I owe undefeated Ring of Combat light heavyweight champion Tom DeBlass (6-0) an apology.  During the Internet broadcast of his ROC 38 title defense, I erred when stating his opponent's record.  Coming into the fight, David Tkeshelashvili had something like an 11-3 record, not the 1-1 that I mentioned on the broadcast.  I had used an online source that was incorrect, and I apologize to Tom, David and the fans watching at home that night.

That said, this may have been Tom's toughest fight to date, and he showed a lot of grit and skill in retaining his title with a unanimous decision win.  DeBlass has been on my radar screen for some time now, and he gets better with each performance.  Lou Neglia, promoter and matchmaker for the Ring of Combat, never gives his champions an easy fight, and Tom had to work hard to defend his crown against the very tough and talented Tkeshelashvili.  Once again, he passed a tough test with flying colors.  I suspect that Tom will one day soon be getting a call from the UFC, as have over 50 ROC fighters, including current UFC LW champion Frankie Edgar.

Kris Brown was on hand at the show, and she interviewed Tom after the fight.  Check it out.



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