The Asylum Fight League card for this Saturday night at Fort Dix is just about complete. There are some very interesting title fights and I'm sure it's going to be a great night of action. Here's the bout sheet: (click to enlarge) 1121boutsheet
The Asylum Fight League is headed back to Fort Dix. On Saturday February 21st, I will be doing the honors of introducing the fighters at The Battle of Fort Dix, an amateur event featuring the top up and comers on the East Coast MMA scene. The last event at Fort Dix was amazing, and this one promises to live up to its predecessor. Carl Mascarenhas knows how to put on a great show, and the fans always leave satisfied. And did I mention I'll be the ring announcer? Yeah, I did. Twice. So don't miss the show! Check out the Asylum Fight League website for more info. Asylum Fight League: These Fights are Insane! 0221
The Asylum Fight League's Carl Mascarenhas sure knows how to put on a show. He put two of them on back to back last Friday and Saturday nights, and both were wildly successful. Friday's show was at Fort Dix, and as ring announcer I had the pleasure of introducing base commander Lt. Colonel William Ayers to the crowd as well as all the talented and determined amateur fighters. Then I Saturday we moved to the Raritan Expo Center, where the venue was huge but still filled with fight fans. As with all Asylum shows, the fighters and the fights delivered on both nights. We saw subs, KOs and decisions, and all the fights were competitive and evenly matched. Matchmaking is an art, and Carl does a great job with it. He also knows how to pick great ring announcers (if I say so myself) and commentators. Doing commentary on Fort Dix was Brutal Brendan Barrett, former IFL fighter and one of New Jersey's top 205ers. He did a great job on the mic, along with his partner for the event, a soldier from Fort Dix whose name escapes me at the moment (my apologies). At the Expo Center, UFC fighter Kurt Pelligrino graced the crowd with his presence and cornered a couple of fighters. All in all it was 2 great events. As with all AFL shows, champions were crowned and the crowds went home happy and satisfied. Also at Fort Dix covering the event was my good bud, Jim Genia. Jim's a top MMA journalist and he wrote about the show on his Live Blog. I can't wait for more Asylum Fight League insanity! garv Photo by Jim Genia.
The Asylum Fight League is insane. That's why they are running back to back shows. Yesterday's event was at Fort Dix, and today's is at the Rariton Center in Edison, New Jersey.  Once again, I will be doing the ring announcing and I want to see YOU in the stands. If you can't make it, you can always check it out via a LIVE and FREE web broadcast tonight starting at 8pm.  Here's the link: http://gofightlive.tv/showEvent.do?event=347
I will be doing the ring announcing honors at the Asylum Fight League amateur MMA show tonight at Fort Dix.  If you can't make the fights live, there's a next best thing.  GoFightLive.tv will be broadcasting the event LIVE tonight, starting at 8pm.  The broadcast is free, so be sure to check it out! Here's the direct link: http://gofightlive.tv/showEvent.do?event=346 Tune in to support the Troops, to support TheGARV and to support amatuer MMA in New Jersey at the Asylum Fight League.
The UFC is not the only MMA promotion that is fighting for the troops.  The Asylum Fight League also holds that distinction.  The ASL will be at Fort Dix on Friday, putting on an amateur MMA show.  And of course, yours truly will be there doing the ring announcing.
I spoke to Asylum Fight League owner Carl Mascarenhas about the event:
Garv: Hey Carl.  How long have you been doing Asylum shows?
Mascarenhas: I started Asylum Fight League April 1,2008 in a short time we will have 10 MMA shows and 1 grappling Tournament completed by the end of the year.
Garv: How did you get involved with the Asylum?
Mascarenhas: Asylum was made out of the ashes of another Amateur MMA league that I was forced to sell . The league was not being run the way it was originally meant…for the fighters.  A “business man” came in the picture and tried to make a living off the backs of the fighters I wont do that .So Asylum was made for the fighters by a fighter.
Garv: You’re holding a show at Fort Dix. How did that come about?
Mascarenhas: The National Guard is one of out Advertisers/Sponsors. We have been providing the Best in Am MMA in NJ and is is being Noticed.
