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Somewhere out there Evander Holyfield is cringing, and Mike Tyson is smiling, at this video.  A fighter lands an elbow on his opponent's ear, causing the ear--or a big chunk thereof--to pop off the guy's head.  Can you hear me now?  Didn't think so!

Video is after the jump.  Click at your own risk.

Hate is not too strong of a word to use when talking about the feelings Jon Jones and Rashad Evans have for each other.  Although they both deny it, you can feel it permeating the room in this video interview of both guys.  They don't even have to talk smack about one another for this to be one of the best grudge matches in MMA history.  Check out this two part loathe-fest.  Second part after the jump.

The irrepressible Quinton Rampage Jackson is never one to not speak his mind.  In this video interview, he takes UFC commentator Joe Rogan to task for Joe's bias towards BJJ practitioners, demonstrating in graphic detail how he feels Rogan, um, pleasures BJJ guys.  The fun starts at about 4:35.  Jackson also talks about fighting Ryan Bader and returning to Japan.


Sambo is one of the best martial arts for MMA.  It has throws, takedowns, submissions, and just about everything you need to be a well rounded fighter.  Fedor Emelianenko, arguably the greatest fighter of all time, is a Sambo stylist and the art has served him very well in his career.  Check out this video history of the art of Sambo, featuring Fedor himself.  This is good stuff!

Jon Bones Jones is known not only for skills inside the Octagon, he's also a crime fighter who subdued a mugger in New Jersey.  Now, he takes his police action one step further, by actually training to be a law enforcement officer.

In this video you can watch while Jones Jon gets attacked by a police dog, shoots a suspect, makes an arrest, and drives a police car through an obstacle course.  If you ever get pulled over by Jonny Bones, do yourself a favor and don't give him any lip!

Not only is Fedor Emelianenko the greatest HW fighter of all time, he's a big time family man as well.  In this video he frolics at the water park with his daughter.  Nice to see the human side of the man who many believe is half-man, half-machine.

Here's the video:

Tom DeBlass was already the Ring of Combat Light Heavyweight champ, and last Friday night he added the ROC HW crown to his resume, with a quick and stunning heel hook victory over tough Randy Smith.  It took just 41 seconds for Tom to land his submission and win the crown, and cement the idea that he belongs in the UFC.

Kristen Brown was able to get Tom away from his swarming, adoring fans long enough to sit down for this excellent post fight video interview.  Enjoy!

Jon Jones went all Rousimar Palhares on Bob Kelly on the Opie and Anthony radio show, and didn't feel Kelly tapping frantically.  I say good for Bones, because a lot of these idiot fans say they want to experience a choke but then chicken out.  Bones should have held it as longer and then dropped Kelly like he did Machida.  Then Kelly would have a real story to tell!

Here's the video:

Rolles Gracie took on Bob Sapp at One FC 2: Battle of Heroes on February 11.  The fight went down in classic Gracie style, with Rolles closing the distance, getting the take down and dominating the fight on the ground.  Here's the video of Gracie's impressive performance.


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