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You've come a long way, baby!  Women are now competing at very high levels in combat sports, and as this video shows, they can sometimes even beat the men. Check out this video of Courtnie Korpela of Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts using an arm drag to choke out her male opponent at the Waukesha Open 4 at Waukesha MMA in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This event took place on 12/10/2011.

Yes, there is a third Buffer brother doing ring announcing, and he takes things to a whole new level.  Check it out.

Classic kickboxing fight right here, with Chuck Liddell weighing in at 222 pounds, taking on Scott Harmon.  At the time Chuck had a 13-2 (11) kickboxing record.  He wins the IKF Super Heavyweight title in a nice slugfest.  Rounds 1-3 up top, the rest of the fight after the jump.  Old school Iceman!

Lookoutawhale's YouTube videos have been making MMA fans laugh for awhile now.  His collabarations with Chaplin's House are stupendous, and their latest video will have you in stiches.  Check out their YouTube channel for other great videos.  This is gold!

Some people are saying that Frank Mir "got lucky" with his kimura submission win over Antonio Nogueira, but the move is something that Mir has trained very hard to perfect.  In this video, which is several years old, Mir shows students how to lock up the kimura and roll with your opponent in the same way he did with Big Nog.  Mir's ground skills cannot be argued with, and this video is a great instructional tool.  Enjoy.

On the UFC 140 broadcast, Joe Rogan mentioned the fight between Bob Sapp and Antonio "Big Nog" Nogueira that took plact at Pride FC in Japan back in 2002.  It was a spectacular spectacle, and it showed the true heart and skills of Big Nog.  Here are some highlights of that classic fight.

Frank Mir did what many MMA fans thought was impossible: he submitted Antonio "Big Nog" Nogueira. The fight was going Big Nog's way after he rocked Mir with punches, but on the ground, instead of trying to finish Mir with strikes, Nog went for a guillotine choke. Mir turned the tables by slapping on a kimura, which in hindsight Nog should have tapped to. Instead, Big Nog tried to tough it out, the result of which was a broken arm for the Brazilian fighting legend. In this interview with Sherdog's Jordan Breen, Mir talks about the feeling he had at the moment he broke Big Nog's arm, describing it as "twisting a bag of potato chips."

Frank Mir. All that and a bag of chips.

Tank Abbott is one of MMA's all time biggest punchers.  The legendary slugger's knockouts were absolutey brutal.  Here's a complitation of Tank's greatest hits, including his epic knockout of Steve Nelmark. It was so devastating that Nelmark's name has become a verb, as in, "Fedor nelmarked Arlovski."

Whether you're new to MMA or a gristled veteran of old school NHB, this video of Royce Gracie discussing his UFC 1 fight with Ken Shamrock delivers the goods.  Learn about the history of the sport with the man who made it all possible.


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