Michael Bisping, expecting to fight Brazilian jiu-jitsu master Demian Maia, was training with Jake Shields recently, brushing up on his own BJJ game.  But now his opponent is Chael Sonnen, who comes from a wrestling background.  Still, training with Shields could be a big plus in the Sonnen fight, because Bisping says he plans on submitting Chael if taken down.  Speaking with Fighters Only Magazing, Bisping said:

"Chael Sonnen can take me down if he likes, because I know I can submit him off my back. I know I can. That’s his big weakness."

He went on to say that he actually hopes Sonnen will take him down:

“Working with these guys recently, these top level jiu-jitsu guys, has really brought on my game and I am so comfortable on my back right now. In the past I have stood fights up a lot but the way I am training right now, I will be delighted if Chael takes me down. If he does, then it will be a short night for him.”

While it's true that Sonnen has been subbed before, it will be in Bisping's best interest to avoid the takedown and pick him apart on the feet.  I just don't see his BJJ skills being at a high enough level to pull off a sub against Sonnen.  If he winds up on his back, it could be a long night for the cocky Brit.  Time will tell.




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