Ed "Truck" Gordon, a professional mixed martial artist, has always been a spectacular athlete, excelling in football and wrestling in high school.  For a heavyweight, Mr. Gordon moves exceptionally well, like a welterweight, and it’s quite staggering.  How can a man of that size move so well?  I guess, that’s why he was such a dominate athlete growing up in Freeport, N.Y.

Gordon always wanted to be a professional athlete.  After his successful college football career at Fordham University, "Truck" set his sights on MMA.  He found himself at one of the best gyms in New York, Ray Longo's MMA gym on Long Island.  This is where Eddie joined the Serra-Longo fight team and exploded onto the amateur MMA scene.  Going 3-0 as an amateur in less than a year, Truck made the move to professional mixed martial arts.  Facing an experienced fighter for his debut and getting into a car accident the week before, Eddie’s performance was jaw dropping, to say the least.  He totally dominated the fight!  Now he's stepping up the competition again, this September 9th, for Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat, where he’ll be taking on 2-0 Olympian Kyle Cerminara.

Eddie was nice enough to answer some questions for TheGarv.com:

Vic Torres Jr.:  Eddie, very impressive pro debut. Even more impressive to hear that you were in a car accident a week before the fight. Is everything alright? And how did that affect you in that fight?

Eddie Gordon: Thanks man. I'm OK, THANK GOD! My car was pretty banged up; I walked away without any injuries. My adrenaline was going! I wouldn't miss my pro debut unless I couldn't walk or breathe. haha. I couldn't let down everyone who was supporting me. In the fight, I was a little sore but no one goes into the cage 100%.

Vic Torres Jr.:  Glad to hear you’re alright. You dominated your opponent in your debut. What do you work on now as you get ready for your 2nd professional fight?

Eddie Gordon: Just trying to become a better all around fighter! I am fighting an Olympic wrestler this time around, so I have focused on my take down defense and working on my ground game with Matt Serra. I also added some different tools on my feet with Eric Hyer, so I am excited for the test.

Vic Torres Jr.:  Sounds awesome! Your first fight your opponent was no joke, and now you’re fighting Cerminara, who is 2-0 and a former Olympian. Is there a strategy with picking tough opponents early in your professional career?

Eddie Gordon: I just want to fight the best guys available. Push and test myself as much as I can. At Ray Longo's, we have a lot of studs. So I train to be the best, so I want to fight the best and see where I stand when it's all said and done.

Vic Torres Jr.:  What are your goals in your MMA career?

Eddie Gordon: I want to fight on the biggest stage, which is currently the UFC. I'm going to be world champion one day! When all the dust settles, I also want to open a gym/training facility in my home town, Freeport. Where I can train kids and give them another positive outlet in life. I also want to continue to work with charities to help people in need. But, I'm definitely focused on Kyle Cerminara in September!

Vic Torres Jr.:  I know you have donated percentages of your pay to charities, that's really awesome! You really are a shining star for the sport. Are there any specific charities that you donate too?

Eddie Gordon: I have worked with The John Theissen Foundation, www.JTCF.org. It’s a foundation that helps children fighting cancer, eventually I want to start my own foundation.

Vic Torres Jr.:  Amazing! How do you like training for the Serra-Longo fight team?

Eddie Gordon: Oh, man I love it! It’s a family, Ray is awesome! He knows everything about the fight game. Matt Serra is the man, his BJJ knowledge is priceless. He has a way of teaching that's second to none. I'm constantly learning new stand up from Eric Hyer. If I don't do well it's on me because I have the best team around. I also get to train with fighters like; Costa Philippou, Chris Weidman, Pete Sell, Al Iaquinta and Luke Cumo, it’s priceless! Amazing bunch of guys, I can't even name them all!

Vic Torres Jr.:  How do you see your fight vs. Kyle Cerminara going?

Eddie Gordon: I see this fight being a war! I know he is going to be in great shape and he is going to try to take me down but I got some tricks up my sleeve. If he does get a take down, I got some things off my back that can end the fight! I'm going out there and trying to finish it with a big statement. It’s going to be a tough hard fought war.

Vic Torres Jr.:  That's awesome man! Are there any sponsors you would like to thank?

Eddie Gordon: I would like to thank my sponsors, who support me! Artis, East Coast MMA, Batting1000, C.O.S.I, Aaron Freedman (Financial Freedom), Jaco Clothing, Serra BJJ and Ray Longo's MMA.

Victor Torres Jr: Well, I am really pumped to see you fight again. Thank you for your time. Good luck and hopefully we can do a post fight interview after you win.

Eddie Gordon: I'm pumped to man, we definitely will for sure! Thank you.

Remember September 9th, Eddie and a star studded fight card will be competing on Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat card.  So get your tickets ASAP, this is the east coast's best professional MMA promotion.



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