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Here at we pride ourselves on breaking big MMA news stories, and this one's a doozy. It appears that Ray "Sugarfoot" Sefo will be making his Strikeforce debut September 25th in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the undercard of Showtime's Tim Kennedy vs. Zak Cummings fight. Sefo, the legendary kickboxer, made his MMA debut in 2005, knocking out Min Soo Kim with one of his patented head kicks. Returning to the cage, Sefo will be taking on very tough Kevin "The Shaman" Jordan. Jordan, a veteran of the UFC, is fresh off an explosive three round decision victory over UFC legend Pat Smith. Although this fight is not yet signed, sources close to Jordan say that a verbal agreement is in place and it's a go. I'm pumped to see Sugarfoot back in action. He'll be looking to take Jordan's head off, of course, but the Shaman will have other ideas. It's a great match up and makes a fine addition to the Showtime card.
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Before the mass manifestation of MMA in the United States and throughout the world, almost singularly brought about by Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar wailing on each other for 3 rounds in the finale of the first Ultimate Fighter show, the UFC shared the global spotlight with an organization called Pride Fighting Championships.  A significant amount of internet web space has been swallowed up on MMA messageboards consisting of heated arguments and comparisons of the two organizations; when they were in their prime, many fans flaunted self-awarded allegiance to one organization or another, while some more reasonable fans categorized a set of criteria under both headings of "likes" and "dislikes" for each blockbuster promotion. Segueing from fond nostalgia to the present, the UFC purchased the entire Pride FC organization in October of 2007, which equates to one player making a move to take ownership of Boardwalk and Park Place in the game Monopoly.  This literally changed the face of global MMA- some think for the worse, some the better.  Avoiding the insertion of personal opinion, I think none can deny the fact that it eliminated the leisure of choice, as "ultimate fighting" became the biggest and brightest star for MMA in the states by light years.  A great wall was formed between American MMA and Japanese MMA, which were always firmly isolated, but the fans could transcend that gap by floating back and forth between the Pride and UFC events.  Although the DREAM and Sengoku promotions were eventually formed in Japan, the Pride talent had been scattered amuck... and it just wasn't the same. Scott Coker of Strikeforce has made an announcement that may represent Monopoly players 2,3 and 4 bonding together to join forces and unite against player 1, who is laughing maniacally while counting the heaps of money rolling into "The Octagon" from his previous power-purchase. Speaking to MMAWeekly, Coker revealed that Strikeforce, who recently contracted the best fighter in the world (Fedor Emelianenko) by banding with M-1 Global, will also be partnering with the Japanese DREAM organization with the ability to interchange fighters.  In plain terms:  this puts Strikeforce, M-1 Global, and DREAM on the same cooperative team, with the shared interest of pooling their fighters together to make the best events possible.  A quote from Mr. Coker:
“If we want to get Japanese fighters, we would work exclusively with Dream, and Dream would work exclusively with us, and M-1 as well.  M-1 will be part of this too.”
Instead of a handful of infant and besprinkled organizations struggling to keep their heads above water individually in the established ocean owned by the UFC (see:  Affliction), the outsiders have joined forces to gather up the best group of talent available outside of the octagon, with the given intention of attracting more.  The two unique keys they hold, which is the ability and willingness to co-promote with each other on the worldwide stage, and the planet's best and most sought-after fighter in Fedor Emelianeko, are anomalies indeed, and may provide the extra thrust that stand-a-lone promotions lacked in the past.


Carmichael Dave of CBS Radio has divulged some rumors that M-1 Global is vehemently denying.  The gist of the gossip was that Fedor was offered $30 million for 6 fights and an immediate title shot. Joost Raimond, the CEO of M-1 Global, spoke with to relay that the alleged negotiation terms are a complete fallacy.
“I can say that the guaranteed -- and the word ‘guaranteed’ is of great importance here -- the guaranteed offer made by the UFC is less than what Fedor made before.  The five-million (per fight) is way, way, way out of range. Half of that is even way out of range of what they offered.”
In addition to the misreported information about the proposed compensation and an immediate title shot, Raimond also said that the number of fights pertaining to the contract were not even discussed, but he did confirm the alleged inclusion of PPV percentages to M-1.  Further supporting the speculation in the article below that the intricacies of the contract (image rights, champions clause, etc.) were still a significant roadblock, Raimond added:
"And there were a number of provisions attached to that offer that made it very much less interesting."
Raimond also provided what is probably the final, thunderous, and brutally blunt "nail in the coffin" reflection that will echo throughout the MMA world as the source of the unattainable marriage between the UFC and Fedor:
“We made it clear that Fedor, now and forever is part, even part owner, of M-1 and those two cannot be separated." will be premiering an exclusive interview with the only man to hand WEC superstar Jose Aldo a loss.  Luciano Azevedo is the Cage Gladiators world LW champion and grappling virtuoso who holds impressive wins over Aldo, Rodrigo Damm, and Din Thomas.  Here are some videos to whet your appetite until the interview.


