Mariusz Pudzianowski, with his 1-0 MMA record, may seem to be in over his head against Tim Sylvia in their upcoming fight on May 21st in Worcester, Mass.  But don't tell that to the legendary Polish strongman, because he feels more than ready to meet the challenge.  In an article and interview by Przemek Garczarczyk and Tim Hobscheid, Pudzianowski had this to say:

This whole MMA ranking stuff is a big pile of BS. Everybody is in such love with Brock Lesnar, who came from nothing; zero MMA experience and now he’s considered one of the best?  He fought only five times and is now considered Mr. Untouchable?  Why not me then?  Nobody knows how hard I’m preparing myself.  I’m training with the best Polish wrestlers; these are top guys. It’s easy to do when you’re not fighting for money – I’m already a very wealthy guy with a secured future - but for the love and new challenge, and always for my fans, here in Poland and abroad.  I would never, repeat never, start fighting in MMA if I didn’t believe I could be the best. First Kawaguchi, then Sylvia – sorry guys, you are in my way…

Check out some recent training pics of Mariusz after the jump. (Pics courtesy of thePudzianowski team)




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