Shane "Machine Gun" Carwin is known as a bomber in his fights, but in this video clip he's more of a spray killer.  He handles this machine gun as if he were born with it in his hands.  Check it out.


Has Mirko Cro Cop reignited the fire that he used to burn through heavyweights back in the Pride days?  He's talking very tough ahead of Saturday's showdown against Brendan Schaub, and says that Schaub will not last three rounds with him.  We've seen this before with Cro Cop, however, and time will tell if he really has that fire in his belly when he steps inside the Octagon.  Of course, Schaub will be looking to douse Cro Cop's dream, as he stated in our interview with him.

Here's a great three part video series by Fighters Only of Cro Cop training and talking about the fight.



Zuffa and the UFC have made an earth-shattering power play reminiscent of their 2007 acquisition of their top competitor Pride Fighting Championships. In an interview with MMAFighting's Ariel Helwani, Dana White has just announced that the UFC has purchased the Strikeforce promotion.

The report indicates that Strikeforce will continue to operate as a separate entity, retaining their contracts with Showtime and the fighters on their roster, and that fighters jumping from one promotion to the other is possible.

The video interview with Dana White and Ariel Helwani is posted after the break.



ESPN unveiled their first stab at MMA pound-for-pound fighter rankings on MMA Live yesterday.  In the video below, Pat Miletich rather profoundly disagrees with the bottom half of their selections.

First, let's "set the table" for the discussion.  Anyone in the world can come up with rankings by weight class, just like anyone can argue why anyone else's rankings are wrong.  What I find baffling is that no one spends any time discussing the methodology or system with which they arrive at their results, thus rendering most of the discussions into an opinion based quagmire.

There is no way to get around the "apples vs. oranges" issue of comparing fighters from different organizations.  When Pride FC had a pulse, debates raged over where their fighters stacked up to the UFC army in every weight class, when the best case scenario offered a common opponent or two somewhere throughout their careers that could be used as a frame of reference.  It's the same now with Strikeforce vs. the UFC.

The Garv.com was semi-inspired to start publishing our own rankings with the simple twist that UFC fighters would be ranked alone, and the other "non-UFC" or worldwide fighters would be ranked totally separate.  I feel the UFC could use a top-five ranking in each weight class to establish a rough hierarchy of "who's who in the canoe" and to establish a pecking order of where fighters stand in relation to a title shot and other top contenders.


After a unanimous decision victory over Michael Bisping at UFC 110 in February of last year, Wanderlei Silva had surgery on his knee that has sidelined him for over a year.

In the video posted after the break, much to his delight, Wand gets the green light from his doctor to return to training.  There's some great footage of Silva meeting up with his longtime coach Rafael Cordeiro at Kings MMA and training with Strikeforce heavyweight Fabricio Werdum.  Not surprisingly, Silva spars hard, and even Werdum admits that the former Pride champion raises the level of intensity everytime he participates.

At 33-10-1, there was only one time Wanderlei was absolutely trounced in a fight, which was against Vitor Belfort at UFC 17.5 in Brazil, where he ate a devastating flurry of punches for a TKO loss in less than a minute.  Wanderlei eventually rose to prominence by dominating Pride's middleweight (205-pounds) division while Belfort had more of an erratic career.

Speaking with Tatame.com, Wanderlei stoked the fire for a rematch by asking Belfort, "Where are you running to?" Later, Vitor quickly accepted the challenge, however, rumors of a Belfort vs. Bisping match have also surfaced.

Phil Baroni has smashed and gotten smashed in his career, and his nose has taken a lot of blunt force trauma.  So the NY Bad Ass decided to get surgery to correct some of the problems, including a deviated septum.

In this video, Dr. Stile talks about the operation on Phil's honker.  Warning:  video contains graphic surgery footage.


The good part about missing a weekly show is that you get to watch two in a row the next week.

After the jump, episodes two and three of Wanderlei Silva's "Fighter Life" reality show is posted.  Many fans are digging this more than The Ultimate Fighter because there's no drama or pranks or squirting ketchup down each other's shorts -- just a real inside look at hardcore training and fighting as 14 prospects try to earn a spot on the Wand Fight Team.  Episode three features a cameo by Thiago Silva.

Rousimar Palharas, who just beat Dave Branch at UFC live on Versus puts a grappling "bully beatdown" on Jason Mayhem Miller down at Brazil Top Team.  Miller is a black belt himself, but Palhares works him over good. Check it out.

GSP's stand up has been crisp lately, as Josh Koscheck's eye can attest to, and he's continuing his relationship with boxing coach Freddie Roach ahead of his UFC 129 title defense against Jake Shields.  Here's a video of Roach putting GSP through some drills.


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