Garv: What’s the plans for the future of AFL? Mascarenhas: AFL has been providing the springboard for am fighters to get to the Pros we will be expanding to other regions in New Jersey, including AC. Our 2009 plan is to announce our National Campaign. This has not been done yet but we are breaking new ground that will not be duplicated . We are trying to include as many camps in our expansion for the betterment of the sport, not using camps in order to profit from their blood,sweet,tears,sacrifice and hard work but include them in the ASYLUM FAMILY where they also part of it.Taking over the USA one state at a time. Sounds like a plan!  Once again, look for me at both shows, Fort Dix on Friday and Edison New Jersey on Saturday.  For more info you can check out the Asylum Fight League website. See you at the fights!
ROC was rocking once again last Friday night as Lou Neglia threw one of his patented Ring of Combat spectaculars at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. I had my ace reporter Dino Kostakio down there with me and after the jump he breaks down each and every fight. You will also find some pics of the event. Pat Collins vs. Jim Boudourakis: This fight was a huge mismatch, imo. Collins stuck his jab in Boudourakis’ face right from the start and then started unloading some bombs once he found his rhythm. Boudourakis was outclassed and realized this quickly. Pat Collins defeats Jim Boudourakis by TKO at 0:31 of Round 1. Nick Pace vs. Sean Santella: Three fighters from last night impressed me most. Nick Pace was one of them. He was well-rounded and very relaxed in the ring. Although I picked Santella to win, Pace’s skill and ferocity made me a new fan. I can’t wait to see this kid fight again. Nick Pace defeats Sean Santella by Unanimous Decision (20-18, 20-16, 20-18). Chris Presta vs. Mike Stewart: Stewart was impressive in his win, but a little disrespectful with his post-fight antics (he got up and cursed at Presta for some reason). Did they have bad blood or something? It’d be a little baffling if not. Mike Stewart defeats Chris Presta by tapout due to arm triangle choke at 3:34 of Round 1. John Salgado vs. Jay Isip: Salgado was the second of three fighters I mentioned. I was in the bleachers cheering him on despite Isip’s entourage staring me down. He too is well-rounded and very relaxed in the ring. His win was well-deserved because Isip was game and in his face before the bell even rang. John Salgado defeats Jay Isip by tapout due to rear naked choke 3:24 in Round 1. Dom Stanco vs. Bill Walizer: Stanco seemed to be a little frustrated at times by Walizer’s wrestling ability, but Stanco’s heavy hands once again made up for any skill disparity. I can only describe Stanco’s killer instinct as ‘evil’. Dom Stanco defeats Biff Walizer by KO at 0:40 of Round 2. Joe Abouata vs. Paul White: White seemed to be finding his range within the first couple of seconds but managed to be taken down by a relentless Abouata. Once on the ground, Abouata was clearly the better ground fighter and was able to dispatch of the 6’4 behemoth with relative ease. Joe Abouata defeats Paul White by tapout due to rear naked choke at 3:06 of Round 1. Jason McLean vs. Jimmie Rivera: McLean and Rivera stepped up to fight each other despite expecting different opponents. Admittedly, I had picked Rivera to win no matter who he was slated against. But McLean, who was built like a fire hydrant, was just too strong and unyielding for Rivera. Jason Mclean defeats Jimmie Rivera by split decision (30-28, 28-29, 29-28). Igor Gracie vs. Troy Maxwell: Gracie had Maxwell in just about every submission imaginable. I got to watch this fight in the locker rooms and the general consensus among fighters was that Maxwell is a “tough bastard”. Despite being twisted into a pretzel on nineteen occasions, Maxwell was able to keep his head above water and make it to the final bell. It was a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu clinic. And Brazilian Jiu Jitsu DEFENSE clinic! Igor Gracie defeats Troy Maxwell by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-26). Costa Phillipou vs. John Doyle: Phillipou is the third fighter that really impressed me. Although his striking is polished, his ground game has always been in question. However, last night he really showed that he’s been diligently working on rectifying any holes in his game. He seemed comfortable when warding off takedowns and even scored a couple of his own. But I also applaud Doyle’s efforts because he came in with a great gameplan. It appeared that Doyle was content with picking shots and changing levels (for wrestling), so that he had Phillipou constantly guessing and unable to mount much of a striking offense. Unfortunately, it was his own pace that led to his demise. Doyle became increasingly exhausted to the point where he no longer was able to defend himself and he eventually succumbed to Phillipou’s ground and pound. Costa Phillipou defeats John Doyle by TKO at 3:05 of Round 3. Dave Sachs vs. Tim Troxell: Right from the start, it was Sachs who showed his was made of steel. He was able to control and overwhelm Troxell, who appeared to just be having an off