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Matt SerraMatt Serra is one of the funniest guys in MMA. Even though he and Matt Hughes are coming off losses, it looks like a showdown between these two is going to happen. I talked to Matt about this and other stuff at the weigh ins for the Kimbo card. How you doing, Matt?

I'm doing all right, man. Matt, you're a fellow Strong Islander, I live right around the corner from you.

Yep, we're neighbors, man. So you look all healed up from the GSP fight.

I'm good, man. I'm just healing up my elbow. Everything he did to me is fine, you know what I mean. That heals up in a few days, the black eyes. But I elbowed his head at the beginning of the fight when he took me down and I did something to my ulnar nerve. So I'm just resting that up, I can't really roll or spar right now. But I'm staying in shape by jumping on the treadmill and whatnot, trying to not go nuts with the pasta, you know. But I should be all right. I'm getting it checked out some more but right now there's still some numbness in my hand.

GSP didn't fight the same fight as the first time. He did not want to trade punches with you.


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