Going into UFC 124 this weekend, John "Doomsday" Howard will face off against who many consider to be his most dangerous opponent yet when stands toe to toe with top ten welterweight Thiago Alves.  You would think that the big story going into this weekend for "Doomsday" would be the fact that he is about to have his first fight against a top ten opponent, however, everyone is talking about his recent war of words on social network site Twitter with fellow UFC welterweight Anthony Johnson.  I caught up with John to get his thoughts on both Alves and Johnson just days before his big fight.

KALIN: I am currently here with John “Doomsday” Howard who of course fights this Saturday against top ten ranked welterweight Thiago Alves.  John, how are you, how is preparation coming for this fight?

JOHN: It’s going good man.  I have been getting ready and feeling good.  I am ready to go.

KALIN: Some people have said that coming off of your lost against Jake; you do not deserve a fight with Thiago.  How do you feel about the situation?

JOHN: I don’t know, in a way I can understand from their viewpoint, but from my viewpoint they want a good fight and I didn’t get knocked out or give up.  Maybe that is why the UFC thinks I deserve this fight.  They want to see fighters who, even when they get hurt, they keep going.  I have heart.

KALIN: If you secure the victory against Alves, how far out from a title shot does that put you in your eyes?

JOHN: Maybe two fights from a title shot.  Honestly I really don’t think I am ready for a title shot as of right now.  Would I take it if it was offered to me?  Of course I would, you can’t pass up an opportunity like that, but I want to be 100% when I fight GSP or whoever is holding the title.  I want to be ready for it.

KALIN: A while back you and Anthony Johnson were scheduled to fight, and going into that fight there was a lot of talk, and I know I personally felt that you two were simply hyping up the fight.  However, it’s been months and months at this point and you two are still going back and forth.  Where does this hatred for one another come from?

JOHN: What happened is he said some stuff that wasn’t supposed to be said and things went too far.  Now it’s personal.  I’m telling you man, we were just fighting on Twitter not too long ago.  He said something and I said something back.  I’m real direct, you can’t talk about me.  I heard he was talking about me so I found his Twitter address.  Basically I don’t want to say what I said, but it was like “Shut up man, I’m sick of your mouth.  You always want to talk trash.  After Thiago Alves man, if you make weight, I will deal with you.

KALIN: Do you feel like he is coming at you right now to try and distract you going into quite possibly the biggest fight of your career?

JOHN: Possibly.  I don’t know what Johnson’s deal is.  I don’t know what’s wrong with that big goofy kid.  I don’t care; I don’t like that kid man.  I can’t stand him.  I don’t take too much time thinking about Anthony Johnson, but I know that I do not like him, and I know he does not like me.  If that kid fell and busted his head wide open I wouldn’t feel bad.

KALIN: I know a lot of people on the MMA forums are loving the “Crumble” Johnson line.  How did you come up with that?

JOHN: He called me a coward and I’m like “Howard, Coward…that’s funny, how about Crumble Johnson.”   He always crumbles like he did against Koscheck.  That’s why I call him Crumble.  That’s what it is man, if he wants to talk trash, I’ll come back.  One thing about me is you cannot talk trash and expect me to be okay.  I’m not that type of guy.  I don’t like it.  If I have something to say, I’m going to say it.

KALIN: I appreciate the time John, I wanted to keep it short since I know you have a fight just days away, but is there anything else you would like to say before I let you go?

JOHN: I would just like to say to all my fans and big UFC fans out there to watch this fight, it is going to be a good one.  I promise you it is going to be nothing but a war.  I do not expect an easy fight.  I’m going to keep moving and keep coming.  Here comes the Doom!



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