The UFC isn't the only MMA happening tonight.  M-1 Global's Selection Americas semi-finals is happening down here in sunny Atlantic City.  All fighters have made weight, and they are ready to go.   As the ring announcer for the event, I am ready too.  Got my game face on!


I want to address something about the UFC/M-1 Global situation.  I've been hearing from several sources (including the Wall Street Journal)  that when my rival ring announcer Bruce Buffer of the UFC found out M-1 had scheduled their show for tonight, he lobbied UFC president Dana White to counter schedule UFC 117 on the same date.  I reject that accusation against Bruce.  He and I are friends and I don't believe he would do that.  His brother Michael, maybe.  But not Bruce.


Also want to mention Team Bombsquad.  I saw Ryan Ciotoli down here because he has fighters in 40 percent of M-1's semifinals.  That's pretty amazing and comes on the heels of my article about Team Bombsquad having two guys in the UFC on Versus show last week.  Gary "G-Money" Marino and Ryan both do a great job with Team Bombsquad and it's going to be a pleasure announcing their guys in the tournament.


As for the tournament itself, damn, this thing is stacked.  It's going to be a brutal night of action, only made better by an appearance by the GOAT, Fedor Emelianenko.  I'm very excited to meet Fedor again, he is MMA royalty.


After the jump check out all the match ups and find out how to watch for free tonight.  See you in the ring!


Atlantic City, New Jersey (August 6, 2010) Preparation for battle begins with making weight; all fighters participating in the M-1 Selections 2010 – Americas Semi Final round, taking place Saturday August 7 at Bally’s Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, have made weight for their bouts.

“This is evidence of a young stable of fighters understanding the professionalism required to be a mixed martial arts fighter,” says M-1Global’s Director of Operations, Evgeni Kogan. “As professional athletes, fighters need to prepare themselves accordingly. Clearly they have shown respect to their opponents, fans, promotion and the State Athletic Control Boards for enabling the opportunity to wage war Saturday night.”


Byron Byrd - 206.0lbs                 vs. Sammy Collingwood – 204.5lbs

Josh Thorpe – 154.0lbs               vs. Jose Figueroa – 156.0lbs

Josh Baccallao – 155.0lbs            vs. George Sheppard – 152.5.6lbs

Colin Schrader – 171.0lbs           vs. Len Bentley – 170.5lbs

Chris Sydnor – 202.5lbs              vs. Daniel Vizcaya -205.0lbs

Shane Primm – 185.5lbs              vs. Mike Geurin - 185.5lbs

Pat Bennett – 243.5bs                 vs. Mehdi Hassan – 232.5lbs

Tyson Jeffries – 185.0lbs             vs. Plinio Cruz – 186.0lbs

Kenny Garner – 251.0lbs             vs. Andrei Kapilou – 236.5lbs

Aaron Meisner – 169.5lbs            vs. Tom Gallicchio – 170lbs


The M-1 Selection tournament process is designed to find the next generation of mixed martial superstars using a single elimination bracket system with the winners advancing; the fighter who wins all three of his bouts will become the M-1 Selection champion in his respective weight class and move on to larger events on the international stage, including M-1’s Challenge, Breakthrough and co-produced Strikeforce events held in North America.


The M-1 Selection – Americas Semi Final round takes place live on Saturday August 7 at Bally’s Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Free broadcast coverage of the entire 2010 M-1 Selection tournament will be available live to viewers worldwide on and selected affiliate partner sites at a later date. * Please credit photos to Zack Lynch for M-1 Global


About M-1 Global:

Founded in 1998 by Vadim Finkelchtein and Sergey Matvienko, M-1 Global has established itself in the realm of mixed martial arts (MMA) as the premiere entity for discovering and developing the world’s next-generation of superstar fighters. With offices in St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles and affiliates in Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo and Paris, the M-1 brand stages  itsM-1 Selection, M-1 Challenge, M-1 Breakthrough events worldwide and its co-produced Strikeforce events in the United States; captivatingthe live, television and broadband audiences with its superior production values and match-ups.

M-1 Global’s greatest asset is the world’s #1-ranked and undisputed best pound for pound fighter, Fedor Emelianenko. With daily coverage on all MMA-related websites in the world, and articles in Time Magazine, LA times and New York times, Fedor and M-1 Global make a lifetime match serving as the catalyst to grow MMA in the 21st century.







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