Rub a dub dub, Jim Miller in the tub.  New Jersey born UFC title contender Jim Miller has a unique way to cut way before fights.  He soaks himself in a tubful of very hot water to eliminate the water in his body.  It seems to be an effective way ot cutting weight while maintaining his energy levels, so whatever works is the way to go.

Jim is facing a very tough fight against Nate Diaz.  The fight is scheduled for five rounds, and the winner will be a very good position to fight for the title.  Diaz is guaranteed a shot if he beats Miller, but Jim may have to prove himself yet again if wins.  To me, that's absurd, but it is what it is.

I think Jim will look great against Diaz, and believe he'll be victorious.  His standup is very unrated, and his ground game is as good or better than Nate's.  Watch out, Nate Diaz, there's a bad man on the rise!

Check out this video of Jim soaking off the pounds.  Funny stuff, and very interesting.




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