Another Asylum Fight League event is in the books.  This one also rocked and we saw lots of finishes and great action.  These events not only attract great amateur fighters, there are lots of pros there too, some cornering the fighters, others just enjoying the show.  UFC veterans Kurt Pelligrino and Mike Massenzio were on hand, as well as many other notable MMA fighters.  UFC referee Big Dan Miragliotta even made an appearance and it's always great to see him.  Happy birthday, Dr. Oxler! Check out the official results after the jump. Ref Velasquez 134 Thiago Carfi vs. 135 Oscar Arizmendi Carfi via disqualification at 2:40 of round one Iillegal kick to head to escape armbar Ref Carolei 149.5 Mike Benoit vs. 151.75 Weiss Sakhizada Benoit via armbar at 1:28 of round one Ref Velasquez 170 Villi Bello vs. 171 Chris Gramaglia Bello via referee stoppage at 0:39 of round two Gramaglia suspended 30 days Ref Carolei 146 Matt DeLorenzo vs. 144.75 Victor Mabin DeLorenzo via unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 30-27 Ref Velasquez 175 Cilio Ribeiro vs. 181 Dennis Martinez Martinez via rear naked choke at 1:03 of round three Ref Velasquez 176.5 Craig Thieme vs. 174.5 Anthony Cruz Cruz via KO punch at 1:57 of round one Ref Carolei 174..25 Vic Torres vs. 174 Jay Somers Torres via arm triangle at 1:01 of round two Ref Velasquez 171.5 Wesley Carvalho vs. 174.5 Marvin Leggits Carvalho win split decision three rounds, 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29 Tanco Ref Carolei 138 RJ Starace vs. 138.25 Dave Whelan Starace via guillotine at 0:24 of round one Ref Carolei 139 George Siderius vs. 135.5 Eric Ng Siderius via TKO due to unanswered punches at 1:47 of round one Ref Velasquez 146 Doug Miller vs. 146 Brent Appiarius Miller via unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 30-27 Ref Carolei 214 David Shapiro vs. 213 Bill Elam Shapiro via rear naked choke at 2:43 of round one


The juggernaut that is the Asylum Fight League keeps on rolling.  Today we're headed down to Club Abyss in Sayerville again, where the AFL will feature some of the East Coast's best amateur MMA action.   As usual the card is stacked with new MMA talent and it's going to be a lot of fun watching these guys further their careers.  The Asylum producers fighters that go on to be pros and I've seen many of them make the transition. So head on down to Club Abyss today.  Fights start at 5pm.  See you there!


(from left, Kostakio, Laura Celeste, Garv, Talmo, Selena)

Another great event yesterday athe Asylum Fight League.  This one was outdoors at Shady Katies, a nightclub in Somerdale, NJ.  The event took place in the afternoon and featured 8 explosive bouts of amateur MMA.  Only 2 of the fights went the distance and the action was intense. The Asylum Fight League will be at Club Abyss next Saturday, the fourth week of four in a row.  Can you say fight? Complete results after the jump. 146.75 Brandon Rook vs. 149 Randy Dunn Ref Carolei Dunn via arm triangle at 2:49 of round one 179 Bob Meyer vs. 173 Jesse Hardy Ref Carolei Meyer via rear naked choke at 0:42 of round one 154.5 Mike Clayton vs. 152 Jason. Mitchiner Ref Peterson Clayton via rear naked choke at 1:26 of round one 174 Justin Incera vs. 174 Adam Rosello Ref Peterson Rosello win unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 29-28 159.75 Ryan Vernay vs. 155.5 Seth Cuevas Ref Peterson Cuevas via guillotine choke at 1:03 of round two 172 Chris Gramaglia vs. 173.25 Jose Que Ref Peterson Que via armbar at 2:25 of round two 159.75 Tom English vs. 158 Juan Roman Ref Carolei English via unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 30-27 192 Patrick Enright vs. 195 Allen Homan Ref Carolei Enright via rear naked choke at 1:44 of round two
The Asylum Fight League keeps on rolling! This is week 3 of 4 consecutive weeks on intense and insane amateur fight action in New Jersey. Carl Mascarenhas, the promoter of Asylum is nothing if not ambitious. He knows there's a big market out there for MMA action and he's doing his best to deliver the goods. Week after week we have seen some of the finest new East Coast MMA fighters giving their all in the cage. It's always fun to watch ammys become pros and to see how they develop. Tonight's show at Shady Katies in Summerdale, NJ promises to be another awesome event. I will of course be doing the ring announcing and color commentating and will be joined on the mic by thegarv.com's own Dino Kostakio. The fights will be broadcast on GoFightLive.tv in a day or two. If you live near NJ, you should come on to the show!! See you down there.



