Jon "Bones" Jones has heard the whispers that his hand injury is really just a way to duck fighting Rashad Evans.  Some fans have taken the opportunity to say that Jones is afraid of Evans and that the "injury" proves Rashad got the better of it in when both men were at Greg Jackson's training together.

Jones likes to keep abreast of all the MMA buzz, and he also likes to voice his opinion on his Twitter account.  Here's how he responded to the ducking Rashad allegations:


For the few that are accusing me of dodging a fight, remember God has not given me the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.

Jones also commented on the GSP vs. Shields fight, and for him it's a no-brainer:


I'd bet my house on GSP.

And now, since we don't have the real Jones vs. Rashad fight to watch, here is a silly animated version.



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