Frank Shamrock was one of the keynote speakers at the NYC rally to legalize MMA yesterday he made some excellent points in his speech.   He also broke the news that he's moved to New York and will be actively campaigning for the legalization of MMA.  Here's a video of the speech.

Rashad Evans was supposed to be fighting Shogun Rua for the UFC LHW title next month at UFC 128, but a knee injury has forced him out of the bout.   In his place will be Jon "Bones" Jones, a teammate of Rashad's at Team Jackson.  Rashad has stated that he would never fight Jones, because they're friends and teammates, and that if Jones wins against Shogun, Evans would either move up to HW or down to MW.

When questioned about this, UFC President Dana White seemed a bit frustrated at all the "friends can't fight friends" business.  He said:


Dude, you have way too many friends...you need to keep the friends thing down and stop training with people.

Dana also said he thought Rashad's decision to sit out a year waiting for the Shogun fight was "crazy."  Check out the complete video interview.



Beyond the jump, another phenomenal "Gracie Breakdown" video is posted on some of the noteworthy grappling sequences from UFC 126.

Carlos Eduardo Rocha's americana sweep is covered, along with Jon Jones' finish of Ryan Bader.

Alistair Overeem took time from his busy schedule to visit us at the Legalize MMA rally in downtown New York City today.  The Strikeforce heavyweight champion spoke about how the sport needs to be legalized and regulated both here and in Europe.  He also talked about his mixed feelings about the Fedor vs. Big Foot fight:


I want to fight Fedor.  But do I like him?  I actually do like him but I dislike his management.  So for that reason I would like to see him lose.  But I want to fight him, so I want to see him win.

Ubereem then goes on to talk about the Arlovski vs. Kharitonov fight. Check out the vid.

Fedor Emelianenko is in NYC today and his fight against Antonio "Big Foot" Silva is just days away.  The Strikeforce heavyweight Grand Prix kicks off this Saturday at the IZOD Center in New Jersey, just minutes from NYC.

Fans are welcome to see Fedor and the other seven fighters in the tournament.   Also, check out the Rally to Legalize MMA downtown starting at noon.  Come to New York City today and get your MMA on!

Now, as promised, a video showing Fedor training for Big Foot.


Anderson Silva used a front kick to the face to knock out Vitor Belfort and retain his title at UFC 126.  It's no secret that Silva is a big fan of actor and martial artist Steve Seagal, and has trained with him.  In this post fight video, Seagal talks about the kick, and about how he is the one who taught it to Anderson.

In a second video after the jump, Seagal also tells Ariel Helwani that "nobody really knows the kick," a statement that Bas Rutten found much humor in on his Twitter page:


"He taught him a front kick to the face?  he invented that?  Nobody else knows this kick yet?  What planet does he live on?"




Session numero tres (I knew three years of Spanish would come in handy) of The Baldfather's traditional video blogs is posted beyond the fold.

With UFC 126: "Silva vs. Belfort" kicking off tomorrow night, this version includes Dana's lament about internet fans calling him fat, how compensating for that with his wardrobe choice could be played off as very RUN DMC-like, and more evidence that accurately translating Portuguese is one of world's greatest mysteries.

A couple of excellent videos showing technical strategies for both Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort.  These 2 videos were made by Liam and Dylan Resnekov of Australia.  Check em out.

Sweet new Jon "Bones" Jones highlight video.  This one is called Man on the Moon by Huck Blade.  Check it out.


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