Tonight is the night.  UFC 133, the rematch between Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz.  Their first fight resulted in a draw, and left unanswered questions.  This fight will determine if Rashad gets his long awaited title opportunity again.  If Evans wins, he's the number 1 contender and will fight the winner of the Jon Jones vs. Rampage Jackson fight.  If Evans loses, Tito will be in the top 5 and be poised for his own title shot.  Two former champions looking to get back into the championship mix.  This will be an explosive fight.  My edge goes to Tito right now because of his momentum coming off the Bader fight.  Rashad has been out with injuries, plus had a lot of emotional turmoil due to  the Jones/Greg Jackson situation.  This is a prime opportunity for Tito to regain his preeminence in the sport.  Still, it's a very tough fight and could go either way.  Looking forward to finding out tonight.

Here is the weigh in video for Tito vs. Rashad:

Tomorrow night is UFC 133, the rematch between Rasahd Evans and Tito Ortiz.  The first fight ended in a draw, and this one could decide who gets a title shot against the winner of Jon Jones vs. Rampage Jackson.

Here are some UFC and Strikeforce fighters making their predictions about tomorrow night's fight.

Before Bruce Buffer, there was Rich "G-Man" Goins.  Goins hosted the first 10 UFCs and did a great job back in those early days.  I still get a kick out of watching him do his thing on those classic videos.  HDNet's Ron Kruk did this very intersting interview with him recently and they talked about the old days.  This is a great treat for old school fans.   Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Rich "G-Man" Goins!  Goins!

On Saturday, Maiquel Falcao had his first fight since being cut from the UFC.  He dominated his opponent and finished him quickly.  In his one UFC fight, Falcao nearly finished Gerald Harris in the first round, but the timekeeper apparently rang the bell too soon, saving Harris from a likely submission.  In the third round, neither man did very much, causing some criticism of stalling.  Harris was cut after the fight, and Falcao was scheduled to fight in the UFC again, but had to pull out with an injury.  He was later cut from the roster as well.

Here is his fight from Saturday.

Looks like Ben Askren's little brother Max is a chip off the old block.  He's a NCAA champion and in this video he takes on Ben in a competitive and thoroughly entertaining freestyle wrestling match.  Check it out.

With New Jersey's first professional Muay Thai fights ever just a couple weeks away at the Warrior's Cup XXII event, it's perfect timing for the following video. Kaensak Sor Ploenjit, AMA Fight Club's head Muay Thai instructor, is a devastating Muay Thai fighter and a legend of the sport.  He trains the likes of Jim and Dan Miller, Charlie Brennerman, Ricardo Romera and host of other top fighters at AMA Fight Club.  Props to Mike Constantino, head trainer at AMA, for bringing this to my attention.

Check it out.

Dominick Cruz defeated Urijah Faber at UFC 132 on Saturday and retained his UFC title.  Here's the post fight press conference video where they both give their takes on how the fight went.

Rich Franklin, GSP and Frankie Edgar shared a private plane recently, and took turns flying the aircraft.  Too bad it wasn't a commercial flight, because the passengers would feel mighty safe knowing that 3 MMA legends were onboard.  Here's a couple of videos of their fight or flight experience.

James Toney didn't get enough MMA in his bout with Randy Couture, apparently.  The fight went just over 3 minutes and resulted in Toney being "one and done" in the UFC.  But now he's back.  And he'll be be taking on MMA pioneer Ken Shamrock this fall in Texas.

At 47 years old, Ken Shamrock is not the world's most dangerous man anymore, which makes this fight kind of interesting.  Plus, the promotion is apparently putting in rules that will prevent Ken from taking Toney down.  If that's the case, Toney is capable of ending the fight with one punch, and it will be interesting to see if Shamrock can kickbox and dirty box his way to victory.

The two fighters almost went at it at their press conference the other day.  Here's the video of that little scuffle.


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