night. Sachs went on to win by… camel clutch?? Dave Sachs defeats Tim Troxell by tapout due to choke at 4:40 of Round 2 to win the ROC Featherweight title. Chris Liguori vs. Cory Mahon: Despite Liguori being a crafty veteran, many picked the undefeated and hungry Mahon to leave the ring with the lightweight belt. But Liguori proved to be ravenous as he came out like a bat out of hell from start to finish. Although I was thoroughly impressed with Liguori’s ground game, it was no surprise since he has been meticulously training with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend Ricardo Almeida. Spectators were treated to a magnificent display of ground skills that even included a slick gogoplata. Even though Mahon escaped and fought his heart out, he finally surrendered to an armbar. Chris Liguori defeats Cory Mahon by tap out due to armbar at 3:41 of Round 2 to win the ROC lightweight title. Paul Bradley vs. Dante Rivera: If you recall, Bradley and Rivera were contestants on Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter. Bradley was sent home early due to a contagious skin infection and Rivera was eliminated by Jesse Taylor. Many expected both fighters, with points to prove, to take this fight seriously and come out with guns blazing. Unfortunately for Rivera, within seconds Bradley was able to catch Rivera with a hard shot that sent Rivera crumbling to the mat. Bradley was able to capitalize by unloading devastating punches on the ground, forcing the referee to make the stoppage. Interestingly, Rivera jumped up as if his numbers were called in Bingo, and adamantly protested, leading most to believe that he was fine (aside from the goose egg on his left eye). Personally, I would love to see a rematch. Paul Bradley defeats Dante Rivera by TKO at 0:34 of Round 1 to win the ROC middleweight title. Another great effort by Lou Neglia and Ring of Combat! [gallery]
While the pros were battling it out at UFC 91 on Saturday night, amateurs showed their stuff in the cage at Battle at the Abyss.  I was doing the ring announcing for the show and I can tell you that the crowd was rocking. Some of the fights were between Team Tiger Shulman and Team Carmine Zocchi and all the fighters fought their hearts out.  There were plenty of KOs and submissions and everyone had a great time. I will be doing more AFL shows in December, including one that's being held for our men and women in uniform at Fort Dix.  So stay tuned for that. And check out the Asylum Fight League website.  AsylumFightLeague.com You can see complete results from Battle at the Abyss after the jump. 132.4 George Siderius win guillotine 0:34 round one over 133.6 Chris Paulo Referee Donnie Carolei 148 Andy Main win KO punch 0:10 round one over 145 Robert Flores ***Robert Flores suspended 30 days*** Referee Donnie Carolei 130.6 Billy Magliane win armbar 0:41 round two over 130.4 Mike Serrano Referee Keith Peterson 146.2 Ray Brady win TKO 3:00 round one over 148.2 Ronnie Torres Referee Keith Peterson 186.8 Manny Cuevas win VonFlue choke 1:12 round two over 181.4 Justin Hoffmaster ***Justin Hoffmaster suspended 30 days*** Referee Donnie Carolei 144.6 Claudio Ledesma win rear naked choke 0:49 round three over 149.2 Mike Hanuschik Referee Donnie Carolei 165.8 Jason Lee win unanimous decision three rounds 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 over 159 Mike Clayton Referee Keith Peterson 158.8 Piotr Andrejko win unanimous decision three rounds 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 over 154 Andrew Fernandez Referee Donnie Carolei 139.2 Julio Arce win rear naked choke 1:45 round two over 138.8 Doug Miller Referee Keith Peterson 147.8 Craig Alexander win triangle 2:13 round one 149.2 Ian Morgan Referee Keith Peterson 158 Homer Uzquiano win armbar 1:45 round two over 159 Mike Stripling Referee Keith Peterson 188.6 Anthony Arroyo majority draw three rounds 28-28, 28-28, 30-26 Speece with 185.8 Marc Speece Referee Donnie Carolei 228 Lewis Rumsey win armbar 1:01 round one over 240.4 Sevdai Ahmeti Referee Donnie Carolei 206.2 Allen Homan win KO punch at 0:14 round one over 204.6 Andrew Espling Referee Donnie Carolei 190 Tajuddin Abdul Hakim win unanimous decision three round 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 over 184 Kyle Wright Referee Donnie Carolei 174.6 Adam Rosello win kneebar 2:14 round one over 173.6 Dennis Martinez Referee Donnie Carolei 152.2 Mervyn Rodriguez win unanimous decision three rounds 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 over 154 Danny Carbonel Referee Keith Peterson Ringside Physicians Dr. Michael Kelly and Dr. Ed Eaton Referees Donnie Carolei and Keith Peterson Judges Tom Velasquez, Jordan Bass and Rick Farmer Timekeeper Julius Proenza Scorekeeper Ellen Rubin Inspectors Wayne Spinlola, Michael Rutch and David Braslow
Attention New Jersey fight fans. The Asylum Fight League presents Battle at the Abyss tomorrow. It's an amateur event and features some great up and coming fighters. It's being held at Club Abyss in Sayreville, NJ. And yes, TheGARV will be doing the ring announcing. So come on out. You can check out AsylumFightLeague.com for details. Complete card after the jump.
