There has been a lot of storylines following King Mo's title loss two nights ago against Black House fighter Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante.  The three most talked about are King Mo being over rated, Mo not being able to keep Feijao down, and of course what is thought to be a banned substance that Mo took in the cage before the fight.  In this exclusive interview with TheGarv's Kalin Johnston, King Mo tells all.


KALIN: I'm here right now with King Mo Lawal who just two nights ago suffered the first loss in his career at the hands of Rafael Cavalcante. How are you feeling after that fight Mo?


KING MO: I'm feeling good man. I'm feeling great. My eye is a little swollen, but other than that I feel good.


KALIN: One thing that has really stood out about you to me is your knowledge of the fight game. I think that because of that you're really going to study this loss and make a positive out of it. Looking back already what do you see that you need to adjust?


KING MO: I got away from what I'm good at which is wrestling. I was throwing a lot of body shots, but I wasn't mixing it up good. I should have thrown some body shots, went for the take down, just changing levels. I was overconfident.


KALIN: Do you feel that in a rematch you would use a similar strategy of that which you used against Mousasi?


KING MO: Yeah I think that strategy was great because I'm known for my wrestling. I like my hands, but if I can make you feel those take downs, then I can land my shots. If I can land those hands, then I can get more take downs. I just need to mix it up more. Nothing big, that's all.


KALIN: You had a few beautiful take downs in that fight, but you had trouble keeping him down. Why was that?


KING MO: If you watch a fight, when fighters take somebody down they secure that take down and then they work. When I took him down I just started throwing punches. I didn't secure the whole position.


KALIN: What do you see in the near future for your career?


KING MO: Just training and improving. For me winning is cool, but this loss was great because I'm going to get better from this loss. People can make a fuss and say that I'm overrated, but that's okay. In a year or two, that one loss won't matter. I just have to keep winning.


KALIN: Before your fight you were seen using an oxygen can that is considered a banned substance. What's the story there?


KING MO: My manager and coaches approached the athletic commission before the fight and asked them about it. They said that it's cool. The can is nothing but pure oxygen. It's oxygen in a can. It's like 95 percent oxygen. It's like sucking in a little oxygen through a can. That's it.


KALIN: Thanks for your time Mo. Is there anything that you would like to say in closing before I let you go?


KING MO: Thanks everybody for supporting the sport of MMA.



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