(Which way did he go, George? Which way did he go?)

Somebody must have swapped out Jose Canseco's steroids with PCP, because the man is tripping.  He actually wants to get an MMA tournament going that would feature him, Tyson, Shaq and Herschel Walker.  Yes, he really said that, and yes he's serious.  However, he needs to find an investor, and that means that this little project will more than likely never materialize.  Which is probably a good thing for Canseco's head.  He's fought a couple of times, and got his ass handed to him a couple times.  No way he survives a round with any of the other proposed tourney members.

Here's his quote.  I cleaned up the spelling and punctuation to make it legible.  Cocaine is a helluva drug:

"After baseball season I'm thinking of holding a Vegas MMA tourney.  Beef Bash 1with me, Shaq, Tyson, and Herschel.  Any promoters interested?"

Stay by the phone, Jose!  It's sure to ring at any moment.  And now here's a video of Jose getting clobbered by Hong Man Choi.



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