Today is Wednesday. That means that we are halfway between 2 Asylum Fight League events. Last Saturday night, I was hosting the show at Club Abyss and sang my heart out during the National Anthem. This Saturday, I'll be at the Raritan Center in NJ once again doing the honors. But there's more than just great amateur MMA going on at the AFL. Saturday is going to be a full day of grappling and mixed martial arts. It will start early and end late and it's going to be capped off with a full card of the best amateur MMA talent on the East Coast. Last Saturday delivered big time. In the main event AFL champ Noah "Pressure" Faunce put his title and undefeated record on the line against Eric "The Rogue" Purcell. Like Faunce, Purcell held an AFL title and was undefeated. The fight was at a catch-weight and both belts were on the line. Noah was able to keep the pressure up and after a close first round where both fighters looked amazing, Faunce was able to end it in the second round with a submission. It was a great fight and both fighters showed why they are Asylum Fight League championship material. And now, with barely enough time to catch our breaths, the AFL is back. Saturday is going to be a blast. In addition to me being there, there are going to be several UFC fighters on hand doing seminars. I told you it was going to be a big day, didn't I? If you want to meet Phil Baroni, Jay Heiron and others, come on down to the Rariton Center.  Promotor Carl Mascarenhas and his right hand man Noah Spitalnick work very hard on bringing you the best amateur action on the East Coast, and I work hard on my singing...just in case.  So don't let us down! See you at the fights!


I am getting ready to head on over to Club Abyss in Sayerville, NJ today.  The Asylum Fight League is having a show and I am the ring announcer, as always.  Great card, chock full the East Coast's finest amateur MMA talent.  The main event features undefeated Noah Faunce going against Erik Purcell, who trains with Brutal Brendan Barrett.  That fight is going to be off the hook. Hopefully some of you can make it down to the show.  If you do, make sure you come up and say hi.  See you at Club Abyss! Dominic Macchino 0-0 122-125.9 lbs 0-0 Mike Maldanado Taurus MMA ALL N MMA Robbie Flores 0-1 130-134.9 lbs 1-1 Eric Ruiz TSMMA American Fighter Claudio Ladesma 2-1 130-134.9 lbs 2-0 Edwin Uzquiano Garrett Goldsberry Carmine Zocchi Greg Belardinelli 0-0 135-139.9 lbs 1-2 Mike Serrano TSMMA Dragon Theory Michael Riley 0-0 147-153.9 lbs 0-1 Brandon Rook Taurus MMA Dragon Theory Nick Muriello 2-2 147-153.9 2-0 Brian Kellehar AMA American Fighter Danny Carbonel 1-2 147-153.9 lbs 1-2 James Jenkins Team Endgame/AMA Fight Club American Fighter Piotr Andrejko 1-1 154-159.9 lbs 0-0 Sam Hoenig Garrett Goldsberry American Fighter Chris Dupars 0-1 167-174.9 lbs 0-0 Patrick Rodnite AMA American Fighter Jason Alcoba 0-0 167-174.9 lbs 0-0 Dave Rosa ALL N MMA Dragon Theory Mike Fischetti 0-0 167-174.9 lbs 0-0 Brian Deboar TSMMA Dragon Theory Ed Verdel 0-0 167-174.9 lbs 0-0 Joseph Domingo Iron Horse MMA Taurus MMA TBA 0-0 183-189.9 lbs 1-0 Craig Hannigan Jerry Jones Ariel Sepuida 0-0 190-194.9 lbs 0-0 Rob Willis Carmine Zocchi Dragon Theory Stelian Rizea 3-0 190-194.9 lbs 6-3 Lewis "The Beast" Rumsey Jerry Jones MMA Team Vicious Noah Faunce American Fighter 6-0 DUAL TITLE FIGHT CATCH WEIGHT 196 LBS. 195 LB TITLE 209.9 LB TITLE Erik Purcell Brendan Barret
Carl Mascarenhas is the Asylum Fight League, the East Coast's premier amateur fight league, and vice versa.  Carl's the owner of the promotion, which has its next event on April 25th at Club Abyss in Sayerville, NJ.  I will be there, of course, doing the ring announcing.  And Dino Kostakio will be there too, covering the show as only thegarv.com can.