Chris Paulo Bloomsburg MMA 0-0 Lightweight (130-134.9 lbs.) 0-0 George Siderius TSMMA
2 Andy Main AMA Mike Constantino 0-1 Welterweight (140-146.9 lbs.) 0-0 Robert Flores Legacy Martial Arts Sam Stern
3 Billy Magliane Bloomsburg MMA 0-0 Super Featherweight (126-129.9 lbs.) 0-0 Mike Serran Dragon Theory MMA
4 Ronnie Torres Dungeon Fight Club Andre Soares Pawel Wolak Steve Carrol 1-1 Welterweight (140-146.9 lbs.) 1-0 Ray Brady TSMMA
5 Manny Cuevas Team Carmine Zocchi 3-0 Cruiserweight (183-189.9 lbs.) 0-0 Justin Hoffmaster Drago MMA
6 Matt Barth Bloomsburg MMA 0-1 Cruiserweight (183-189.9 lbs.) 0-0 Bruce Drago Drago MMA
7 Doug Miller Team Carmine Zocchi 3-0 Super Lightweight (135-139.9 lbs.) 3-0 Julio Arce TSMMA
8 Chris "Drama' Devine Rhino Fight Team 1-0 Middleweight (154-159.9 lbs.) 0-0 Andrew Fernandez Elite MMA Chris Brough
9 Dennis Martinez Team Carmine Zocchi 1-1 Light Heavyweight (167-174.9 lbs.) 1-1 Adam Rosello TSMMA
10 Mike Hanuschik Viper Wrestling 0-0 Super Welterweight (147-153.9 lbs.) 0-0 Claudio Ledesma Renzo Gracie Denville
11 Ian Moran Team Carmine Zocchi 0-0 Welterweight (140-146.9 lbs.) 5-0 Craig Alexander TSMMA
12 Homer Uzquiano Team Carmine Zocchi 2-1 Middleweight (154-159.9 lbs.) Mike Stripling Dragon Theory MMA
13 Anthony Arroyo Viper Wrestling 0-1 Cruiserweight (183-189.9 lbs.) 0-0 Marc Speece Drago MMA
14 Shane Dever Team Carmine Zocchi 1-2 Super Heavyweight (210-249.9 lbs.) 1-0 Sevdai Ahmeti TSMMA
15 Andrew Espling Jersey Shore MMA/Rhino Fight Team 0-0 Welterweight (140-146.9 lbs.) 0-1 Allen Homan Drago MMA
16 Trever Banley NY Miletich 0-0 Super Welterweight (147-153.9 lbs.) 0-0 Piotr Andrejko Renzo Gracie Denville
17 Andrew Widdersheim Team Vicious 0-0 Light Heavyweight (167-174.9 lbs.) 0-0 Christian Dehaas BJJ/Judo Roberto Artista
18 Tajuddin Hakim Team Carmine Zocchi 2-0 Cruiserweight (183-189.9 lbs.) 0-0 Kyle Moore Team Vicious
19 Jason Lee Team Carmine Zocchi 3-0 Super Middleweight (160-166.9 lbs.) 0-0 Mike Clayton Dragon Theory MMA
20 Mervin Rodriguez Rhino Fight Team 4-2 Super Welterweight (147-153.9 lbs.) 3-1 Danny Carbonel Team End Game


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