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Man, what a night!  The M-1 Selection Americas tournament's first round is in the books and the fighters who advanced all looked great.  It was an honor and a priviledge to work the event.  The production was very professional and the crew was top notch.  I acutually blew my first cue but after that things settled down and we were all in the groove for the rest of the show.

M-1 Global spared no expense in bringing MMA fans top notch fights and great production values.  The venue at Ballys in Atlantic City was awesome, the crowd was big and enthusiastic and most importantly the fighters put on one hell of show.

Lots of great match ups are set for the next round and I can't wait to see who will advance.  Fran Evans, M-1's matchmaker did a great job putting together the card and all the fights were competitive.  Now the winners move on to the next round.

Already looking forward to the event.  More pictures and complete results after the jump.  I'll post some videos of the fights when I get ahold of them.

All fights are FIVE minutes of THREE rounds

160 lbs
Renato Migliaccio vs. John Salgado
Migliaccio.  159.6.  Salgado.  159.8
Salgado wins split decision three rounds 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29 Blatnick

135 lbs
Josh Rave vs. Zach Makovsky
Rave.  135.8.    Makovsky.   134.8
Makovsky wins via guillotine at 1:49 of round three

130 lbs
Lennox Chance  vs. Rami Ibrahim
Chance.  129.2.    Ibrahim.  132.8
Chance wins via tap due to rear naked choke at 4:46 of round one.

155 lbs
Kevin Roddy vs. Dennis Bermudez
Roddy.  154.6.   Bermudez.  155.4
Bermudez wins unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 30-27

155 lbs
George Sheppard  vs. Mervin Rodriguez
Sheppard.  154.6.   Rodriguez.  156
Sheppard wins split decision three rounds, 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29 Bilyk

185 lbs
Mike Geurin  vs. Todd Chattelle
Geurin.  185.4.      Chattelle.   183.6
Geurin win via TKO referee stoppage at 0:32 of round three

155 lbs
Robert Conner  vs. Pat Audinwood
Conner.  156.2.    Audinwood.  155.4
Audinwood wins unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 29-28

185 lbs
John Doyle  vs. Plinio Cruz
Doyle.    185.8.     Cruz.   186.8
Cruz wins unanimous decision three rounds, 30-26, 30-26 and 30-27 Blatnick.

170 lbs
Colin Schrader (107-527) vs. Josh Smidt (112-419)
Schrader 170.8.     Smidt. 171.6
Smidt fined $60 as weight penalty and goes to opponent
Schrader wins via guillotine at 0:30 of round one

170 lbs
Mike Winters vs. Brian DeMuro
Winters. 171.   DeMuro.  177.4
Bout cancelled at pre-fight physical,

Announcer Kevin "The Garv" Garvey

Referees Dan Miragliotta, Kevin Mulhall and Keith Peterson

Judges Jon Bilyk, Jeff Blatnick and Douglas Crosby

Scorekeeper Ellen Rubin

Timekeeper Julius Proenza

Ringside Physicians Dr. Steven Oxler, Dr. Sherry Wulkan and Dr. Eric Wurmser

Inspectors Gary Gudzak, Cordell Hunter, Kerri Kaminski, Bob Levy, Anthony Lynn, Todd Manfredi, Mike Morrisson, Jim O'Connor, Gasper Oliver,Tony Tamburrino, and Cardo Urso



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