Mike Massenzio is back in the UFC, and he'll be fighting this Saturday on the UFC 131 card against Krzysztof Soszyński.  Mike is managed by Mike Constantino now, the man behind the success of the Miller Brothers, Charlie Brennerman and other top fighters.

Mike Constantino posted an enthusiastic announcement on his Facebook page about getting Massenzio back in the UFC:

I Just signed MVC Sports Management Client Mike Massenzio Back to the UFC!!!  He will be stepping in this Saturday at UFC 131 to fight Krzysztof Soszynski.  Welcome back Mike!!!

Mike Massenzio has had a few tough breaks in the UFC.  He fought injured several times and even had a bout with staph.  Hopefully his time off has allowed him to heal up and be 100 percent on Saturday.  Mike's a great guy and a damn good fighter, so his return his welcome news.



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