Melvin Guillard is fresh off another first round knockout, this time against Shane Roller at UFC 132.  In a post fight interview with Karyn Bryant of  MMAHeat, the Young Assassin called out Jim Miller, who has a fight coming up against Ben Henderson on August 14th at UFC Live.

Guillard told Bryant:


Jim Miller, definitely, that's the fight I want. That's a fight I need to get. I need him to stay undefeated, though, for me to fight him.


We contacted Mike Constantino, Miller's manager and trainer at AMA Fight Club, to get his and Jim's reaction to Guillard's statement.  Mike said:


I am honored that Jim is so highly viewed amongst his peers as a top level fight. My advice to Melvin is stay in shape and if Ben Henderson gets hurt, lobby to be the replacement.  I will accept that fight now as a replacement should something happen so that we are one step closer to granting Melvin his wish of scrapping with Jim.


In other words:  Bring it on!

Stylistically a Guillard vs. Miller fight would be a shoo-in for FOTN.  I think Melvin, who loves to get the KO, is underestimating Miller's chin, however.  Jim has never been knocked out or even rocked and his submission game is top notch.  Subs have been a problem for Melvin, and a fight against Miller would probably not go the way he wants it to.

Melvin, of course, is referring to Bendo when he talks about Jim staying undefeated.  Jim is training hard for that fight and therefore had no comment on Melvin's statement.  He is totally focused on August 14th.



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