UFC 126 is on the horizon with a pile of stellar match-ups: the long awaited battle between Brazilians Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, the two fastest rising light-heavies around in Jon "Bones" Jones versus Ryan Bader, and a sure-to-be barnburner between gamers Forrest Griffin and Rich "Ace" Franklin.

As is tradition with Dana White's video blogs, the man with the most clout and the least hair in MMA walks us through a few a days in his shoes leading up to this weekend's blockbuster event.  The "Read More" button brings you the glory of Dana and the fam courtside at a Laker game, off-set while the "Lesnar vs. Dos Santos" iteration of TUF is being filmed, visiting Skipper Kelp's gym, and showing off some of his toys.


Vitor Belfort is not only a ferocious fighter, he's a sensitive and sensual husband as well.  When asked his thoughts on the "no-sex before a fight" theory, Vitor said:


First of all, I don't have sex.  I make love.  To my wife.

Aww, ain't that sweet.  And with Valentine's Day right around the corner too. Fabio, move over.  There's a new stud in town.

Check out the video.

Dana White may not be a big fan of Strikeforce, but he knows a good heavyweight tournament when he sees one.  He told a reporter:


...putting on a heavyweight tournament that's going to draw some interest for those guys and then they end up with somone at the end who is perceived as one of the top guys?  I love that shit. Love it.

Check out the video.  Dana also talks about TUF 13 coaches Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos and the fight between Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar.

In the following video interview, Wanderlei Silva talks about the current state of MMA and about how he thinks the Vitor Belfort vs. Anderson Silva title fight will go.

Scott Coker spoke with MMA Fanhouse's Ariel Helwani after the show last night.  He discusses the fights and the future of Strikeforce.

Former UFC champion Tim Sylvia has achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a police officer.  He is now patrolling the mean streets of Milan, Illinois.  He is the long arms of the law. Ride shotgun with Tim in this video.

Antonio "Big Foot" Silva is training hard for his Feb 12 fight against Fedor Emelianenko at the Strikeforce Grand Prix event in New Jersey.   Big Foot has been calling out Overeem and Fedor for a while now.  He'll get his wish on Feb 12 and wants to make the most of it.  Check out this training video.

The NY Badass, Phil Baroni, has uploaded a video to his YouTube channel.  In it, it show doctors putting him under anesthesia in preparation for surgery.  Phil fights off unconsciousness with the same kind of determination as when an opponent has him on the ropes.  He is truly a badass.  Check it out.

Excellent video interview with the "Voice of the Octagon" Bruce Buffer.  Bruce talks about everything from his childhood to the future of MMA.  One fighter he's really high on is Jon "Bones" Jones.  Buffer made the bold statement that "in the next six years not only will [Jones] become a champion, he will become the Muhammad Ali of our organization."

Check out the complete video interview after the jump.


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