A Rear Naked Joke Exclusive:

Matt Hughes was supposed to be fighting Deigo Sanchez later this month, a fight Matt was looking forward to because Diego was "another Christian," which meant that basically God would decide the outcome and Matt didn't have to stress out in training.  However, God was apparently not digging this match up, because Diego wound up with a broken hand and had to pull out of this fight.

This left a barbarian at the gate, namely one Josh Koscheck.  I'm not sure about Josh's religious beliefs, but in Matt's eyes at least, this fight has turned from being a Holy War into a Crusade, and Matt is looking to give Josh a beatdown of Biblical proportion.

To help him in that quest, Hughes has brought a guardian angel into his camp, the Holy Grail of MMA fighters, Kimbo Slice.  Kimbo, the former backyard fighter and bodyguard to porn company execs, has been training hard with Hughes over the past few days and there has been no turning of the cheeks when they spar.  Hughes explained his decision to bring in this unlikely sparring partner into his camp.

"Kimbo is a sinner," he explained.  "He covorts with porn stars.  I was preparing for fellow clean-living Christian Diego Sanchez, but now I am going against a heathen.  I felt that by bringing in Kimbo, it would give me an edge in the fight.  He gets down and dirty in sparring."

Kimbo was excited to be a back in MMA in any capacity, even if only as a training partner.  "All day, all day,"  he said.  "That's how a [N-word] eat.  I'm helping Matt get some bread so I can get some bread.  Today we're gonna work on how to watch out for that metal thing."

We'll find out if Hughes's unusual training regimine will pay off for him on September 24 UFC 135




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