Carl Mascarenhas and the Asylum Fight League are on a roll. We just got done with a show last week down in Philly, now this Saturday we're in AC. And that's just the beginning. The AFL is having one or two shows a week in November. Carl puts together some great fights. The action is always intense.  And I am always the ring announcer and commentator (along with the legendary Ed Talmo) on the Internet broadcast by GoFightLive.com. Last week's event lived up to its billing and this Saturday's show should also be off the hook.  After the jump you can check out the complete card.  There are always pro fighters and other VIPs at these events, so be sure to come on down. I'll have more on this week's show tomorrow.  For now, you can check out AsylumFightLeague.com for more info. Check out the complete card after the jump.  See you in Atlantic City! Robbie Flores 1-1 134.9 0-0 Naquaan Range Tiger Schulmann's Ademir Olivera Dashawn Northam 0-0 134.9 0-1 Andrew Aguilar Rhino NJ LA Boxing Cherry Hill George Siderias 2-1 134.9 2-3 Ronnie Torres Tiger Schlumann's Gigueto BJJ Chris Mermer 0-0 134.9 1-0 Shane Burgos LA Boxing Cherry Hill Tiger Schulmann's Bryan Tapper 1-0 139.9 1-0 Fabiano Fregonezi Tiger Schulmann's Ademir Olivera James Hoffman 1-0 146.9 1-0 Ryan Cafaro Team Vendetta LA Boxing Cherry Hill Rich Van Houten 1-0 153.9 2-0 Mike Riley LA Boxing Taurus MMA Jesse Guerrero 0-0 153.9 0-0 Matt Dosk Senquiz MMA Rhino NJ Darren Goodell 0-0 166.9 1-0 Robert Fabrizi Training Grounds/Bergen PAO Team Vendetta Mike Fischetti 2-0 180 1-1 Anthony Cruz Tiger Schulmann's MMA ITC Jeff Ake 0-0 174.9 0-0 Mike Katz Zocchi Codella MMA Jay Baxley 0-2 182.9 0-0 Kareem Mathieu AMAI Zocchi Joe Peteroy 0-1 189.9 0-0 Eddie Willis Codella MMA LA Boxing Hoboken Nick Scianna 0-0 189.9 0-1 Jimmy Finck Codella MMA Rhino NJ Rich Bianchi 1-2 209.9 1-1 John Xavier Bedoya Bianchi Camp Fighternation MMA ITC Levar Curry 0-0 250+ 1-0 Ben Ortiz NJ National Guard ATT Conn Sean McCullin 0-1 209.9 0-0 Raymond Williams AMAI FillyFit Gym


All right! Another Asylum Fight League card happening, this time in South Philly, PA. It's got amateur and pro bouts, including my main man Brutal Brendan Barrett! This will be another off the hook card brought to you as always by Carl Mascarenhas. Check out the action at the South Philly arena. I think it is being broadcasted at GoFightLive.tv so check me and the fighters out!


Friday's Asylum Fight League show was off the hook as usual.  It was great seeing the Jersey crew down there in AC and the fights once again delivered big time.  Carl Mascarenhas sure knows how to put on a show...insane is the word for it. The fights are available on GoFightLive.tv.  Check the New MMA section for the videos.  I was doing the ring announcing and commentating and had a blast. The AFL crazy train keeps on rolling and will be back in two weeks.  Then a week later, a Pro and Ammy show at the South Philly arena featuring Brutal Brendan Barrett vs. Randy Durant. All aboard!

asfl- Claudio_Ladesma_on_top_of_Darryl_Haze

The Asylum Fight League has a show tonight and of course I will be ring announcing and doing commentary. It's going to be broadcast live on the Net on GoFightLive.tv. I'll be posting a link to the show later on today. See you at the Trump Marina! Here's the official press release: The Asylum Fight League is coming to Atlantic City. On September 18, 2009, New Jersey's premier amateur fight league will be holding an event at the world famous Trump Marina. Asylum promoter Carl Mascarenhas is excited about the venue. "Partnering with the Trump Marina cements the Asylum Fight League's reputation as the number one amateur MMA organization on the East Coast." Carl also promises another exciting night of amatuer mixed martial arts. Headlining the card is Julio Arce vs. RJ Starace in a super lightweight AFL title fight. Co-featured is Patrick Enright vs. Anton Berzin for the AFL cruiserweight title. In addition many other competitive match-ups fill out the card. The goal of the AFL is to showcase the best amateur talent on the East Coast by matching them competitively and preparing them a possible professional career. More than a few fighters have gotten their start at the Asylum and then moved onto the pros where they've flourished. And Carl Mascarenhas couldn't be happier. "The goal has always been that today's Asylum stars are tomorrow's UFC stars," he says proudly. "That's what the Asylum is all about." The stars will be out in force on September 18 at Trump Marina, Atlantic City. Tickets are on sale now at AsylumFightLeague.com. Contact info: Carl Mascarenhas: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Lou Neglia took New Jersey by storm last night. He and Ray Longo promoted an amateur show at Club Abyss. Results after the jump. 162.8 Tom Grisham vs. 161 Mike Zamzam Ref Wagner Zamzam win via unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 30-27 174.8 Jose Que vs. 172.8 Peter Gallagher Ref Wagner After 3 rounds, the result is a Split Draw. Judge Rodriguez 28-28, Judge Olson 29-28 Gallagher, Judge Oliver 29-28 Que 162 Damon Alfau vs. 163 Aaron Freedman Ref Wagner Freedman win via rear naked choke at 1:14 of round one 187 Mike LaBelle vs. 189.9 Anthony D'Amario Ref Carolei LaBelle win via straight knee bar at 1:04 of round one 174 Dále Menendez vs. 171 Juan Hernandez Ref Carolei Hernandez win via straight knee bar at 2:41 of round one Hernandez suspended 25 days for being Five minutes late to rules meeting Menendez suspended until orthopaedic clearance of right knee 173 Villi Bello vs. 173 Frank Oyague Ref Peterson Oyague win via guillotine at 1:58 of round three 207 John Xavier vs. 209.8 Chris Howard Ref Carolei John Xavier via KO punch at 0:14 of round one Howard suspended 30 days and needs CT head scan 139.8 John Passantino vs. 141 Ryan Castillo Ref Peterson Castillo win via guillotine at 0:49 of round one 176 Phil Cornelius vs. 172.8 Danny Millet Ref Wagner Cornelius wins unanimous decision three rounds, all three rounds 30-27 175 Carlos Patrick vs. 170 Eddie Lenoci Ref Peterson Lenoci wins via triangle choke at 2:29 of round one


