Lyoto Machida was supposed to be Ryan Bader's next opponent sometime later this year, but Tito Ortiz through a monkey wrench into the works by submitting Bader in the first round of their fight at UFC 132.  This leaves Machida with no opponent right now, as most of the match ups for him are fighting each other.  He told Guga Noblat of O Globo (via FightersOnly):

They wanted to put me with Ryan Bader but he lost to Tito Ortiz last weekend so, so far I have no opponent.  I could have faced Rampage or even Jon Jones but they will face each other next. The other opponents that I could have fought already have fights scheduled.

One fight that is a possibility is a rematch with Tito, which Machida won by unanimous decision back in 2008.  Tito's career has been suddenly rejuvinated and Lyoto would welcome a match with him:

If it is a really interesting thing, it can happen. Not ‘financially interesting’ but interesting in the sense of, if it would move me forward, closer to the title. Then I would surely take that fight.

In the meantime, Lyoto Machida is on ice...literally.  As you will see in this video clip after the jump.



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