Matt Hughes does not want to end his UFC career with a loss.  He is coming off two first round KO losses, to BJ Penn and Josh Koscheck, and would rather go out with a W.  In this Inside MMA segment, Hughes talked about how he advised Pat Miletich to get back in there after losing to Renzo Gracie, so he could end his storied career on a high note.  Two years later, Miletich did just that, retiring after he beat Thomas Denny.   Now Matt is faced with the same dilemma.  The problem is that there are no gimme fights in the UFC, and they are not going to put him in there with a can, just to get that win.  It remains to be seen if Hughes will fight again.  Like he says in the segment, it's up to not only him but his wife and the UFC.

Video of the Inside MMA piece after the jump.



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