There's an axiom in boxing that you never "hook with a hooker" but in Jim Miller's case, that does not apply.  Although people see him as primarily a grappler due to his wrestling background and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, he has done quite well on his feet in fights with guys known for their striking. He "tends to shock" strikers with his strikes, before taking them down and going for the submission.

Tomorrow night, in the UFC on FX 1 card, Miller headlines the card in a bout against Melvin Guillard, a fighter who is very well known for his striking prowess.  This fight is guaranteed to be explosive.  Both Miller and Guillard are coming off losses and both have something to prove.  It's a fantastic match up style-wise and it's a perfect fight to headline the inaugural show.

My analysis of the fight is that Miller, who fights out of the AMA Fight Club in New Jersey, will get in Guillard's grill and push the pace as hard as Melvin does.  He will eventually take Guillard down, and then work him over on the ground before subbing him out.  Still, it's going to be exciting while it lasts, and will put the winner back in the title hunt.

Here's a video interview of Jim by Damon Martin of MMA Weekly, where Jim talks about striking with strikers and his plans for Melvin Guillard.



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