“Gamebred” perfectly describes heavy-handed lightweight Jorge Masvidal who is in action this Saturday night against fellow boxing technician K.J. Noons.  In a fight which many perceive to be the highlight of the card, and the winner getting a shot at champion Gilbert Melendez, fans everywhere are buzzing about this match-up.  TheGarv.com’s Kalin Johnston caught up with Jorge to get his thoughts on what the Miami native describes as the biggest fight of his young career.


KALIN: I am joined at this time by Jorge Masvidal.  How is fight week coming along for you Jorge?


JORGE:  Great.  Just getting in my last bits of training and cutting weight.


KALIN: You could easily say this fight against KJ is the biggest of your career, yes?


JORGE:  I think I've had fights against tougher opponents but from the stand point of looking at the belt, yeah, it's the biggest.  He's standing in my way of what I want and that's a chance at Melendez.


KALIN: With the winner getting a title shot against Strikeforce Champion Gilbert Melendez, is it hard not to start looking past this fight with KJ up ahead to a potential title fight?


JORGE: Of course.  I've said from the beginning I wanted a shot a Melendez and at this point KJ is the only thing standing in my way.


KALIN: I have long considered both you and KJ to be two of the best boxers in the sport.  In what areas of boxing do you feel you hold an advantage over Noons and how do you plan on using his own strength, striking, against him?


JORGE:  I'm really quick and most boxers have a hard time with my speed.  My goal is always to hit and not be hit and if we have to take it to the ground we will.


KALIN: You hold the honor of saying you train at one of the top MMA gyms in the world with American Top Team.  How has your experience been there?


JORGE:  Amazing.  I've got fantastic sparring partners and coaches.  You can't get any better than sparring with the likes of Olympic medalist Alexis Vila.


KALIN: Who is the one guy at the gym that you would never let a friend or family member spar with?




KALIN: When Kimbo Slice entered MMA, nobody gave him a chance and constantly told him to go back to the streets, but in reality you and Kimbo have almost identical pasts.  Why do you feel you have more respect from the fans?


JORGE:  Kimbo was great at helping to promote me and put me on the map.  My street fights got me a lot of fan support.  I think I just took my career to another level by focusing on my training every single day and I was able to pull in the wins when I needed to.


KALIN: I appreciate the time Jorge and good luck this Saturday.  Is there anything you would like to say in closing?


JORGE: Thanks to my fans- check me out on Facebook at Jorge Masvidal and follow me on Twitter @Gamebredfighter.  Thanks to Affliction and Xtreme Couture for their support and providing me with my fight day gear, training mask for helping me prepare for this fight, Feltus, ATT, SMSP, Live Colors for creating some kick a** banners for me, and my management team at ML Management, Tina and Ray.
























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