No, it's not a consolation that the MMA fighters, Chris Weidman of the UFC, Gian Villante of Strikeforce, former TUFer Andy Main, and former WEC champion Jamie Varner, can kick the pro gamers' asses in real life.  Because this wasn't real life.  It was cyberspace, on the virtual battlefields of Halo Reach, and the mixed martial artists proved that they were no match for true gamers.

It's obvious that the MMAers need to spend less time in the gym and more on the virtual battlefield if they want to hang with the pimple-faced geek squads that lay waste to to anyone foolish enough to challenge them on XBox or PS3.  Now and forever will the four hard fighters have to live with them shame of getting cyber-curb-stompped by the gamers.

Round 1 is above. If the humiliating defeat for the fighters in that round is not enough, rounds 2 and 3, plus a bonus round, awaits you after the jump. Warning: this material may not be suitable for non-gaming nerds.




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