M-1 Global's Selection in Western Europe finished up yesterday, and Fedor was in attendance.  Our friend Igor Karaev provided this video, which gives an overview of the event, and some glimpses of the Last Emperor himself.  Fedor will be in attendance at the NJ Selection tournament on August 7th, and I've already started practicing announcing him to the crowd.

After the jump, check out the complete results from the Western Europe Finals.

New York City, New York (July 22, 2010) – With stunning submission and knock-outs, Europe’s next mixed martial arts superstars put forth incredible performances at the M-1 Selection 2010 – Eastern and Western Europe Finals on July 22 from Moscow, Russia; fans around the globe were able to capture the action via live streaming of the event on the M-1 Global website.


“This was a fantastic night of mixed martial arts,” says Evgeni Kogan, Director of Operations of M-1Global. “The streaming telecast was effective in sharing the event with fans around the world and the tournament winners are continuing to a make their mark on the sport’s world stage. This is a great lead in to the Americas Semi Finals happening August 7th.”


The Finals bouts featured European fighters looking capture the title of M-1 Selection Champion

Tournament Bout Results:

  • Samil` Tingadziev                 def. Andrei Embolaev                   Light Heavyweight
  • Mairbek Taisumov                def. Victor Kuku                             Lightweight
  • Abner Lloveras                      def. Berrie Bunthof                        Welterweight
  • Rafal Moks                             def. Ahmed Bayrak                       Middleweight
  • Thomasz Narkun                    def. Davit Tkeshelashvili              Light Heavyweight
  • Guram Gugenishvili               def. Alexander Romashenko       Heavyweight
  • Arsen Ybaidulaev                  def. Artem Damkovskii                 Lightweight
  • Shamil` Zavyrov                     def. Magomedrasul Khasbulaev Welterweight
  • Magomed Sultanakhmedov def. Alexei Beliaev                        Middleweight
  • Maxim Grishin                        def. Alexander Volkov                  Heavyweight
  • Vitalii Minakov                        def.Vitalii Yalovenko                    Heavyweight
  • Magomed Shikhshabekov   def. Marvin Aboeli                        Welterweight (Super Fight)


The “M-1 Selection” is the world’s premiere MMA competition where the next generation of superstars are given the opportunity to showcase their skills on the world stage with fighters being eliminated after only one loss; victory will advance the winning fighters throughout the tournament and earn them a trip to the championship event where they will compete for the coveted “M-1 Selection” title.


The “M-1 Selection” tournament is broken down into global regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Americas with each region hosting three rounds and a final of the ““M-1 Selection” tournament. The winning fighter in each weight class will gain the opportunity to fight on the larger international stage.


The tournament features some of the best up-and-coming fighters from each region as they begin the journey towards a tournament victory.


Go to www.M-1Global.com for additional information.



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