Erick Silva made a splash in his UFC debut at UFC 134 back in August when he TKO's his opponent in just 40 seconds.  He followed up that outstanding performance with what appeared to be an even quicker knockout of Carlo Prater this past weekend at UFC 142.  Everyone watching at home thought that referee Mario Yamasaki had stopped the bout in Silva's favor, but then realized that Mario had actually ruled that Silva had hit Prater in the back of the head illegally.  The fight was awarded to Prater, which prompted an incredulous Joe Rogan to interrogate Mario in the Octagon afterwards.  Dana White too thought that the blows were legal and he paid Silva his win bonus anyway.  Slo-mo replays seem to agree with Dana and Joe.  One or two may have been to the back of the head, and totally accidental.  Time will tell if the fight ruling gets overturned later on.

In addition to the support shown him by the UFC in this fight, Silva also discovered that he has a big admirer in UFC LHW champ Jon "Bones" Jones, who called him "the future of the sport."

Jones told Tatame Magazine:

"Erick is a great talent of the UFC. It is the future of the sport. He needs to know that tonight (UFC 142) will forever live in his life. It was a watershed for Erick and he has a great future ahead in the franchise. I made the invitation to Erick. I want to see him working with me at any time in the United States."

Silva was very flattered by Jones' remarks, and might take him up on his offer to train together.  We'll have more on the Silva ruling when information becomes available.



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