Matt Serra is training hard for his big time grudge match with Matt Hughes.  These two guys genuinely dislike each other and that's going to make for an explosive fight.  In this exclusive video interview, Serra talks about Hughes, the GSP greasing scandal, his new baby girl and other topics.  He even manages to turn the tables (and the camera) on Dino Kostakio. has another exclusive for you all. UFC LHW champ Rashad Evans talks about tonight's Chuck Liddell vs. Shogun Rua fight, his upcoming fight with Lyoto Machida and about a possible fight with Rampage Jackson.


Bellator is ready for its debut tomorrow down at the Seminole  Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.   Eddie Alverez is headlining the event and he's ready to make his return after being injured in his fight against Aoki in Japan.  I expect Eddie will be looking to make a huge impact in this fight, and it's sure to be fireworks.

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  • Eddie Alvarez (154.25) vs. Greg Loughran (153.5)*
  • Jorge Masvidal (156.5) vs. Nick Agallar (155)*
  • Nick Gonzalez (156.75) vs. Yahir Reyes (144.5)+
  • Estevan Payan (145.75) vs. Luis Palomino (145)+
  • Joe Soto (145) vs. Ben Greer (145.5)+
  • Toby Imada (155.25) vs. Alonzo Martinez (157.5)*
  • Jonathan Brookins (144.75) vs. Stephen Ledbetter (144.5)
  • Daniel Morales (154.75) vs. Lorenzo Borgomeo (155.5)
  • Moses Gabon (184.5) vs. Daniel Sarafien (185)
  • Daniel Sarafien (185) vs. Gary Padila (186.25)
  • James Brasco (184.5) vs. Kevin Abrante (185.5)
Bombshell alert! The WCA has just put together an absolutely incredible match. They've got Jeremy "Half-Man, Half-Amazing" Williams going against Rick "The Jet" Rufus in the main event of their upcoming show on May 8th in Atlantic City. This fight is obviously going to be a explosive slug-fest. Rufus is a former kickboxing champion and Williams is a former boxing champion. Can you say fireworks? Gary Marino, the matchmaker for the WCA, is already legendary for putting together some historic MMA matches, including Kimbo's debut against Ray Mercer.  Now he's done it again. Marino knows that pitting two pure strikers against each other with four ounce gloves is a recipe for nitroglycerin. And with Williams and Rufus, it's not just pure strikers going at it, it's  championship level strikers.  Can you say boom? But the card doesn't stop there. Also featured will be Deividas Taurosevicius vs. Dwayne Shelton, which is another great match up, style-wise. Not to mention many local favorites on the card including Tom Gallicchio, Kevin Roddy, Mike Medrano and many others. The WCA's first event, back in February, was as stacked as the arena was packed, and this time promises to be no different. Marino and WCA President Derek Panza are looking for the WCA to be much more than just a local show and their production and matchmaking proves it. Of course, the card is subject to change and all bouts must be approved by the NJSACB, but as it stands right now, we'll be seeing The Jet vs. Half-Man, Half-Amazing, which is a fight that's going to be all-amazing.  How can it not be with that kind of firepower? I'll have much more on the main event and the other fights in the near future, including exclusive interviews with the fighters and Gary Marino as well.  You can also check out the WCA's website for more info. Bombs away! rickroufus16a00d83451ff6a69e200e54f6d834b8833-800wi
As we have done many times in the past, is the first to break some big UFC news. Jon Jones, the rising phenom ,is taking on Jake O'Brien at UFC 100. Jake has fought as a heavyweight in the UFC, and a big one at that, so it will be interesting to see how he does at 205. Jones is coming off a big win over Stephan Bonnar at UFC 94, and his exciting style has garnered him a lot of attention in the world of MMA. I have spoken to sources close to the fight and they've confirmed that it's on for UFC 100. I'll be interviewing Jones about this fight this week, so check back for that. jon-jones-action-tested 36146981


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