It looks like the notion of James Toney actually fighting in the UFC is still alive and well.  The former IBF Middleweight, Super-Middleweight, and Cruiserweight champion holds a professional boxing record of 33 wins and 2 losses with 32 KO's under his belt.

Toney impresses with his knowledge of technical fundamentals toward Dana White's curiosity about whether he knows how to check a leg kick by responding that he's familiar with the front kick, the back kick, and even the rarely implemented "side check kick."  This pearl of wisdom was most likely imparted by Toney's father, who is "one of the original death fighters" that "fought to the death, like in them movies..."

The video at the end of this article was posted on the UG by CageReport via uppercutmagazine.com, and features a behind the scenes discussion with Dana and James Toney covering the basics of him fighting in the octagon.

But Toney's interview with FightHype deserves a nod as well, where he explains that his slant on being taken down is: "I ain't going to allow none of them boys to lay on me like a lil' fag, you know what I'm saying?"  He also shows unmatched creativity when sharing alternative acronyms for the UFC, which are "Ultimate Fucking Chumps" and "Ultimate Fighting Cocksuckers".

Toney also calls out "Kimbo, Kendra, whatever his name is", and just provides thoroughly entertaining commentary throughout both interviews.  If James Toney continues to drop unintended comedic gems like this, I may be more interested in seeing him across from a UFC heavyweight in the octagon than I thought I ever would be.




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