Another Asylum Fight League event is in the books.  This one also rocked and we saw lots of finishes and great action.  These events not only attract great amateur fighters, there are lots of pros there too, some cornering the fighters, others just enjoying the show.  UFC veterans Kurt Pelligrino and Mike Massenzio were on hand, as well as many other notable MMA fighters.  UFC referee Big Dan Miragliotta even made an appearance and it's always great to see him.  Happy birthday, Dr. Oxler! Check out the official results after the jump. Ref Velasquez 134 Thiago Carfi vs. 135 Oscar Arizmendi Carfi via disqualification at 2:40 of round one Iillegal kick to head to escape armbar Ref Carolei 149.5 Mike Benoit vs. 151.75 Weiss Sakhizada Benoit via armbar at 1:28 of round one Ref Velasquez 170 Villi Bello vs. 171 Chris Gramaglia Bello via referee stoppage at 0:39 of round two Gramaglia suspended 30 days Ref Carolei 146 Matt DeLorenzo vs. 144.75 Victor Mabin DeLorenzo via unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 30-27 Ref Velasquez 175 Cilio Ribeiro vs. 181 Dennis Martinez Martinez via rear naked choke at 1:03 of round three Ref Velasquez 176.5 Craig Thieme vs. 174.5 Anthony Cruz Cruz via KO punch at 1:57 of round one Ref Carolei 174..25 Vic Torres vs. 174 Jay Somers Torres via arm triangle at 1:01 of round two Ref Velasquez 171.5 Wesley Carvalho vs. 174.5 Marvin Leggits Carvalho win split decision three rounds, 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29 Tanco Ref Carolei 138 RJ Starace vs. 138.25 Dave Whelan Starace via guillotine at 0:24 of round one Ref Carolei 139 George Siderius vs. 135.5 Eric Ng Siderius via TKO due to unanswered punches at 1:47 of round one Ref Velasquez 146 Doug Miller vs. 146 Brent Appiarius Miller via unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 30-27 Ref Carolei 214 David Shapiro vs. 213 Bill Elam Shapiro via rear naked choke at 2:43 of round one


The juggernaut that is the Asylum Fight League keeps on rolling.  Today we're headed down to Club Abyss in Sayerville again, where the AFL will feature some of the East Coast's best amateur MMA action.   As usual the card is stacked with new MMA talent and it's going to be a lot of fun watching these guys further their careers.  The Asylum producers fighters that go on to be pros and I've seen many of them make the transition. So head on down to Club Abyss today.  Fights start at 5pm.  See you there!


(from left, Kostakio, Laura Celeste, Garv, Talmo, Selena)

Another great event yesterday athe Asylum Fight League.  This one was outdoors at Shady Katies, a nightclub in Somerdale, NJ.  The event took place in the afternoon and featured 8 explosive bouts of amateur MMA.  Only 2 of the fights went the distance and the action was intense. The Asylum Fight League will be at Club Abyss next Saturday, the fourth week of four in a row.  Can you say fight? Complete results after the jump. 146.75 Brandon Rook vs. 149 Randy Dunn Ref Carolei Dunn via arm triangle at 2:49 of round one 179 Bob Meyer vs. 173 Jesse Hardy Ref Carolei Meyer via rear naked choke at 0:42 of round one 154.5 Mike Clayton vs. 152 Jason. Mitchiner Ref Peterson Clayton via rear naked choke at 1:26 of round one 174 Justin Incera vs. 174 Adam Rosello Ref Peterson Rosello win unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 29-28 159.75 Ryan Vernay vs. 155.5 Seth Cuevas Ref Peterson Cuevas via guillotine choke at 1:03 of round two 172 Chris Gramaglia vs. 173.25 Jose Que Ref Peterson Que via armbar at 2:25 of round two 159.75 Tom English vs. 158 Juan Roman Ref Carolei English via unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 30-27 192 Patrick Enright vs. 195 Allen Homan Ref Carolei Enright via rear naked choke at 1:44 of round two
The Asylum Fight League keeps on rolling! This is week 3 of 4 consecutive weeks on intense and insane amateur fight action in New Jersey. Carl Mascarenhas, the promoter of Asylum is nothing if not ambitious. He knows there's a big market out there for MMA action and he's doing his best to deliver the goods. Week after week we have seen some of the finest new East Coast MMA fighters giving their all in the cage. It's always fun to watch ammys become pros and to see how they develop. Tonight's show at Shady Katies in Summerdale, NJ promises to be another awesome event. I will of course be doing the ring announcing and color commentating and will be joined on the mic by thegarv.com's own Dino Kostakio. The fights will be broadcast on GoFightLive.tv in a day or two. If you live near NJ, you should come on to the show!! See you down there.



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