At last Friday's Ring of Combat, I talked with Carl about the AFL and what his plans are for the promotion. Check it out!

Last Friday night, at Ring of Combat 24, down in the bowels of the Tropican Showroom, Dino Kostakio interviewed two of New Jersey's rowdiest (not to mention finest) fighters, Tom Gallicchio and Kevin Roddy.  This video is surreal.  It's gonna make you feel like you're tripping on acid. It's that good!

roc Another Ring of Combat is in the books and the show was awesome as always.   I was there doing some fight commentary for GoFightLive.tv and it was a lot of fun working alongside Thad, Dino and Andrew Montanez.  We complete each other! The fights were great.  Long Island was well represented by teams Serra-Longo and Bellmore Kickboxing. Its fun to watch guys I saw fighting in the ammys now fighting pro and there were quite of few guys last night making the move to the professional ranks. Also great seeing the NJ officials. Two of the best refs in the business were working last night, Big Dan Miragliotta and Kevin Mulhall.  And it was great to see Doctor Michael Kelly back in action.  Haven't seen him in awhile.  I was beginning to wonder if Dr "Deathtouch" had accidentally scratched himself the wrong way with his dim mak finger.  And of course at ringside was another great ringside physician Dr. Sherry "Kick Ass" Wulkan. Dr. Wulkan just so happens to train kickboxing with Ray Longo.  Which means that after she knocks you out, she'll safely bring you back to consciousness.  Who could ask for anything more? And of course, New Jersey MMA legend Nick "Luscious" Lembo was there to preside over the event and lay the smack down if necessary. As always Id like to thank Lou Neglia for his hospitality, always a pleasure covering his shows. Here are the official results: 129.5 Louis Gaudinot vs. 129 Chris Aquino Ref Mulhall All three judges score 20-18 unanimous decision for Gaudinot 161 John Salgado vs. 158.5 Dave Church Ref Mulhall All three judges score 18-18 unanimous draw, Salgado deducted 2 points in round one for illegal head kick 134 Jose Villanueva vs. 135 Joshua Montoya Ref Mulhall All three judges 20-18 unanimous decision for Villanueva Montoya suspended 30 days and needs exam by opthamologist 154.5 Al Iaquinta vs. 155 Will Martinez Ref Mulhall All three judges 28-28 unanimous draw, Iaquinta deducted one point in round two for grabbing fence Martinez suspended pending x-ray of right hand 144.5 Jason McLean vs. 145.5 Matt McManmon Ref Miragliotta All three judges 29-28 unanimous decision, McManmon 145.5 Joe Camacho vs. 145 Fernando Bernardino Ref Mulhall Judges Bilyk and Rodriguez 30-27 for Camcho, Judge Crosby 29-28 for Bernardino, winner split decision three rounds Camacho 190.25 Chris Weidman vs. 190 Mike Stewart Ref Miragliotta Weidman via TKO referee stoppage due to unanswered punches at 2:38 of round one Stewart suspended 30 days and needs neurological examination 161 Chris Schlesinger vs. 160.25 Shawn Forman Ref Miragliotta Schlesinger win unanimous decision, Judges Crosby and Rodriguez 30-27 and Judge Bilyk 29-28 146 Andy Main vs. 144 Ricky Lee Ref Mulhall Main win via KO punch at 3:58 of round one Lee suspended 30 days 219 Gian Villante vs. 228 Paul White Ref Miragliotta Villante via rear naked choke at 1:46 of round one 186 Sean Salmon vs. 186 John Doyle Ref Miragliotta Salmon win unanimous decision, Judge Bilyk 30-27, Crosby 30-26, and Rodriguez 30-25 185 Lamont Lister vs. 185 Dante Rivera Ref Mulhall Rivera win via guillotine at 1:25 of round one 159 Dom Stanco vs. 158.5 Charles Oliveira DaSilva Ref Mulhall Oliveira DaSilva winner via rear naked choke at 3:33 of round one 229 Ricardo Romero vs. 221 James McSweeney Ref Miragliotta Romero win via rear naked choke at 2:27 of round one 185 Rafael Sapo vs. 186 Plinio Cruz Ref Miragliotta Sapo via rear naked choke at 3:13 of round two


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