Michael Bisping is getting sick and tired of hearing about all these fighters and their low testosterone problems.  Bisping feels that fighters are "alpha males" and shouldn't have those kinds of problems and no one is getting any sympathy from the fiery Brit.  In fact, they are getting scorched on his Twitter account.  Here are a couple of pearls of wisdom from The Count about TRT:

fighters on TRT are fucking cheats. Low testosterone levels my ass! If you have, thats cos you were juicing in the past, cheating bastards!!


with high levels of testosterone, its just a clever way of cheating. Everyday there seems to be a new story of a figher on it. BULLSHIT!

steroid use reduces your natural levels of testosterone, so if fighters need TRT ,its because there ass was like a pin cushion in the past!


Damn, if I didn't know better, I'd say that Bisping has got some roid rage.  Then again, in the case he does.  Rage against the machines that use TRT, while the real men go with what they've got.  You tell 'em, Count!



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