Asylum shows, the fighters and the fights delivered on both nights. We saw subs, KOs and decisions, and all the fights were competitive and evenly matched. Matchmaking is an art, and Carl does a great job with it. He also knows how to pick great ring announcers (if I say so myself) and commentators. Doing commentary on Fort Dix was Brutal Brendan Barrett, former IFL fighter and one of New Jersey's top 205ers. He did a great job on the mic, along with his partner for the event, a soldier from Fort Dix whose name escapes me at the moment (my apologies). At the Expo Center, UFC fighter Kurt Pelligrino graced the crowd with his presence and cornered a couple of fighters. All in all it was 2 great events. As with all AFL shows, champions were crowned and the crowds went home happy and satisfied. Also at Fort Dix covering the event was my good bud, Jim Genia. Jim's a top MMA journalist and he wrote about the show on his Live Blog. I can't wait for more Asylum Fight League insanity! garv Photo by Jim Genia.
The Asylum Fight League is insane. That's why they are running back to back shows. Yesterday's event was at Fort Dix, and today's is at the Rariton Center in Edison, New Jersey.  Once again, I will be doing the ring announcing and I want to see YOU in the stands. If you can't make it, you can always check it out via a LIVE and FREE web broadcast tonight starting at 8pm.  Here's the link: http://gofightlive.tv/showEvent.do?event=347
I will be doing the ring announcing honors at the Asylum Fight League amateur MMA show tonight at Fort Dix.  If you can't make the fights live, there's a next best thing.  GoFightLive.tv will be broadcasting the event LIVE tonight, starting at 8pm.  The broadcast is free, so be sure to check it out! Here's the direct link: http://gofightlive.tv/showEvent.do?event=346 Tune in to support the Troops, to support TheGARV and to support amatuer MMA in New Jersey at the Asylum Fight League.
The UFC is not the only MMA promotion that is fighting for the troops.  The Asylum Fight League also holds that distinction.  The ASL will be at Fort Dix on Friday, putting on an amateur MMA show.  And of course, yours truly will be there doing the ring announcing.
I spoke to Asylum Fight League owner Carl Mascarenhas about the event:
Garv: Hey Carl.  How long have you been doing Asylum shows?
Mascarenhas: I started Asylum Fight League April 1,2008 in a short time we will have 10 MMA shows and 1 grappling Tournament completed by the end of the year.
Garv: How did you get involved with the Asylum?
Mascarenhas: Asylum was made out of the ashes of another Amateur MMA league that I was forced to sell . The league was not being run the way it was originally meant…for the fighters.  A “business man” came in the picture and tried to make a living off the backs of the fighters I wont do that .So Asylum was made for the fighters by a fighter.
Garv: You’re holding a show at Fort Dix. How did that come about?
Mascarenhas: The National Guard is one of out Advertisers/Sponsors. We have been providing the Best in Am MMA in NJ and is is being Noticed.
Garv: What’s the plans for the future of AFL? Mascarenhas: AFL has been providing the springboard for am fighters to get to the Pros we will be expanding to other regions in New Jersey, including AC. Our 2009 plan is to announce our National Campaign. This has not been done yet but we are breaking new ground that will not be duplicated . We are trying to include as many camps in our expansion for the betterment of the sport, not using camps in order to profit from their blood,sweet,tears,sacrifice and hard work but include them in the ASYLUM FAMILY where they also part of it.Taking over the USA one state at a time. Sounds like a plan!  Once again, look for me at both shows, Fort Dix on Friday and Edison New Jersey on Saturday.  For more info you can check out the Asylum Fight League website. See you at the fights!


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