With the popularity of Glory Kickboxing on Spike TV, there is a renewed interest among fight fans for kickboxing events. And the timing couldn't be better for Trinity Kickboxing Championship, a brand new promotion that is ready to give fans and fighters an opportunity to be a part of something very special. The first TKC event takes place on May 3, 2014 at S.J.V. High School in Holmdel, New Jersey. The event is sanctioned by the NJSACB.

TKC is an amateur and Class A fight promotion that uses K-1/Glory rules. Trinity's goal is to start promoting on the amateur level in the North East of the United States and gradually grow into bigger venues with professional competitors. Trinity will put on action packed events with high octane entertainment thrilling our audience and strive for a future televised distribution deal.

Trinity Kickboxing Championship is promoted by John A Narleski, who has promoted combat sport events prior to starting TKC. Narkeski is a former kickboxer himself, which gives him keen insight into the production and matchmaking aspects of TKC.

John is excited about the growing combat sports marketplace. And as someone who has been involved in the Martial Arts for over 35 years, John has a vast knowledge of his demographic viewing audience.

"Kickboxing appeals to men, women and teens," he said. "Our viewing audience ranges from the ages of 13 to 55, from the avid fight fan to the true Martial Arts enthusiast."

And he is pulling out all the stops for this first show, including having a live rock band perform.

Trinity Kickboxing Championship takes place on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at S.J.V. High School, Holmdel, New Jersey. For ticket info, call 908-510-2745 or visit the TKC Facebook page:



(WCKC Champion Joe Bastone. Pic courtesy of Chastity Cortijo, FightNightPics.com)

There's an old adage that says you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Well, the World Class Kickboxing Championship's inaugural event not only made a great first impression...it blew the audience away. The event took place on Saturday night, April 12, 2014 at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, New Jersey, and fans are still buzzing about the experience.

There were 14 fights on the card, and the very first fight set the tone for the evening.  Jason Figurski and Hunter Dowd wowed the crowd with an awesome display of punching of kicking, and the action did not let up until the final bell. Dowd, who is just 17 years old, came away with the victory--and a prom date with his high school sweetheart, who was in attendance. The fight was a war, and it was a great way to kick off the first WCKC.

But the action didn't stop there. Every fight on the card was spectacular, and all the fighters truly lived up to their "world class" billing.

There were even two fights in the women's division, and they too showed world class skills and warrior hearts. Chantelle "The Pitbull" Perez, who is a highly decorated world class grappler with many championship victories, showed that she can stand and bang as well in her fight against Erica Bialick. Perez won by unanimous decision after a tough three round brawl.

The show started with a bang, but ended with an even bigger bang. The main event was for the vacant WCKC title and featured Joe Bastone of Impact Muay Thai vs. Damien Bailey of Tiger Schulmann MMA. Before the fight began, as both fighters were in the ring, they had a mini-dustup that was a preview of what was to come. When the bell rang, both fighters came out blazing and did not let up. In the second round Bastone caught Bailey with a thunderous right hand that knocked Bailey out cold, ending the fight. It was obvious from the opening bell that this fight was not going to go the distance, as each man was throwing with bad intentions.

It was an amazing way to end an amazing night of action. As a promoter, Frankie Perez of Dead Serious MMA fame, could not have asked for a better evening. The WCKC made shock waves in the kickboxing world, and I'm already looking forward to the next event.

If you missed the action live, you can catch the replays on GoFightLive.

Here are the official results of all the bouts:

The first ever World Class Kickboxing Championship takes place this Saturday April 12 at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, New Jersey. The card has been finalized, and the fighters are ready to throw down. This event is brought to you by Dead Serious Promotions, which is known for their Dead Serious Fight Gear clothing line and Dead Serious MMA, New Jersey's premier fight organization. I will be in the ring MCing the event, so this is a must-see show.

Tickets can be purchased on DeadSeriousMMA.com or by calling 201-538-4843.

Here is the finalized card:

Dead Serious Promotions, which is well known for its outstanding MMA promotion, Dead Serious MMA, is now expanding into the world of kickboxing.  On Saturday, April 12, 2014, their first ever kickboxing event, the World Class Kickboxing Championships, will take place at Brookdale Community College. The WCKC is already getting lots of buzz, and for good reason.  Promoter Frankie Perez knows how to stack a card with the best talent available, and this kickboxing card is shaping up nicely, with many great camps competing, including Tiger Schulmann's MMA and Girl Fight, along with many others.

I am proud to say that have been selected as the official WCKC ring announcer--sorry Michael Buffer and Jimmy Lennon Jr.--and I am very much looking forward to the action.

For ticket info, call 201-538-4843. See you at the show!

There's an exciting new kickboxing promotion coming to New Jersey called Trinity Kickboxing Championship. The first event is scheduled for May 3, 2014 and takes place at the Saint John Vianney High School in Holmdel. The promotion was founded by John Narleski, who is a former world class kickboxer himself. John not only has fight experience, he is a savvy promoter who has been in the game for many years.  He has keen insights into how to make a kickboxing show great, and I'm that Trinity Kickboxing 1 is going an outstanding event, and will be the first of many.

