Matt Hughes commented on various aspects of Saturday's night UFC 132 card in a blog on his website, including Tito Ortiz's career-saving victory over Ryan Bader.  Before the fight, Hughes was picking Bader:


I’m really surprised Tito took this fight. It seems like Tito never takes a fight that he doesn’t think he’s absolutely going to win. I see Bader taking Tito down and just being too much for him. If they were just hitting pads I would say Tito might look prettier, but this is a fight and Tito doesn’t like to get hit. I’ll say 65%/35% for Bader.


Afterwards Hughes had this to say:


The UFC was pretty interesting. Tito did win against a tough opponent, so I guess he’s still alive in the UFC. Although it has been a little while – his last two wins in the octagon were in ‘06 against Ken Shamrock. Tito is one of those guys that feels he needs to be in the public eye to feel good about himself; so maybe this win will boost his self-confidence.


It's pretty obvious that Hughes is no fan of Tito's.  And althought they've never fought, they did complete in a grappling match at ADCC, which you can check out after the jump.



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