I am honored to have been selected to host this event, and I urge everyone to check out the show. For more info check out the TKC Facebook page. I'll have much more on this event in the near future, so stay tuned!



Asylum Fight League, the most insane MMA promotion in the world, is back on May 17 at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. For fight fans, it doesn't get any better than this. The Asylum is New Jersey's longest running amateur MMA fight promotion, and promoter Carl Mascarenhas, who is a former fighter himself, is one of the top matchmakers in the game. As always, I will hosting the insanity from inside the cage, so don't miss this show! Check out the Asylum Fight League website for ticket info. These fights are insaaane!

Frankie Perez and the fighting Perez family have a big job ahead of them in making Dead Serious MMA XI as great as Dead Serious MMA X was.  But I'm sure they are up to the task. Dead Serious MMA XI takes place on May 31, 2014 at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, New Jersey. As always, I will be hosting the show from inside the cage, so make sure you get your tickets early. Check out the Dead Serious MMA website for more info. See you in Rahway!



There's a brand new MMA promotion coming to New Jersey called Fight Club Champion, and from the early buzz, this is going to be something special.  The first event takes place on July 26, 2014 at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, New Jersey.  The Fight Club Champion team is putting together a card that people will remember for a long time. For people in the NYC area, this is a great venue to see some of the best mixed martial arts available on the East Coast.

I am honored to have been selected as the Fight Club Champion ring announcer, and I am already looking forward to this show. I'll have much more on this card as it develops, so stay tuned!


(Pic courtesy of Chastity Cortijo, FightNightPics.com)

Dead Serious MMA X took place on Saturday night at Scheutzen Park in North Bergen, New Jersey, and my ears are still ringing from the repeated roars from the crowd. I can't remember the last time I heard a crowd that loud, if ever.

They had good reason to cheer. Frankie Perez stacked the card with top amateur fighters from the New York and New Jersey, and his matchmaking was impeccable.

A dozen fights took place, including three championship tilts. And all the fights rocked. This was Dead Serious's first show of 2014, and there was no better way to ring in the new year.

Dead Serious, in just ten shows, is already the big boy on the block, and it seems that every fight camp on the East Coast wants to get on the action.

And talk about action...wow. This card had it all. The undercard established future title contenders, and two new champions were crowned in the title fights.

In what was probably the most anticipated fight of the night, undefeated Juan "Baby Face" Galarza took on hard hitting Ron Templeton for the vacant Dead Serious lightweight crown. Templeton was able to avoid Galarza's outstanding ground game with some excellent takedown and submission defense, and he used his excellent striking skills to win a unanimous decision and the Dead Serious crown. It was an amazing performance by Templeton, and I look forward to seeing him defend his belt.

In the co-main event, Anthony Genovese and undefeated Brandon Urquijo battled it out for the vacant Dead Serious bantamweight title. Genovese proved himself to be very tough, and he kept pushing forward, but Urquijo's speed were the difference in the fight. Urquijo kept Genovese off balance with blinding hand and foot speed, and he connected with legs kicks, jabs and uppercuts enroute to a unanimous decision victory and the Dead Serious crown. Urquijo was a crowd favorite, and he is quite the showman in the cage, so I'm definitely looking forward to his first title defense.

In the main event, Dead Serious featherweight champion Sergio DeBari took on number one contender Aldo Orinvil. DeBari, a BJJ brown belt, took Orinvil down and looked to ground and pound, but Orinvil had his moments in the fight as well. In the second round, while on the ground, DeBari accidently hit Orinvil below the belt twice, which resulted in a point deduction. When the cards were tallied at the end of the fight, the result was a majority draw, which saw DeBari retain his title. Some of Orinvil's fans in the attendance were upset with the low blows, but with the draw they might get to see a rematch. Still, it was an exciting technical match, and both fighters have reason to be proud of their performances.

As I said earlier, Dead Serious Promotions attracts top camps to its shows, and there are always VIPs in attendance. I introduced four current and former UFC fighters to the crowd, including former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez, former UFC contender Kurt Pellegrino, current UFC contenders Nick Catone and Al Iaquinta. And cornering one of the fighters was Ray Longo, of Serra Longo, who train UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman. Also there was Ring of Combat featherweight champ James Jenks. And of course, our DJ as always was the undefeated Ring of Combat number one lightweight contender Frankie Perez Jr., who fights for the Ring of Combat crown on May 16.

But the VIPs didn't stop there. Reffing some of the fights was BJJ legend Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro, who is a fantastic addition to the NJSACB.

Speaking of the NJSACB, they did their usual outstanding job at the show. These official are world class, and it's always an honor to work with them at these shows. Lead by counsel to the NJSACB Nick "Luscious" Lembo, the NJSACB is the best in the world, and New Jersey is lucky to have Nick and his team presiding over these fights.

All in all, it was yet another amazing night of action brought to you by Dead Serious Promotions. The next Dead Serious MMA show is scheduled for May 31 at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, New Jersey. Check out their website for ticket info. And also check out Dead Serious Fight Gear's website for some amazing MMA apparel and fight gear.

If you missed the action live, you can catch the replays on GoFightLive. It is money well spent.

Here are the official results from all of the Dead Serious X bouts:

Dead Serious

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